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  06/12/2012: Lotito: "I saved Lazio"
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In an interview with Antonello Piroso, which Lotito was an hour late for, the Lazio President gave his thoughts on popular topics.

On his arrival at Lazio:
"When I arrived, I said that I wanted to bring Lazio out of a coma to recovery. On my arrival, I found a club that had a structural debt of 550 million euro. At the time, there was controversy, saying I was a friend of Storace (Francesco Storace, a politician) but I acted as a fan."

On Petkovic:
"If I chose Petkovic over Zeman, it is because I value more the human qualities demonstrated by Petkovic. A coach must then also have the support of the team: for example, Ballardini was distracted by dressing room problems."

On Lazio: 
"For six years, I think, I was devoted only to Lazio. I am a forward man, I like challenges and Lazio is a challenge. Against Tottenham, I defended Lazio in the wake of controversy to make it clear to fans that I hold a different attitude."

On the Tottenham Fan who was attacked:
"It was only right to support an opposition fan who was in trouble. Lazio are a big family and we must uphold century-long traditions."

On Mauri:
"I don't know the facts but I know Mauri - he has good morals and behaves. He went on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje with Floccari - I find it difficult that he could be both Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde."

On Salerno:
"I'm proud of what we've managed at Salerno - I have brought 11 Lazio players to the club. The idea was to create a synergy between the clubs and to get people in the stadium to restore Salerno back to footballing matters."

On the stadium:
"I intend to carry out my stadium plan. Italy needs new facilities to progress. I was right before with the salary cap and tax relief"

On Diakite': 
"I spoke with Moratti and we cleared the matter - he's not interested in the player. When I said there was an agreement with a club in Milan months ago, it was a joke."

On Zarate:
"He only plays if the coach feels he deserves to. Will we sell in January? It is counterproductive to keep a player against his will. If we receive an adequate offer, we will evaluate it."

On fans:
"With their support, we can achieve great things. We have an interest in changing the system to become competitive internationally."

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