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  02/01/2012: LazioLand's last week of December round up
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Good news on the defensive front with our solid Andre Dias extending his contract for one more year. Gilmar Rinaldi has confirmed the news in an exclusive interview with LLSN. 

"It is all done, we renewed the contract with Lazio. The contract has been extended for one year and Dias will be staying until 2014."

Rinaldi confessed that there were interests from various clubs but that Dias is happy in Rome: "There were many Brazilian clubs after Andre, but he is happy at Lazio."

We then go to England where the laziale youth product Federico Macheda who has been snatched by Manchester United gave an exclusive interview to LLSN. 

In his interview Macheda confessed that he was not comfortable going back to Italy when he played with Sampdoria and that the only possible return would be Lazio.

"I won't return to Italy unless it was Lazio. I would love to play alongside Klose. I think Lazio can make a good season, only Milan and Juve are stronger." said Macheda.

Those words which were understood by some as a hint to join Lazio in January were soon swiped away with Macheda's official loan deal with QPR.

Good words about our Lazio came from Osmane Dabo, who has confessed that he cannot forget the penalty which brought Lazio the Coppa victory over Sampdoria, labelling it as his most favorite memory.

Dabo believes in Lazio this season, and morely so in his compatriots Cisse and Diakite.

"Lazio have a good team and can achieve great things. I think they can aim for a Champions League qualification." said Dabo to LLSN.

Speaking of Cisse, Dabo said: "I am watching the games and he is playing wide, Djibril usually plays in a central position. His confidence is low now but I hope he recovers."

On Cisse's possible departure to Auxerre, Dabo said: "I don't know, we read the news here in France, but I don't know if Lazio will let him go, I don't even know if Cisse really wants to leave."

Dabo also had wonderful words for Diakite: "I love him like a brother, he has improved a lot, he listens to advice, and has not gone on vacation this summer so he trains well. He has a wonderful commitment to his career and I am sure he will have a great future."

On the transfer marker, nothing is confirmed yet. Rumors flying around and Lazio have been linked with Inzaghi who is also linked to Espanyol according to Il Corriere Dello Sport.

And despite Cisse declaring that he is staying, a rumor now suggested that Lazio could offer him in exchange for Kuzmanovic according to the same Il Corriere. Reports which Stuttgart's Sporting Director branded as "Stupid". Reports from Repubblica also linked Cisse to Marseille and PSG but at this point it simply seems as news to attract readers as there is nothing concrete yet.

Links to Kucka appeared and the fact that the player is owned by Genoa means that the reports are to intensify knowing the close relationship between Lazio and Genoa over the past years in the transfer market. No confirmation whatsoever came from either clubs though.

Il Corriere also linked Carrizo to a possible return to River Plate with Passarella declaring that the player would like to return to them. Another destination rumored is Parma while Makinwa was linked to an exit to Pergocrema.

Names that are linked to Lazio in every transfer window keep on appearing with Ederson, Biondini and now Podolski, Kuzmanovic, and Bosnian Medunjanic added to the list.

Kozak has declared that he would like to leave to get more chances of playing and despite Lazio's declared will of keeping the player as per Tare's interview, the player would like to leave to play for a while.

Cana is rumored to be wanted by Wolfsburg who allegedly offered 7 million for the player but Cana wants to stay at Lazio for now, a team whom he considers one of the best in Europe.

Despite the betting scandal which mentioned the involvement of Lazio, the club distanced themselves from it through an official statement and Stefano Mauri whose name has appeared in the press as involved in the scandal has denied any involvement.

We from would like to wish you a happy new year ahead, with our best wishes for a great end of season for Lazio !

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