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  22/04/2012: Reja: Against Lecce it will be a decisive game
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“We can not fail against Lecce.  We will enter the field with one thought – to win this and next two games. Despite the injuries this team can reach third place” – said Lazio coach Edy Reja quoted by

Tomorrow will be like a final?
“It’s a decisive game. If we want to reach the Champions league we must not fail. We must face this game with the right attitude. Lecce must be respected, because they have good recent form”

Often there was a wrong approach against “small” teams…
“We have great motivation. It’s like we are playing AC Milan. We will get the spot. This game is our destiny.”

Are You conditioned by too many injuries?
“We were unlucky, because they have never been small injuries. Let’s hope there are no more coming. Even if this team is always in trouble we entered the pitch with the right attitude. If we keep this roster we can reach the third spot. Whoever will play will give their most.”

Who is at fault for such emergencies?
“We will evaluate the staff. I’m taking responsibility for Lulic, as he shouldn’t have played in Madrid, because of a calf problem. But it happened. Also with Cana and Brocchi and several players with muscle problems.  But it’s normal when You have so many problems to encounter difficulties playing.”

What is happening with Konko?
“He had a problem against Napoli 15 days ago. When he runs he still feels pain. Therefore he can’t play. I hope to recover him and Radu for next week.”

Last Sunday the round was postponed due to the death of Morosini. How did that help Lazio?
“The suspension of the round made us take air and recover. We will see if that helped. During the week it was hard.”

Klose wants to remain on the bench….
“I have a friend in the squad. It’s good to estimate a person of this caliber. But the whole group has a special relationship with me. At the end of the season we will sit down with the President and discuss. Now only the Champions league counts.”

Three games – two away. How many points do you expect?
“I want 9. Although it will be difficult. We will play to win them all.”

It begins tomorrow with Lecce…
“We must respect the team. Cosmi has been very good at giving them a good face. The forwards and wingers are very fast and have good technical skills. Cuadrado and Muriel are two very good players. We will have to be careful not to leave any spaces. We must remain calm.”

Did Hernanes find his best?
“And he’ll play. But he must not take the whole responsibility. He must work for the team and do what he does without the condition to be decisive.”

Prandelli was at Formello this week. Did he support the players?
“Yes, we talked about this. He’s following Mauri, Marchetti and Ledesma. I’ve supported them, especially because Mauri is experiencing an extraordinary period of form. He would be ideal as the national team is playing at a very good tactical level. However the coach will make the evaluations.”

(Georgi Angelov)

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