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  20/09/2012: LIVE: Tottenham Hotspur 0-0 Lazio
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93' - More like a second, this referee is in a rush and it's full-time. Superb result for Lazio although the performance was dogged and not much more. Match report and player ratings on the way. Forza Lazio!

92' - Ederson comes on for Mauri. Petkovic clearly wants to run down the clock as Ciani is also coming on for Hernanes. A minute or so left.

89' - Another throw of the dice for Lazio it seems as Ederson strips off.

85' - Mauri goes into the book now. Five minutes plus stoppage time for Lazio to win or lose this game.

81' - Petkovic shows his hand as Mauro Zarate comes on for Ogenyi Onazi. Immediately afterwards, Lazio waste a corner.

76' - Bale is down injured and Lazio get a reprieve. Dempsey comes off for Sigurdsson but Petkovic is remaining patient.

71' - The ball is in again, but it is ruled out for the third time! Caulker wins the header from a corner and it's a simple goal but the referee judges that he fouled Stefano Mauri. Lazio off the hook again.

66' - Actually, Gonzalez somehow avoided the referee's book there, correction. He's in it now though, same area, similar challenge, similar ball played in from the free-kick but Lazio deal with it.

64' - Seconds later, Gonzalez picks up a yellow as he sends Lennon sprawling. Bale whips the free in and Sandro gets on the end of it but it whistles wide. The touch was too deft, but it's a scare.

63' - Both Lazio centre-backs in the book now, Ledesma carelessly feeds Spurs the ball and Bale is on the move, albeit briefly as Dias cynically halts him. Lazio had more than enough cover but Dias was taking no chances.

59' - Spurs put the ball in the net but it is once again offside, this time Bale. Not as close this time but not a lot in it all the same.

52' - A crazy minute, Klose finds Mauri all alone in the box but the captain cannot get the ball out from under his feet and Lloris has nothing to do. Spurs break and Defoe and Lennon cause chaos and the mother of all scrambles ensues but Spurs fail to score although you have to ask how. Big chances go begging for both sides.

48' - Good start to the half from Lazio, keeping possession comfortably until Cavanda is closed down and cannot find his man.

46' - Second half is now underway. Officially the 46th mintue despite the fact we never got the full 45 in the first. Bizarre.

46' - The half-time whistle sounds. All Spurs is the first 35 minutes but Lazio crept into the game as the half wore on and came closest to opening the deadlock. With aggressive options on the bench and many of them at that, Petkovic will be fairly satisfied at the break and the onus is on him to find a way of bringing Lazio into this game.

44' - Oh so close from Gonzalez as a loose ball is fired towards goal by the Uruguayan and it loops over Lloris, dips and smacks the crossbar. Spurs so nearly undone by a spectacular shot.

40' - Spurs have dropped the tempo and Lazio have taken control. Onazi almost finds Gonzalez with an exquisite pass but it is cut out and eventually the play fizzles out and ends with Lulic committing a foul near the byline.

34' - Each and every small mistake is being punished by Lazio and there haven't been many, on this occasion, Klose picks up a poor pass from Dembele and wins a corner. Lazio have a brief spell of possession and Klose has half a chance at the edge of the area, but he volleys air rather than the ball.

32' - We're only a third of the way into the game but it has to be said, Cavanda and Onzai look out of their depth but they are not alone.

29' - Biava goes into the book as Lennon leaves him for dead, or at least he thought he did as Biava finds enough pace to haul him down. Dempsey htis the free-kick low and into the wall which does its job and not for the first time this evening,

26' - Lazio are just not in this game at the moment and Hernanes sloppily fouls Dempsey in a decent striking position. Bale clips the wall with the free-kick and it's now a corner. It is dealt with easily. Relief for Lazio.

22' - Spurs go close again as a failed offside traps allows Dempsey to latch on to a Bale pass and he has a free header and converts, but it is ruled offside. You could say the goal is coming, Lazio need to act.

19' - Lennon exposes Lazio again and a one-two puts him in a shooting position but he bails out and puts a ball across the box that finds nobody. A let off for Lazio.

17' - It's a quiet affair so far, Lazio look beaten for pace in just about every area. Lazio will have to think out a result tonight or hope someone can conjure up something special.

12' - A big chance for Klose, Walker gives the ball away to Lazio and it is dispatched to Lulic in the wing who puts a stunning ball in for Klose to attack. Lloris is out quick but can't there, and neither can Klose who was too aware of the goalkeeper's advances there.

9' - Lulic is quick but Lennon is quicker and a through ball sets him up and he puts the ball in the box where Lazio eventually deal with it. That's twice now that Lennon has exposed the Bosnian.

5' - Brief spell of possession for Lazio, but they look the more purposeful with it. Even at this very early stage, it is clear Lazio need to get on the ball more. Lennon makes a dangerous run but it hustled off the ball by Lulic. The danger signs are there though.

3' - Candreva is out having contracted the flu and therefore Onazi is entered in his place. Perhaps a strange choice but when you look at the firepower on the bench, the game can be changed at any point. All Spurs at the moment though.

1' - Stronger line-up than one might expect from Spurs also, contrary to reports both Dembele and Dempsey feature with Bale expected to take up a more central role. The game is now underway.

Line-ups: Lazio (4-2-3-1): Marchetti, Lulic, Dias, Biava, Cavanda, Ledesma, Onazi, Mauri, Hernanes, Gonzalez, Klose.
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