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  31/08/2012: Mercato LIVE: Lotito vetoes Genoa-Alfaro deal, Alfaro refuses Cesena loan
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18:56 CET - And with that, our mercato is surely over. There is still time to sell abroad, but with no deals in the pipeline, my time here is done. Thank you for sustaining your interest in a thoroughly boring day. As always, we had a man on the ground who had a very quiet day on the mercato front but who did warn that there is a 'problem' that will emerge in the coming days that does not relate to the mercato. Stay tuned at as there is still time for something to happen but for now, thanks and goodbye!

18:47 CET -
Alfaro says no. The striker declines a move to Cesena after the club and his agent spent an hour trying to talk him into it. That's the mercato over for today at least, there is still time for sales to France or Russia but unless something major breaks, our mercato is over.

18:17 CET
- The clock is ticking for Alfaro as he mulls over a move to Serie B's Cesena. It must be frustrating for him having only signed for Lazio seven months ago that he could now be forced to move to the second-tier to ensure time on the pitch, especially since there were at least three sides in Serie A who were keen.

18:14 CET
- Tommaso Ceccarelli is about to join Lanciano. It looks like a loan deal although nothing is confirmed.

18:01 CET
- I have sent my thoughts to Paolo Peroso, who is now a general advisor to As much as I would be glad to keep the nucleus of this squad together, I do worry that we may have to make a significant sale at a later date to pay off the salary bill and I am sure Lazio were hoping to offload more than they have managed to. With an hour to ago, we wait to see if Emiliano Alfaro agrees to move to Cesena in Serie B. Everything else seems to be off the cards.

17:56 CET
- What's your thoughts on our mercato? Send an e-mail to and Paolo Peroso will communicate your feelings to citizens in Rome.

17:50 CET
- The Alfaro deal with Genoa is off as Claudio Lotito refuses to allow the player to move to Genoa following the problems surrounding Andreas Granqvist's non-transfer. Cesena are interested in taking Alfaro on loan, but the player is not convinced. He has minutes to decide.

17:42 CET
- Luciano Zauri's agent has said that his client is going nowhere. Not the most exciting news, but news nonetheless.

17:38 CET
- An unnamed Turkish club were interested in Floccari earlier today, now an unnamed Dutch club are thinking about Alfaro. They have until midnight in Rome to seal a deal. It could be two late nights in a row for Tare.

17:36 CET
- Bad news if you were hoping to see Michal Zyro in biancoceleste today. His agent has said that the Polish winger is being followed closely by a host of Serie A clubs, Lazio included, but there has been absolutely no appraoch from Lazio. The agent suggested that Lazio's surplus of strikers makes any move in the immediate future impossible.

17:31 CET
- Alfaro is wanted by Genoa after all it seems but only if he transfers permanently which puts Lazio under a bit of pressure, especially as there appears to be no interest in Sergio Floccari. Fiorentina have just denied that they were ever interested.

17:17 CET
- Berardi's deal has been confirmed by his agent Giovanni Bia.

17:08 CET
- The once promising Lorenzo Cinque is off to Casale, while Berardi is about to officially join Verona on loan with a right to buy 50% of his contract for a fee that has yet to be disclosed.

17:05 CET
- Vincenzo D'Ippolito is signing a contract. Looks like Alfaro has agreed to move but we await the details of any agreement. Tare has 2 hours to do something.

16:54 CET
- Genoa are still claiming they have no interest in Alfaro. This is just barmy as things normally are between Genoa and Lazio. Tare is discussing the Berardi deal once again. Has a solution been found?

16:44 CET
- It's Genoa or bust for Alfaro, acccording to reports. Catania an Chievo are looking elsewhere and the decision is now in the hands of the Uruguayan himself. Meanwhile, it is emerging that Fiorentina and Inter were only ever prepared to take Floccari on loan.

16:41 CET
- Our first singing on deadline say is a loan signing courtesy of Cremonese. Amir Bilali will join Lazio Primavera this season. He is Albanian and that's about all I can find on him.

16:40 CET
- Regarding Alfaro, D'Ippolito has said it is 0-0 at half-time, whatever that means. Answers on the back of a postcard for that one.

16:34 CET
- Merely a waiting game now as D'Ippolito returns to speak to Igli Tare. Soon we will know if Alfaro is to go on loan and where. We are still biding our time on Berardi's proposed loan to Verana. It hasn't been the most eventful day, but there are a lot of questions left to be answered.

16:19 CET
- No sign of a Candreva-type deal, it seems we are very close to being done. I didn't expect signings today, maybe one small deal just to sweeten the fans but keeping our star players at least avoids a sour taste in the mouth.

16:08 CET
- Gianluca Di Marzio informs reporters that Alfaro is nearing Genoa on loan.

16:05 CET
- Alessandro Moggi has told the media that Pasquale Foggia is likely to remain in Rome as Pescara are no longer interested and time is effectively up.

16:01 CET
- Torino have rejected Fiiorentina's approach for ex-Lazio striker Rolando Bianchi so maybe the Floccari saga has one last twist? The Viola are short on time.

15:59 CET
- Three hours to go and Tare seems relaxed stopping to chat with Federico Pastorello. It doesn't appear to be about business as Tare has a bit of time to kill until Genoa decide if they want Alfaro.

15:51 CET
- As it stands, Emiliano Alfaro nears the exit, his agent has spoken to Chievo, is currently speaking to Genoa and waits to hear from Celta Vigo. Meanwhile Lazio secretary, Armando Calveri is trying to get a deal done whereby Alessandro Berardi joins Hellas Verona on loan.

15:45 CET
- If you think we're bad, spare a thought for Genoa fans. Their DS has come out and said they have no interest in Alfaro, which is funny as Alfaro's agent has just gone to speak to him. Fiorentina are looking to snare Rolando Bianchi. Floccari looks closer to staying with every second that passes.

15:34 CET
- Catania in pole position for Alfaro. You cannot get any anticlimactic than a deadline day that ends with the sale of someone who we only just signed to replace someone who we sold after only just signing. Only at Lazio, eh?

15:22 CET
- A common belief is in circulation that Fiorentina want Sergio Floccari but there is nothing on the table yet. If Sergio is to leave, the Viola are certainly favourites at this incredibly late stage.

15:15 CET
- Armando Calveri is put on the spot and asked if Lazio will sign Polish winger Michal Zyro as reported this morning. Calveri kept tight-lipped, not giving a definitive answer.

15:11 CET
- Matuzalem's agent confirms that there is no news to report on his client.

15:07 CET
- The proposed deal for Berardi is most likely a loan deal now although there are still some concerns about the deal which have yet to be thrashed out. Fiorentina are now looking at Catania's Morimoto as their interest in Floccari fades.

15:02 CET
- Chievo's Director of Sport is currently in talks with Emiliano Alfaro's agent.

14:58 CET
- Alessandro Berardi is set for Verona. Armando Calveri has left with Giovanni Bia to tie up the contract. Details will emerge soon.

14:55 CET
- Genoa have just snapped the ex-Udinese player Damiano Ferronetti up on a one-year deal. Maybe that is the reason why Damiano Ferronetti's agent paid a visit to Igli Tare earlier, but that door is now closed.

14:45 CET
- D'Ippolito is now claiming that Celta Vigo have also submitted an offer to Lazio for Alfaro.

14:38 CET
- Vincenzo D'Ippolito has confirmed that both Genoa and Catania are interested in Alfaro and that Chievo are not out of the running yet.

14:29 CET
- It seems Fiorentina are just setting up shop now. Any meetings for Diakite' or Floccari? Let's see.

14:20 CET
- Verona's representatives are back in room 373 to try and close a deal for Berardi. Elsewhere, it seems that having failed to sell Floccari, the club will now try and force through Emiliano Alfaro's transfer to Genoa or Catania.

14:14 CET
- Tare has just finished discussing business with Claudio Lotito's second club, Salernitana. Lazio have been at war with Tommaso Ceccarelli in abid to force him there on loan, but it seems as though Salernitana have a new target in mind. Meanwhile there are rumours that Floccari may be set to stay with time running out for his sale.

14:13 CET
- Even if Luca Toni says no, Juventus have offered Siena Iaquinta as they look to trim the squad. Tare is running out of time to sell the bigger names.

14:08 CET
- Kozak looks set to stay at Lazio following reported interest from Siena overnight. The Tuscan club missed out on Nicklas Bendtner but Luca Toni is apparently wandering around Milan looking a little worse for wear as he contemplates an offer from Siena's President, Massimo Mezzaroma.

14:04 CET
- Chievo have signed Mamadou Samossa from French side Valenciennes, whose name is making me hungry. That probably rules them out of a move for Alfaro, although Genoa and Catania are interested.

13:55 CET
- As we wait to hear if there were any flies on the wall as Tare talked to someone (probably Lotito), let's round up the situation. Berardi is possibly off to Verona, Floccari is up for grabs, Turkish club in pole, Inter and Fiorentina waiting. Diakite' is set to stay, no updates elsewhere.

13:45 CET
- NK Maribor is our other opponent in the Europa League. Tough group, could have been worse, could have been better.

13:40 CET
- Tare exits room 373 and is on the phone. To who, I wonder...

13:38 CET
- Lazio are drawn  in group J with Tottenham Hotspur and Panathinaikos. One more opponent to come.

13:32 CET
- Alberto Gilardino is close to Bologna which surely rules out the possibility of Floccari going to Bologna once and for all.

13:24 CET
- Diakite' could be set to stay. Fiorentina have seemingly passed on the option while Milan supposedly offered Djamel Mesbah in exchange, realising Lazio's need for a left-back. If the offer was made, it was rejected by Lazio and Lotito may now re-enter contract negotiations once the market closes.

13:19 CET
- It has been revealed that it is Verona who have asked about Alessandro Berardi's availability. Zavaglia has left the room while Tare discusses matters with Giovanni Bia. Lazio may go as far as to sell Berardi.

13:18 CET
- The Europa League draw is underway. Lazio are seeded in the 3rd pot, so it will be a tougher draw than last season, bar a miracle.

13:14 CET
- As Lotito stated last week, there is no agreement with Pescara for Pasquale Foggia and it looks set to stay that way. Pescara want him on loan and Lazio would have to extend his contract to allow that to happen which Lotito is reluctant to do as that is exactly why Juan Pablo Carrizo is still in Rome and on the market.

13:10 CET
- Franco Zavaglia has joined Tare in room 373. Zavaglia is the agent of Alberto Aquilani, Ezequiel Schelotto, free agent Damiano Ferronetti and Lazio full-back, Luis Pedro Cavanda.

13:07 CET
- It is almost as if the market does not close in six hours, there is very little news filtering out from room 373 where Tare is believed to be positioned if he hasn't climbed out of his window and done his best impression of Spiderman. Which is unlikely I might add.

12:56 CET
- The Europa League draw is just around the corner and I will bring you our opponents as they are announced.

12:48 CET
- I said earlier that Zarate was set to stay but there are murmurs that Bordeaux are determined to take him to France. Basically every striker, aside from Miroslav Klose and Antonio Rozzi could be on their way out but Lazio simply do not have enough time to do all those deals.

12:42 CET
- Latest on Floccari, the Turkish club in question (who remains unnamed as yet) will not offer 5 million. Lazio are desperate to convince them to do so to avoid selling Floccari to a rival club. Both Inter and Fiorentina are ready to pay the 5 million according to reports.

12:40 CET
- This seems like a good time to have a coffee, tea or even a beer if the mercato truly drives you insane. Personally, I have never been this excited over nothing and I am just hoping that I am not left feeling deflated once again.

12:34 CET
- No innuendo intended, Tare's box is getting fuller and it seems as though this large negotiation is focused on fringe players so the question is, who is off on loan? Berardi and/or Mendicino are surely involved.

12:26 CET
- Add Ettore Mendicino to the list of Bia's clients and possible subjects of a transfer.

12:23 CET
- We are now waiting to hear what club Tare is negotiating with and why Giovanni Bia is a part of proceedings. In addition to the players I listed earlier, Bia is also the agent of Tiberio Guarente, a midfielder that Lazio had designs on in the past. Most likely something is going down with Berardi but both Tare and secretary Calveri have said that there is time to buy, so who knows.

12:19 CET
- Franco Smacchia, one of Lazio's Primavera goalkeepers has just joined cash-strapped and player-strapped Portsmouth on loan. A good opportunity for both clubs and the player himself.

12:17 CET
- Giovanni Bia is also the agent of Lazio goalkeeper Alessandro Berardi. The young Berardi was expected to stay at Lazio and fill one of the homegrown spots for Europa League but Lazio's failure to sell Carrizo could see them loan out the player. Perhaps a move to Portogruaro or are Lazio lining up an audacious transfer?

12:13 CET
- And, action. Someone is negotiating with Tare in room 373 and Giovanni Bia has just walked in. Bia is the agent of Daniele Dessena, Luca Cigarini and Kiko Macheda. Watch this space. Meanwhile, Lazio appear to be doing business with Portogruaro, most likely a loan deal for one or more of Lazio's youngsters.

12:07 CET
- More on Libor Kozak, there have been rumours overnight that Siena are looking to take him east. The reason being that Nicklas Bendtner is currently in Turin undergoing a medical for Juventus and Siena had thought they had signed the Arsenal forward. They will now be looking for a similar striker, Kozak fits the bill and of course Massimo Mezzaroma and Claudio Lotito are tight.

12:03 CET
- Armando Calveri has now joined Tare in the box where Lazio will do business today. In case you don't know, Calveri is the secretary who deals with the paperwork so if they need to talk it is because business needs to be done.

12:00 CET
- Everyone else appears to be getting the job done with Milan just announcing the capture of Nigel De Jong. There were clubs negotiating yesterday at ATAHotel and they definitely seem to be ahead of us in their market preparations. It's a consolation that Igli Tare arrived earlier this time out, but it is worrying that we are not hearing more about his market adventure.

11:51 CET
-  Many hope and expect a new left-back to arrive today but that seems increasingly unlikely. Lulic and Cavanda have done well in that position or at least the Lazio hierarchy seem to think so. Since Juventus seem set to sign Federico Peluso, the option was Dennis Aogo whose agent has said the interest was real but has died. Also, Lazio need to register four homegrown players for Europa League and Cavanda qualifies, so any transfer would shove him down the pecking order.

11:47 CET -
I apologise for some minor difficulties with the site, we are trying to find the cause because if you blink today, you might just miss it. Luca Crescenzi has signed for Nocerina on loan and he is one of the four C's (Crescenzi, Ceccarelli, Cinque and Cinelli) who require loans today. In other news, Sampdoria have asked if Floccari would be available for loan and were told no and in his earlier conversation with Caliendo, it seems Igli Tare also spoke to Moggi Jr., the agent of transfer listed Pasquale Foggia.

11:32 CET
- The identity of this Turkish club remains a mystery but the speculation is mounting. Armando Calveri has also confirmed that the club have a lot of work to do on both possible sales and possible buys. Buckle up if you haven't already.

11:26 CET
- Ok, so the first objective for Igli Tare appears to be set as player agent Claudio Orlandoni is said to be mediating between Lazio and a Turkish club for the sale of Sergio Floccari. The price is set at 5 million euro.

11:21 CET
- There is very little speculation surrounding Mobido Diakite' at the moment but surely he could play a central role in today's plot? Another defender who is not being spoken about is Marius Stankevicius. He is on the market but is currently injured, which is not very attractive since he's spent most of 2012 in that condition and even if there are any takers, he is unlikely to pass the standard medical.

11:14 CET
- It is easy to read too much into conversations today but Igli Tare has reportedly made it clear that Lazio have time to both sell and spend. Antonio Caliendo has a hand in many Lazio-related deals and one wonders if there is more to that conversation than just a brief greeting. Caliendo is the agent of many previous transfer targets such as Matias Aguirregaray and so there is a door that cannot be closed just yet.

11:05 CET
- Igli Tare is speaking to Antonio Caliendo at present, the agent of both Lazio's summer signings as well as the Brazilian bad boy, Breno. Speaking of Brazilian bad boys, Matuzalem is expected to either move to Shakhtar, or remain at Lazio as there is a reluctancy to see him move to a rival club.

10:58 CET
- And as I joke that Igli Tare may turn up late, our Director of Sport has now arrived at the ATAHotel along with secretary, Armando Calveri.

10:53 CET
- It may be the afternoon before anything kicks off, if anything indeed does kick off. Igli Tare and Claudio Lotito were obviously in Rome last night as they were pictured watching the game with new recruit, Michael Ciani and staying up past their bedtime may delay mercato plans. That is not to say that we won't learn anything in the meantime as yesterday, it was discovered that Fiorentina are prepared to buy Floccari outright following their failed attempts to land Dimitar Berbatov.

10:48 CET -
While we wait on news to emerge you can check out Khashayar Kashefi's match report of the game against Mura 05 yesterday evening as well as our player ratings for the game.

10:35 CET -
As for arrivals into the club, which is always more exciting, there have been overnight reports that Igli Tare has been thrashing out a deal for Legia Warsaw's Polish winger, Michal Zyro. The 19 year-old is held in high regard and is perfect for Vladimir Petkovic's tactical designs as he can also play as a second striker. Moa Abdellaoue remains an option with Lazio reportedly offering 7 million euro. Vladimir Petkovic said in the summer he feels he has two strikers too many - could he be getting two more?

10:30 CET
- Morning everyone, action is underway at the infamous ATAHotel with many Lazio fans anticipating a busy final few hours for the club. All the speculation at present surrounds our frontline as Sergio Floccari, Emiliano Alfaro. Tommaso Rocchi and maybe even Libor Kozak could all be set for exits. Juan Pablo Carrizo and Pasquale Foggia are also on the market as is bad boy Beppe Sculli, so we could well be in line for a mini-exodus. 
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