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  04/06/2012: The New Guy In Charge
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So Lazio have their new man. Despite being linked with a host of big names, the Biancoceleste have opted for Vladmir Petkovic, and the appointment has taken everybody by surprise.

Petkovic is from Bosnia, is 48 years of age and has lived in Switzerland for the majority of his life. As a player, He plied his trade as a midfielder and only played for clubs in Bosnia, and Switzerland. Lazio will be the seventh team to have been guided by Petkovic during his coaching career. He is fluent in Italian and has always admired the Italian game.

Petkovic was at the helm of Young Boys between 2008 and 2011 before taking up a coaching position at Turkish club Samsunspor, whom he left in January 2012 following a series of disappointing results.

It is known that Petkovic is a fan of attacking football and is greatly in favour of playing a three pronged attack. Although Lazio finished 4th in Serie A this year, the fans had been known to criticise former coach Edy Reja for his lack of imagination on the attacking front.

The appointment has left a sour taste in the mouth of Lazio fans, who were expecting bigger name to arrive. Headlines were appearing daily in the Italian newspapers as to who may land the job, so it is understandable that when Petkovic was named, the fans were not exactly over the moon.

Petkovic has the chance to show what he can do with a group of more talented players, and on a much bigger stage than he is used to. He may just take everyone by surprise, but he may just fold under the intense pressure that a job in Rome can bring to a coach.

Lazio need to hit the ground running next season under their new coach, pressure will mount almost instantaneously if results go badly. Claudio Lotito has taken criticism by the bucket load recently for his antics, and the appointment of Petkovic certainly doesn’t bode well with the faithful.

Petkovic will be required to better Reja’s fourth place finish this season, anything less will be deemed a failure. He has a squad more than capable of competing with the big clubs challenging for the top spots, and if his game play has taught us anything, he is willing to try and excite the fans while doing so. There is only so far that Reja could have taken Lazio with his style of play, so the fans should be excited now as to what Petkovic may imply.

Expectancy will be weighing heavily on the shoulders of Lotito who opted for Petkovic rather than go for a more experienced Italian coach. It is obvious that he has taken the cheaper option in appointing the 48 year old, rather than pay a big salary to a highly regarded tactician.

It could work out to be a master-stroke from Lotito, or it could be a disaster waiting to happen, only time will tell. One thing is for sure, Vladimir Petkovic is the new coach and the fans will have to deal with it and get behind him. Early criticism will certainly not help the new coach in his quest for glory.

Until we can judge the coach on his results and gameplay, the fans must put their full backing in Vladimir and start the season in good spirits. Pressure is not nice to work in, and the situation with our bitter city rival’s and Luis Enrique will tell you exactly that.

Szymon 6/12/2012 2:23:45 PM
In the last two years, former coach Eddy Reja has succeded in taking back our team to where it should belong, namely among the top 5 italian football team. Thus, the pressure on Petkovic is really high. Nonetheless, I am convinced that he can push our team even higher. Nonetheless, without a proper team, I am afraid that it will be hard to have good results on a long term basis. We will have to face three competitions (Europa League, Seriea and the Italian Cup). So, I hope that Lotito and Tare will target good players that will reinforce our team. Otherwise, there is a serious propbality that we will encounter the same problems we had this year: a lack of competitve players on the bench.
Galuh Trianingsih Lazuardi 6/12/2012 2:23:25 PM
Making decision is always better than not making any. Even if later it is proved to be a wrong decision, it is better than maintaining a status quo. And of course there are always elements of risks, regardless we choose Petkovic or Di Matteo or even Mourinho. Until it's proved otherwise, let's be optimistic and support Vladimir. Avanti Lazio!
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