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  24/12/2011: Tare: "All those market rumors are inventions"
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Igle Tare was firm in his interview on Radio Mana Mana Sport denying the latest market rumors surrounding Lazio...

Starting with Sampdoria's Palombo, a target that Lazio was linked with in the summer, Tare claimed that this rumor is a journalistic invention:

"This is a journalistic invention, we have never contacted Sampdoria about Palombo." It is worth mentioning that Palombo has also denied any rumors of him wanting to leave.

Lazio's Sporting Director then moved on to the rumors surrounding Cisse's future with Lazio. Cisse who has had a difficult start to his career in Rome has been linked with a January exit with President of Auxerre saying it would be dream to reunite with the Frenchman.

"Auxerre did not contact us about Cisse, and morely so, Cisse did not request to leave the club. It is normal that during the transfer window that such stories arise. As long as Cisse does not come to us and asks to be sold, we will not let him go. Cisse is a proud man and I don't think he would think of leaving Lazio without a fight. But we have learned well from the past and we will never keep players against their wills, this is what happened in Pandev's case and Ledesma."

Then Tare went on to deny the Podolski possibility: "I don't know where that came from, Lukas is negotiating renewal with Cologne and the team never mentioned that Podolski would be put for sale."

No exit for Kozak was also Tare's answer to the rumors linking Kozak to a loan deal at Sampdoria. "It is true that he was sacrificed a lot in the beginning, but in recent games he was used a lot and looked very danegrous. I think he will help us a lot in the second part of the season."

Tare is surveying the market for potential players to join Lazio. "We are monitoring the situation, we will try to bring players that are worthy of Lazio, and that the team really needs. If a chance arises, we will make sure to take advantage of it."

Tare then talks about his satisfaction from the team's performance: "I am very pleased with the work done by the team. It is too bad we could not win against Chievo but we have done some important results. We are in the right track, and with the new arrivals we have taken a step forward. There is still also room for improvement as some players have not yet reached their full potential like Cisse. Konko is doing very well, Lulic has done a great impact in Serie A, and Stankevicius surprised me a lot. Cana is a strong player and we needed a player with his qualities."

(Mahyar Yahfoufi)
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