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  25/10/2012: Live Commentary: Panathinaikos - Lazio 1-1
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Full time. Even if the result might seem fair to neutrals, it's disappointing to lose two points in the 90th minute. The other match in the group between Maribor and Tottenham also finished 1-1, so Lazio are still 1st of the group with 5 points. The next two matches for Lazio will be crucial with two home fixtures against Panathinaikos and Tottenham, and with 6 points it should be possible to secure advancement.

And there is the goal for Panathinaikos. Cavanda makes another freekick which later is resulted in a corner. After some chaos in the box PAO scores.

Petkovic has decided to add some fresh players to the midfield, with Onazi and Cana replacing Hernanes and Gonzalez.

Cavanda who has had a terrible night pull down a PAO player in a dangerous position. Luckily Bizzarri again show his skills with some fine arial work.

Bizzarri! Amazing save from the veteran goalkeeper, who saves a certain goal.

Panathinaikos looking good at the moment. In one minute they create two good chances and are also taking over position. Lazio on the other hand see more opportunities for counter-attacks, and Mauro Zarate place a shot just wide for the goalkeeper. 20 minutes to go, will we see a second substitute from Petkovic soon?

Not much happening at the moment. Panathinaikos is looking better in the second half, and Lazio if failing to control the midfield in the same way.

Huge chance for Lazio. Konko put in a great cross after beating two players and Floccari barely misses the target with a good header.

Second half has just start. Surprisingly Petkovic decides to replace Mauri with Mauro Zarate. Is 45 minutes enough for Maurito to impress him?

And corner for Lazio, but this time Candreva can't find a target. The referee blow the whistle and Lazio is up 1-0. Lazio has dominated the first half, but the defence is looking shaky tonight so PAO has managed to create the same amount of chances.

And like expected the goal is already on YouTube:

I still can't get over that goal, and i'm expecting to see Seitaridis play for Lazio in January...

26' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simply incredible. Even if you see crazy football videos on Youtube all the time these days, this one is going to be a classic. After the PAO goalkeeper run down to the line to clear the ball, PAO defender Seitaridis snaps it up and for some reason decides to shoot it back in to the open net. Floccari who was chasing after the goalkeeper can't stop laughing.
Big chance for the Greeks on a counter-attack after Gonzalez tries his luck with a shot. Luckily Dias shows good positioning and makes up for his previous mistake.

After four terribles corners from the left side from Hernanes, it's Candreva's turn from the other side. Well placed corner to Dias who head the ball with amazing power just over the bar. Huge chance for Lazio.

It's looking brighter for PAO now. First they are close with a free kick where Floccari is the only man who bother marking two Greek players in the box and saves Bizzarri. Just second later Dias make a huge mistake in defence, and it's suddenly a 2 versus 2 situation, but luckily Fourlanos' cross is poor.

After 10 minutes Lazio looks like the side most likely to score. Candreva has tried two shots, Mauri one and Lazio has received 4 corners so far. The famous Greek athmosphere is no where to be seen tonight. The stadium is far from full, and at times the 4-500 Lazio fans is the ones we can hear sing.

Chance for Lazio already with Candreva trying one of his trademark long-range shots. Save from Karnezis and a corner for Lazio, which result in nothing.

And we're on. Vladimir Petkovic has again decided to field a very strong lineup. Miroslav Klose who arrived late in Athens is not in the squad tonight and Floccari is starting up front. The other replacement from the usual lineup is Ciani ahead of Biava is is being rested, or a second chance for the Frenchman if you prefer.

Welcome to tonights live commentary. Lineups:

Panathinaikos (4-3-3): Karnezis; Seitaridis, Pinto, Velazquez, Spyropoulos; Zeca, Vitolo, Fourlanos; Sissoko, Fornaroli, Christodoulopoulos
(Kapino, Chouchoumis, Marinos, Mavrias, Lagos, Tochè, Owusu-Abeyie)

Lazio (4-1-4-1): Bizzarri; Konko, Ciani, Dias, Cavanda; Ledesma; Candreva, Hernanes, Gonzalez, Mauri; Floccari
(Scarfagna, Scaloni, Biava, Cana, Onazi, Zarate, Kozak)

Author: Eivind Ytreland
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