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  28/03/2011: On 28th March
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28th March 1937
Serie A 1936/37 week 25, Lazio-Torino 0-0
Lazio goalscorers: -
Attendances: 8.000
28th March 1943
Serie A 1942/43 week 26, Lazio-Milan 4-2
Lazio goalscorers: Silvio Piola, Silvio Piola (pen), Gualtieri, Boric
Attendances: -

28th March 1948
Serie A 1947/48 week 28, Lazio-Genoa 3-0
Lazio goalscorers: Cecconi, Puccinelli, Remondini
Attendances: 14.000

28th March 1954
Serie A 1953/54 week 26, Lazio-Udinese 0-1
Lazio goalscorers: -
Attendances: 30.000

28th March 1971
Serie A 1970/71 week 23, Napoli-Lazio 2-0
Lazio goalscorers: -
Attendances: 46.224

28th March 1993
Serie A 1992/93 week 25, Lazio-Udinese 4-0
Lazio goalscorers: Signori, Doll, Signori, Riedle
Attendances: 30.269

28th March 1998
Serie A 1997/98 week 27, Udinese-Lazio 0-2
Lazio goalscorers: Roberto Mancini, Fuser
Attendances: 14.635

28th March 2004
Serie A 2003/04 week 27, Perugia-Lazio 1-2
Lazio goalscorers: Fiore, Giannichedda
Attendances: 3.267

28th March 2010
Serie A 2009/10 week 31, Milan-Lazio 1-1
Lazio goalscorers: Lichtsteiner
Attendances: 40.000
This game has kept Lazio on 16th place in the standings with 33 points; 5 points clear of the relegation zone with 7 games remaining.
AC Milan's title challenge ruined again by Lazio.  With leaders Inter Milan lost at Roma, the opportunity was there for Milan, but not for the first time during this season they blew it.

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