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  31/01/2012: Mercato LIVE: Cissé out, Candreva deal back on
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19:15 - And it's official, Candreva to Lazio, Del Nero to Cesena. Not the signing we had hoped for by any means, but that's what we've got. I'm going to leave it there folks, hope you enjoyed the coverage even if the result is not what we had hoped for. Still, three points tomorrow night and it will be forgotten soon enough. Forza Lazio!

19:03 - The transfer window is closed and Del Nero has signed. A number of websites down with demand and apologies if the LazioFever forum happens to be one of them for you. Insane traffic, as you might expect. Ok, so now we are waiting to find out if the contracts are accepted. I'll hang about for a while in anticipation of an announcement.

18:58 - Catania have announced their deal for Juan Pablo Carrizo with President Lo Monaco saying they know his worth. I beg to differ but good luck to him in Sicily, well out of the frame at Lazio.

18:54 - It seems Tare made one final effort for Nilmar but the player's idea of a wage packet differs greatly from Lazio's offer and that is that.

18:51 - Del Nero appears to be the problem with the Candreva deal. No signature as yet with, literally, minutes remaining.

18:50 - With ten minutes left, we are awaiting news of Candreva's arrival on loan with Del Nero most likely off in the other direction.

18:47 - Tare is visibly frustrated, not one of his better days of Director of Sport to put it mildly. If Candreva is officially signed up, our Director of Sport isn't even happy about it. Ridiculous.

18:36 - Candreva is signing for Lazio on loan, Del Nero set to do likewise for Cesena.

18:31 - Tiredness is kicking in. Cavanda to Bari confirmed. Talk of a loan switch between Del Nero and Candreva, but that looks to be the height of it. Disastrous day.

18:28 - Ok, blame the online translator for the rumour below, someone having fun with Google Translate, apparently Catania Calcio translates into Blackburn Rovers. Carrizo to Catania, done deal.

18:26 - Carrizo now rumoured to be heading to England to the troubled Blackburn Rovers. Nilmar looks a distant prospect now, Tare thinks now is not the time.

18:18 - The sale of Djibril Cissé to QPR has been confirmed by Lazio. Finally we can say it's official.

18:16 - Pedro Luis Cavanda could be off to Bari. The reports are unconfirmed but it would make sense after his agent was left seething yesterday when his proposed move to Novara fell through. The deal in question is a 6-month loan.

18:14 - Seems the Nilmar deal is at the infamous 'Lotito is on the phone for you' stage. Fingers crossed, not a fan of the Brazilian, but he would be something at least.

18:12 - Candreva deal back on? Possibly, Tare has reignited the conversation hoping for some more luck this time out.

18:10 - Kone has been ruled out once, and now he has been ruled out twice. Tick that one off the list for the second mercato running.

18:07 - With less than an hour ago, developments are slight. Calvera is currently negotiating two deals; Del Nero's move to Cesena and Carrizo's move to Catania. Meanwhile Igli Tare is continuing with Nilmar. "It is hard" he says, but he has yet to abandon hope.

17:51 - Candreva, the focal point of Lazio's deadline day is now nearing a move to Genoa. Surprise, surprise.

17:36 - So with just over and hour left to go the situation is as follows; Cissé has joined QPR, Lazio in talks for Nilmar, Carrizo nearing an exit to Catania with both Kone and Sapunaru as outside possibilities. Your guess is as good as mine.

17:30 - Nilmar's agent confirms that Lazio are working to bring his client to Rome. A race against the clock now, 90 minutes and counting...

17:24 - Carrizo could be a Catania player this evening. If he goes, it will be on loan with buyout option. No updates to bring you on Nilmar. No news is good news, right?

17:12 - Tare is in discussions with Nilmar's agent.

17:10 - Even though Candreva is supposedly a no-go, questions remain unanswered. What about Del Nero and Kozak going in the opposite direction and what if Parolo has suddenly caught our eye. Time is ticking, which is more than the heart is doing right now to be frank with you.

17:08 - If I wasn't a Lazio fan, I'd be kicking back with a bowl full of popcorn. This is entertaining stuff for the neutral.

17:07 - Tare has gone into the next room, presumably to discuss another deal. Nilmar?

17:06 - Following a meeting between Campedelli and Tare, the Candreva deal is believed to have been called off. Incredible.

16:57 - In all likelihood, matters will be hush hush until the Candreva deal is readied. At that point, we will await an official announcement of sorts. The question will then by what happens next, will Tare enter discussions with Nilmar's agent? The final piece in the jigsaw is Sapunaru, will that deal also be concluded? In all honesty, this mercato is coming down to three players, and at best, we can probably hope for signing two.

16:53 - It is now confirmed that Igli Tare is trying to close out the deal for Antonio Candreva. No further news on Nilmar.

16:47 - Igli Tare is also said to be present in Milan. If you're hungry, go grab a snack, it's going to be a long couple of hours.

16:41 - Good news. Armando Calveri has walked into ATAHotel. Calvera is authorised to conduct contractual work. Even if Tare cannot make it, he can do the deals on his behalf. Just over two hours remaining, he better be quick with his pen.

16:35 - I'll ask it again, with the Honda deal firmly dead in the water, has he always been a cover? Our source suggested that might be the case and with Sao Paolo hot on the heels of Nilmar, were we simply using Honda to protect the identity of the Brazilian forward?

16:29 - Unbelievable situation emerging. Due to poor weather, Tare may be stranded in Rome. It appears that he did in fact, as LLSN reported, stay in Rome last night in order to pursue Honda. Apparently a conversation was also had with Inter regarding their young defensive midfielder Poli. With both bids failing, Lazio have turned to Candreva and Nilmar but with the dodgy weather, Tare might not make it in time.

16:18 - In his press conference not long ago, Edy Reja said he was "convinced" that Lazio would sign a quality player. He told the press that Lazio were chasing Colombian midfielder Freddy Guarin but Inter won out. That might explain the late rush for Candreva.

16:13 - As part of the Candreva deal, Del Nero is expected to go the other way. Brief update on Nilmar, he wants to move to Lazio, Villarreal want to sell to Sao Paolo but his agent is with us. There is most certainly hope.

16:07 - While frustration is understandable, I think it is probably unjust to say this is a last-minute mercato. From what I gather, Cesena came here today to nab Iaquinta and let go of Candreva and Nilmar's agent doesn't randomly turn up in Milan to have negotiations with Lazio that he is yet to be informed about. That deal is no longer a bluff, it looks like the alternative to Honda and it looks like it could well happen.

16:06 - As Sky Sports claim Djibril Cissé is officially a QPR player, the player does likewise on Twitter: "Hi we are on the way to the train station 1st game tomorrow as a QPR player." Game over for Cissé and Lazio.

16:02 - It seems Igli Tare has most definitely gone walkies. Cesena are waiting on him to conclude Candreva deal. As for Nilmar, it's back on, his agent is hanging around in Milan to try and force a move to Lazio, although Sao Paolo have launched a late bid, which is reputedly quite tasty.

16:00 - And it's all gone quiet again. The expectancy is Cissé departs and Candreva is drafted in with a whole host of minor scenarios that are unlikely to occur. It is hard to believe we could be left with this, but it might be time to start believing it.

15:47 - I believe all the hype about CSKA claiming Honda will stay is being generated by the same man who keeps claiming we are going to sign Krasic. I suspect he is correct in this case, but his track record this week is far from reliable. In any case, Lazio are set to launch a final attack on Panagiotis Kone (metaphorically speaking, of course).

15:45 - Edy Reja announced in his press conference that he asked for a midfielder and a striker. He looks set to receive Alfaro and Candreva. How long before he offers his resignation?

15:40 - I cannot find the definitive press statement from CSKA but it does appear that it is all over. On the bright side (ummm...) it does look increasingly likely that Candreva will become a laziale  Lazio player. 99% likely according to reports.

15:34 - News just in, CSKA have announced on their website that Honda will remain with them. I am no expert in Russian, but I'll try and confirm this. Meanwhile, the man with the bad news, Gianluca Di Marzio is claiming Lazio will make one final attempt to lure Krasic to the club.

15:31 - Like our mercato, by computer is stuttering as I try to keep track of, well, nothing. But I am trying and that's the main thing, right? Anyway, the latest news is that Mauro Zarate's agent, Beppe Bozzo is in England to seal David Pizarro's transfer to manchester City. Unless he can do the opposite of Lotito and Tare and be in two places at once, it's safe to say Zarate remains at Inter. There was speculation he could be a Genoa player by the end of today although in fairness, anybody can be a Genoa player by the end of today.

15:27 - Sapunaru's agent is putting pressure on Lazio to turn the potential deal into reality. That's all fine and well, but when the whereabouts of Lotito and Tare are unknown, he might as well be talking to himself.

15:20 - As I find no updates from La Lazio Siamo Noi, I am now convinced their rumour regarding Tare's presence in Rome was merely a lame excuse for the office to head off on a lunch break.

15:18 - Following up on Tullio Tinti's conversation with Lazio yesterday, I discover that he is Luciano Zauri's agent. Unlikely Parma had three conversations with Tinti about Zauri, but it would certainly lighten the mood here.

15:12 - Walter Sabatini has touched base with the ATAHotel. There were murmurs late last night that Roma were interested in Cirigliano. Let's see where the ex-Lazio employee sits his backside.

15:10 - No official word on Djibril Cissé's move to QPR yet. The London club have just tabled a bid of 6 million euro for Bobby Zamora. Although Cissé has said goodbye on Twitter and his agent has declared publicly that he is a QPR player, nerves will jangle until the official confirmation.

15:08 - CSKA have apparently issued an ultimatum; pay up or Honda goes nowhere. Crucial minutes now for Lazio.

15:02 - Palombo has joined Inter Milan on loan, putting the final nail on that rumour. With inzaghi heading to Siena and Palombo to Inter, what on earth has Tullio Tinti, their agent been talking to Parma and Lazio about?

14:58 - Times like these, you have to question how Italian journalists put food on the table for their families. Apparently Igli Tare is not in Milan but Rome and apparently Lotito is too, which means that Cesena are in negotiations with imaginery people. There is still hope for Candreva-haters. It is more likely that LLSN have got it wrong though. Again.

14:53 - While we wait for more news on Candreva, we are all bracing ourselves for the worst on Honda. I have no idea what is going on, which seems to be as much as anyone knows. Four hours remaining, too little time. Best we can hope for is surely Candreva and Sapunaru on loan. Prove me wrong, Igli.

14:42 - Lorenzo Minotti practically confirms to Sky that Antonio Candreva will depart Cesena in the afternoon. Rome is the most likely destination, by far. Not sure even Candreva wants to be coming to our half but his agent says he is, so I guess he is.

14:40 - The pilot of Keisuke Honda's private jet has surely never had an easier day's work.

14:37 - Apparently Candreva's agent has met with Lotito and Tare at the Hilton. The news? Candreva is willing to sign on the dotted line.

14:35 - The irony is, you could probably count on one hand the number of Lazio fans that wanted Super Pippo this morning. At this stage, you wouldn't be surprised if he gets kidnapped on the road to Tuscany.

14:32 - Inzaghi to Siena appears to be a done deal. Tracking down Cissé's heir looks increasibly unlikely.

14:30 - Water has been thrown on the Nilmar fire, negotiations apparently at a standstill. Who will be the next rabbit out of Tare's hat?

14:26 - Carrizo's agent informs reporters that there are no updates on his client's situation. 20 Japanese journalists have already booked their spot at the Olimpico tomorrow night to catch a glimpse of Keisuke Honda. I cannot help but feel they will have to make do with Miro Klose instead.

14:24 - Davide Lippi, infamous son of Marcello and agent of Christian Brocchi has arrived at ATAHotel. Nothing to worry about I am sure, but journalists are keeping an eye on him.

14:17 - Igli Tare said last week that his work would be confirmed before the mercato closes. He has minutes now to confirm his work although it is no coincidence that olds targets, such as Candreva and Sapunaru have re-entered the fold on deadline day. The question we all want to know is how much contact have we had with their respective clubs and agents in the last month? There's still time to land a major signing, but everything has gone quiet at the very moment we should be hearing big news. Worrying.

14:09 - If you're on the edge of your seat, you are not the only one, things couldn't be any less clear but I expect questions will be answered very, very soon. There are only 5 hours left so we cannot be left in the dark for much longer.

14:01 - Djibril Cissé is at Loftus Road and looks set to be unveiled as their latest signing. He has already said goodbye, but as we know too well, with Lazio, anything can happen. Expect an official announcement from me soon.

13:56 - It's been a while since my F5 button has seen this much action. Nilmar's agent confirms an operation but insists that no deal is in place and that any move will be incredibly difficult. You have to worry about Honda now, he could be taking that private jet back to the docs in Barcelona.

13:50 - The Nilmar news is taking over, it seems like a genuine possibility but with the clock ticking, the question is surely, how?

13:45 - Another crazy rumour, Igli Tare, looking for a Honda back-up has identified Villarreal's Nilmar as a possible target for 10 million. This is getting beyond ridiculous.

13:41 - An update for you on Honda. The next hour is crucial, apparently a summit was held between Lazio, CSKA and as I understand it, even River Plate. CSKA are being stubborn, wanting everything on their own terms. According to a journalist at La Lazio Siamo Noi, the situation could be worse, although it could also be better. Everything is up in the air but the deal is not off by any means. However, we are running out of time. Honda is still on standby by his private jet.

13:34 - Antonio Candreva is a Romanista, if you did not know which is not exactly resting easy with the guys at LazioFever. I've just poured myself a dodgy bowl of cereal, milk ain't in the best shape and the whole thing just seems a bit off. Just like our mercato.

13:21 - Panagiotis Kone is not for sale, ending speculation that Lazio have reignited their interest. On the contrary, Ivan Reggiani, agent of FC Porto's Sapunaru reckons that a loan deal is on the cards. Speculation has intensified in the last hour.

13:16 - No, really, I wish him the best of luck, he gave his all and for that I can only be grateful. It was always a short-term deal, the latest step in Lotito'sproject to bring footballing personalities to the club in the hope that it will attract some new fans. Sadly, all Cissé attracted was major negativity with various Twitter rants.

13:14 - And to Djibril I would like to send a message: Bye.

13:11 - Djibril Cissé has left the building and has thanked Lazio fans via Twitter: "I would like to thank all the Lazio fans for their support and affection over the last few months. I am sorry if I have disappointed some expectations of me but I was always trying, giving 100% percent for all. I send you my gratitude, Djibril."

13:09 - Tare and Cesena's Director of Sport are in conversation at the ATAHotel.

13:05 - The latest from ATAHotel is that a deal for Candreva has been agreed between igli Tare and Cesena's Igor Campedelli. He is being coy about the deal though and has suggested that Libor Kozak could be inserted into Lazio's offer. Watch this space...

13:01 - The Guardian claim that Djibril Cissé's move to QPR is finalised and there are reports he has undergone a medical. QPR also in talks with Bobby Zamora and I posed the question earlier, strikeforce partnership or the B plan?

12:51 - Pazienza joins Udinese on loan and that is the end of that particular saga.

12:45 - Siena are waiting on Milan to let them know if their approach for Pippo Inzaghi has been successful. Seemingly nobody in line to replace Cissé in Rome.

12:37 - Unhappy customer in Cirigliano's agent, Claudio Anellucci who has just arrived at the ATAHotel to find, erm, nobody: "I was expecting a call from Lazio, a call that did not happen. My priority is to mediate the relationship between Lazio and River, clearly that is not Lazio's priority."

12:34 - Palombo to Fiorentina, Krasic to Tottenham, more and more rumours emerge on players that many tried to claim were ours yesterday.

12:30 - A mighty lull in proceedings, virtually no reports emerging from Italy. Lazy journalists gone to lunch I reckon.

12:19 - As the panic lets in, reports emerge that Keisuke Honda is stuck by a private jet on a Barcelona runway. Hope CSKA are footing that bill.

12:16 - Anybody else have an image of Claudio Lotito slouched over his office desk making origami paper planes and launching them aimlessly at his Russian/Japanese translator? Maybe it's good that I have a vivid imagination on a day like today.

12:13 - The answer to my question below, probably not. It is more likely that Lazio have hit panic mode now that an agreement cannot be reached with Honda. Some heated phonecalls are undoubtedly being made in the general direction of Russia but it looks very much like the panic button has been hit. Add Panagiotis Kone to the list of possibilities. We were keen in the summer, but interest might hit new heights if our Japanese wonderkid fails to arrive.

12:07 - Ok, so the story so far goes like this. Talks are ongoing in Milan regarding a swap deal with River Plate involving Juan Pablo Carrizo and Ezequiel Cirigliano. The deal is most likely agreed, but there are complications regarding Carrizo's eligibility in the Argentine league. Meanwhile, Honda edges further and further away while Cissé sits in London awaiting the green light on a move to QPR. Our source at LazioLand said Honda could prove to be a cover for another deal going on in secret. Is the unnamed player we earlier reported going to be Antonio Candreva?

12:05 - 7 million. Apparently that is what CSKA want to be paid immediately for Honda. I know where we can get 5 million...

11:57 - Cesena's Director of Sport on Candreva to Lazio rumour: "Let's see, anything can happen today." Of course, any deal will involve Udinese as they own Candreva, for want of a better word.

11:54 - Massive rumour emerging from the ATAHotel of a potential swap deal involving Lazio and Simone Del Nero and Cesena and Antonio Candreva respectively.

11:38 - Igli Tare and Armando Calvera's are expected to arrive at the ATAHotel shortly. Meanwhile, Ezequiel Cirigliano's agent reveals that both clubs are attempting to find a solution that would allow Carrizo to move to Argentina with Cirigliano moving in the opposite direction. Surely a simple solution would be for Lazio to release Carrizo for River Plate to sign as a free agent? For those of you who are in the dark, it emerged late last night that River Plate cannot register three players transferred from other clubs as part of their squad and Carrizo would be transfer number three. Apparently the Argentine club only discovered this barrier last night. Weird.

11:36 - BBC believe Bobby Zamora could be on his way to QPR which makes the Cissé deal look that bit more uncertain. Cissé fans will be clinging on to any hop although I suspect there are many a laziale praying that they see him in QPR's colour before the day is out. Remember, the transfer window in the UK does not close until midnight CET. 

11:33 - Got that coffee yet? LLSN have asked Tullio Tinti if there is any chance that his client Angelo Palombo could end up at Lazio, "absolutely not" is what they were told. There you go.

11:29 - It is incredibly quiet at the moment, no sign of Lazio doing business at the ATAHotel as yet. This is a good point to nip off and have a cup of coffee if you are thinking about it.

11:24 - La Lazio Siamo Noi, who reported yesterday that Honda was on a plane to Rome before later admitting he might not be, are now claiming that talks with CSKA continued until 2am and no agreement has been found. The clubs differ on payment method and LLSN believe this could lead Lazio to make a bid for Milos Krasic. Krasic's agent declared yesterday that Lazio have never made a move for the Serbian winger.

11:17 - A large fire has broke out in London near QPR's home, Loftus Road. If Cissé is en route to the club, he may find himself in traffic. 

11:15 - Tullio Tinti in deep conversation with Parma's Leonardi. Tinti is the agent of two Lazio targets, Pippo Inzaghi and Angelo Palombo and this is the third conversation he has had with Parma in the last 24 hours. He also spoke to Lazio representatives yesterday. In all likelihood, the conversations are about Palombo although Tinti denied such talks with Lazio, leaving the door open for Inzaghi's arrival.

11:13 - Udinese, Palermo and Catania have personnel at ATAHotel as things start hotting up. Big rumours is that Pazienza is Udinese-bound, ticking another Lazio target off the list although we have been out of the running for a couple of days if the truth be told.

11:07 - QPR may be more willing to stump up the cash for Cissé now that their other transfer target, Hugo Rodallega is set for a last gasp move to Tottenham.

11:03 - Not much more to be found in the British press regarding Cissé. The Daily Mail reports that the transfer is not finalised between the clubs although both Lazio and the player himself want a permanent switch. QPR have a tight transfer budget and are unwilling to pay upfront for the Frenchman. Still very much on the cards though.

10:59 - More on Sapunaru, the story first appeared in this morning's edition of Corriere dello Sport and Roman media have been quick to follow up on the rumour. To be taken with a pinch of salt considering the distinct lack of evidence, but definitely something to keep an eye on.

10:48 - Not much to report from the ATAHotel in Milan where most of the business will be conducted. Milan and Parma representatives are present but no sign of the Lazio entourage as yet.

10:40 - Good morning, welcome to LazioLand's deadline day coverage taking you through today's events as they unfold. Not much to report thus far, Djibril Cissé is in London to finalise a 5 million euro deal with QPR. Meanwhile, Lazio are expected to continue negotiations for Honda and Cirigliano. There are complications over Carrizo's move to River Plate as it has emerged that the player cannot be transferred to the Argentine club. As always, there are loopholes but with only hours left until the close of the transfer window, Lazio will have to act quick. Another name now in the frame is Sapunaru of Porto. We were keen on him during the summer and may take a punt on him as an alternative to Abdoulaye Konko.
Scott Balaam 2/1/2012 12:58:13 AM
I was delighted when Cisse joined, sadly it hasn't got as well as expected and now I hope the move to QPR goes through so we can bring in better players. As for QPR - I imagine they will do a lot of business today and are likely to move for both Zamora and Cisse.
Weibinho 2/1/2012 12:58:05 AM
Great live Ticker! Thanks!!
Jafra 2/1/2012 12:57:57 AM
Reja is having a press conference 14.30. Please translate this so everyone can understand!
Arber Gashi 2/1/2012 12:57:43 AM
Thank you for doing this work! Means alot!!! Forza Lazio
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