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  12/07/2012: Auronzo di Cadore: Day Four
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Training commenced around 10am today after the players returned from an early morning run to the local lake. Juan Pablo Carrizo arrived yesterday evening and joined Marchetti, Bizzarri and Berardi for goalkeeping training this morning. As for the outfield players, Eddy Onazi is still absent and is not expected to return until the middle of next week while Senad Lulic is being monitored for a foot injury. Part of his foot was bruised this morning and a quick examination has shown that his foot has small and relatively insignificant breaks in it.

The morning session contained the first real tactical workout. Two attackers took on two defenders while two goalkeepers were assigned between the posts. The idea was for the attackers to beat the defenders and then the goalkeeper but the secondary motive was to encourage the defenders to make offensive moves as well. Petkovic stressed the importance of this throughout the session.

The beginning of the evening session saw the boys work on their athleticism. After a while, Petkovic divided them in three groups and asked them to work on their ball possession. To conclude the session, Petkovic showed his hand for the first time as he had a proper 11 v 11 game. With a 4-3-1-2 formation, Petkovic tested a diamond midfield with Ledesma playing deepest of the blue bib wearing bunch with Lulic and Hernanes in the middle behind Ederson in the trequartista role. The team in orange started as a 4-3-3 with Alfaro, Floccari and Rocchi spearheading the attack with Mauri, Cana and Candreva as the midfield supply. Interestingly, Zarate only featured in the latter stages of the game which may suggest that Petkovic is not yet convinced by him. The teams changed at times and the deadlock was broken when Alfaro joined the blue team, combining with Ederson to put the ball past Bizzarri. 

The starting line-ups were as follows:

Blue (4-3-1-2): Marchetti, Konko, Stendardo, Dias, Zauri, Hernanes, Ledesma, Lulic, Ederson, Rozzi, Kozak.

Orange (4-3-3): Bizzarri, Scaloni, Diakite', Biava, Cavanda, Candreva, Cana, Mauri, Alfaro, Floccari, Rocchi.

(Cathal Mullan)

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