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  30/01/2013: Mercato: LIVE
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20:00 CET: Another sour note to end the mercato, and I am afraid that it is on this particular sour note that I will depart. Join LazioLand's Paolo Peroso on LazioStyle Radio for "Lazio World - Eagles on Air" where, hopefully, he can reveal more to us all. Until next time, Forza Lazio!

19:58 CET:
Felipe Anderson's lawyer has confirmed there was no agreement with the Private Equity firm but has insisted his client wants to join Lazio and will look to do so in June.

19:52 CET:
A rumour now going around that Igli Tare may hand in his resignation as he holds Lotito to blame for this transfer saga. It seems Lotito refused to budge from the 30% of future sale clause which caused the deal to fall through. A lot of rumours - waiting on hard facts.

19:37 CET:
Sculli, Zauri and Carrizo's transfers all confirmed by S. S. Lazio.

19:33 CET:
No deal for Felipe Anderson because no agreement existed with the Private Equity firm and as a result, no fax was sent back. Felipe Anderson wants to come though and a summer deal is possible.

19:27 CET:
Lazio deposited the fax to Brazil 4 minutes before the deadline but received nothing in return.

19:19 CET:
This is a disaster. Waiting for some more news but the prospects of recovering this situation is slim. Very, very slim.

19:14 CET:
Uh oh. Armando Calveri has revealed that the deal for Felipe Anderson has fallen through. Unbelievable! Not sure there is any way of salvaging it but let's wait and hope. Desperately hope.

19:00 CET:
With minutes, maybe even seconds to spare, it appears as though all deals have been concluded. Felipe Anderson to Lazio, Sculli and Zauri to Pescara although we await confirmation. Serious hardball was played this evening in Milan.

18:53 CET:
100,000 euro separates Sculli from Pescara as the deal is said to be off. Igli Tare is currently trying to finalise Pescara's Zauri deal.

18:46 CET:
Not yet clear if Lotito won or lost in his pursuit for 30% of future sale rather than 35% of future sale in the deal for Felipe Anderson. In any case, Lazio will only pay our least favourite Private Equity firm if he is sold by Lotito. 

18:33 CET:
According to Franco Zavaglia, it was never really in doubt. Lazio will pay 7.5 million to Santos over 3 years with the Private Equity firm receiving 35% of a future sale of Felipe Anderson. We now wait on this to become official along with Carrizo's move to Inter, Zauri's move to Pescara and maybe we will see the back of Giuseppe Sculli as well. 

18:28 CET:
He said 'YES!'. Or at least that's what the media are saying. Franco Zavaglia has entered into a conversation with Igli Tare to get this deal done and dusted. It ain't over until it's over but Honda II this is not.

18:19 CET:
More information on Felipe Anderson. The Private Equity firm have been in touch and are requesting 35% of future sale. Lotito is not moving from 30%. Igli Tare is having a meltdown and so am I. All Lotito has to do, if we believe the latest reports, is say 'yes'.

18:12 CET:
A deal for Felipe Anderson seems achievable if Lotito ups the offer. Igli Tare is reportedly putting the pressure on him to do so with time ticking. Meanwhile Dynamo Kiev are playing down their interest in Zarate.

18:01 CET:
With an hour to go, Alessandro Moggi, the agent of Giuseppe Sculli is having a conversation with Pescara's Director of Sport Daniele Delli Carri. That move is still on the table. Meanwhile Franco Zavaglia has confirmed that Zauri's move to Pescara requires a mere signature - it appears as though they want to make both deals official at the same time.

17:59 CET:
Emmanuel Sani or Sani Emmanuel, whatever your preference may be is set to go on loan to Sorrento. Sani joined Lazio along with Ogenyi Onazi, who we now know to be a good prospect so here's hoping Sani cuts the mustard at Sorrento.

17:50 CET:
Franco Zavaglia has revealed that a deal has yet to be reached with the private equity firm. One hour remaining.

17:46 CET:
Plenty of reports emerging that Felipe Anderson is a done deal for a sum of 10 million but plenty of reports are emerging from Gazzetta's claims. Which are bizarre claims to make since Zavaglia has just exited from an hour-long conversation with Igli Tare with no solution found.

17:43 CET:
Patjim Kasami, once of Lazio Primavera is now of Pescara. Hopefully this will allow talks to resume on Zauri and Sculli and not hinder those deals in any way although Tare appears to be preoccupied with Felipe Anderson's agent. 

17:34 CET:
The feeling in Milan at present is that Lazio will not get the Felipe Anderson deal done on time. Franco Zavaglia is conducting business on behalf of the player today and he is currently locked in talks with Igli Tare. 

17:30 CET:
Luis Ruzzi has reiterated the fact that he is ready to send his client Mauro Zarate to Dynamo Kiev but he has noted that Lotito is not.

17:25 CET:
Marco Sommella, the agent of Pasquale Foggia has actually been working on behalf of Alessandro Moggi and instead of discussing Foggia's move to Pescara, he has been discussing a switch for Sculli instead. He has revealed to the media that they are still thrashing out a deal and it's not final yet.

17:16 CET:
Twitter is 'over capacity' yet again. Either Claudio Lotito has hacked Twitter or he has been bashing F5 repeatedly on Mauro Zarate's personal account.

17:07 CET:
Luciano Zauri's deal is very nearly done. Full redemption of the player, all ties cut with Lazio. Giuseppe Sculli also looks set to become a Pescara player but details have yet to emerge.

17:01 CET:
Too early to get carried away by the Felipe Anderson reports. What we know is that Santos are willing to sell for 7.5 million and the player is ready to join Lazio. What we still don't know is if the company that owns 30% of his rights are willing to sell and for what price. Until a 'yes' is received via a phonecall from Brazil, this deal is not a goer. However, the balance has definitely shifted in Lazio's favour.

16:53 CET:
All systems go for Felipe Anderson. Contractual agreement found between Tare and the player via his agent. Now what about that Private Equity firm...

16:47 CET:
A few rumours doing the rounds suggesting Lazio will raid Juve for either Quagliarella or Matri. Quite strange - Quags has been linked heavily with Parma as Juventus consider Belfodil while Matri looks set to stay. Pretty convinced we won't see a striker come in as Zarate's deal to Dynamo Kiev remains in the balance while Lotito shot down Dinamo Moskva's approach for Libor Kozak.

16:36 CET:
Logged into Facebook? Give your opinion on Felipe Anderson by scrolling down to the bottom of this article and posting in the comments box. I want to know what you think about this guy - would he be a good signing or a big gamble?

16:34 CET:
Igli Tare and Felipe Anderson's agent are holding talks as I type.

16:30 CET:
150 minute to go before the market closes. Time for an update. A deal for Felipe Anderson hangs in the balance while our deal for Diego Laxalt appears to have been successfully hijacked by Inter, although that does not need to be official today as they will acquire the 19 year-old midfielder in June. In the other direction, Mauro Zarate is on the verge of a move to Dynamo Kiev but is not as close to the Ukraine as he was earlier today as he claims publicly on Twitter that Claudio Lotito is proving to be an obstacle. Luciano Zauri is set to join Pescara and Juan Pablo Carrizo is likely to end up at Inter but neither deal is official yet.

16:20 CET:
Twitter is down - The Zarate's are blaming Lotito. That figure of 7.5 million is not a rumour - the number has been confirmed by Igli Tare.

16:17 CET:
7.5 million is the offer for 70% of Felipe Anderson - looks like Lazio added 500k into the equation. TMW have declared it a done deal but the player's agent said there are details to discuss before any deal is concluded. It looks like it's on.

16:11 CET:
It seems Lazio were also hoping to but Antonio Candreva outright today, which does not surprise me in the slightest because when you can't afford a Honda, you steal a Candreva and when you can't reach a Felipe Anderson, why not buy the Candreva? 1.7 million to be paid by June for 50% of his contract, further negotiations required for the other 50%. Udinese are not interested in finding a solution now - very interested in screwing more money out of Lazio when (hopefully) his value sky-rockets at the Confederations Cup. 

16:02 CET:
Just noticing my time updates have been wrong for the last hour as I went back in time. Lazio might need to do the same to sign Felipe Anderson today. More on Carrizo - to secure him for the next 6 months, Inter will be paying at least 250,000 euro.

15:53 CET:
According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Inter are about to launch a last minute bid for Juan Pablo Carrizo. He is set to join them in June anyway, but they want him now. In the last window, we saw Lotito refuse to let Emiliano Alfaro join Genoa following ill-tempered discussions for Andreas Granqvist. Will a grudge be held over Inter's deal for Diego Laxalt?

15:44 CET:
The focus is on us now having tabled an improved offer for Felipe Anderson, although this may be old news as 7 million was the figure being reported earlier. I assume the club have had to up the offer for the remaining 30% needed to seal the deal. With most of today's business done and dusted, Lazio are in the Serie A headlights. Can Lotito and/or Tare pull this off?

15:33 CET:
In saying that, seems to take the club an age to do any deal. Still awaiting confirmation on Zauri.

15:27 CET:
Reports that Lazio are willing to raise the offer for Felipe Anderson. Plenty of time to get this deal done as long as contracts are drafted up and are in place, as I suspect they are. A simple phone call from the Private Equity firm that owns 30% of the Brazilian and all Lazio have to do is get on the fax machine.

15:24 CET:
Awaiting some sort of confirmation that Luciano Zauri is a Pescara player. If it goes through, then that means that Lazio have got rid of three players who have been on our books for a combined total of 25 years in Rocchi, Scaloni and Zauri. 

15:13 CET:
Natalie Weber is still on Twitter, still calling Lotito a liar and still defending her husband. Meanwhile, Mauro seems to have logged out of his Twitter account for now. Only one laptop/PC in the Zarate household? If so, we all know who the boss is.

15:03 CET:
The answer to that question is yes. Deal set to be concluded in a matter of minutes.

14:57 CET:
Siena have signed Varese's Fabrizio Grillo. Grillo is a left-back who Pescara had designs on signing. Having missed out on him, will they turn their attention to Luciano Zauri?

14:53 CET:
Missed the earlier part of Natalie Weber's tweet where she referred to a mystery person, calling him a 'liar', who is 'just as bad as anyone' and it will 'all backfire on you'. Who could it be? I wonder...

14:50 CET:
Zarate and Lotito should fight this out like real men. Get both in the ring and having Tare braced ringside with a towel. Once again, deadline day descends into a total farce for Lazio.

14:45 CET:
The Zarate deal has been brought to a halt then. Reports now that the deal may not be concluded until the market closes in the Ukraine at the end of February. Also reports that the money from Zarate's sale would directly finance the Felipe Anderson bid.

14:42 CET:
Zarate's wife, Natalie Weber is backing up her man: "We are tired of always staying silent and being respectful. So much lies, so many bad things for such a long time."

14:33 CET:
Zarate is now replying to queries on Twitter, no problem with Vladimir Petkovic, he says. 

14:26 CET:
No news is good news, right?

14:10 CET:
A few late lunches being had in Milan I reckon - another lull in proceedings now. Here's hoping Tare is getting his to take away at the ATAHotel because we are nowhere near done yet.

14:00 CET:
Five hours to go, and not much to get excited about. Just to remind you, Lotito has four weeks to offload Zarate to Kiev. Not optimistic, as he obviously hasn't had enough time to get the Argentine off Twitter, which should have been done months ago.

13:51 CET:
Zarate has taken to Twitter to explain his situation (surprise, surprise): "No problem with a clause. Lotito asks for one thing, gets it then, asks for more. People, I am going to stay. Not my choice, but the President's." Oh dear...

13:47 CET:
Tare has also confirmed there is no updates from Brazil on Felipe Anderson.

13:43 CET:
Igli Tare has revealed that Lazio are involved in deals in and out of the club but that the focus is most definitely on trimming the squad. There you go.

13:35 CET:
Confirmation that Pescara are also thinking of taking Pasquale Foggia to Abruzzo - Foggia's agent Marco Sommella has entered the designated room to talk to the two clubs.

13:28 CET:
It is shaping up to be a day of sales rather than buys. As Tare is locked in negotiations with Pescara, we are all waiting on a phone call from Brazil to see if Felipe Anderson is in or out. At the moment, he is the only possible addition to Pereirinha, who signed yesterday evening.

13:14 CET:
Tare, having picked himself up off the floor following Di Marzio's revleation has found himself in Room 374 of the ATAHotel discussing business with Pescara. Zauri, Foggia and Sculli are likely to be discussed. Let's hope he's allowed to be there this year.

13:09 CET:
Gianluca Di Marzio has revealed that Inter have submitted the necessary paperwork to FIGC to complete the signing of Diego Laxalt. Does Tare still believe Lazio has a chance of scuppering the deal? I don't. I think he's talking crap. Probably all the Laxaltives.

13:04 CET:
The sum that Lazio are set to receive for Zarate has been downgraded to 7 million euro. Lotito won't be happy.

13:02 CET:
Very few opted for the "No Player" option, but that might be the most realistic possibility.

12:59 CET:
A poll is running on the LazioFever Forum and the LazioLand Facebook page at the moment and the results are interesting. We asked what type of player you would like to see Lazio sign today. The vast majority of those who voted on the Fever Forum opted for a midfielder. The vast majority of Facebook voters went for the attacker option. Very interesting - trying to draw some kind of conclusion from that, I'd say those of us on Facebook are just a very aggressive bunch.

12:57 CET:
The quest for a striker is surely over. As Palermo show their desperation to acquire German Denis, Atalanta are equally frantic in trying to snatch Mauricio Pinilla or Rolando Bianchi. Lazio have regularly been linked to all three - not today it seems. Midfielders all the way.

12:51 CET:
No news on Mobido Diakite' or Juan Pablo Carrizo so far today. Both look set to stay and I can't say I'm surprised as neither are totally frozen out by Vladimir Petkovic.

12:46 CET:
All is quiet at the moment ahead of what will be a busy afternoon. Seems to be quiet elsewhere too with lunch imminent.

12:32 CET:
The private equity firm who Lazio are relying on to sanction the Felipe Anderson deal have yet to respond to Lazio's offer. Vladimir Petkovic has apparently requested a young midfielder - he may yet get none. Time for a surprise swoop? Maybe bring José Quintero into the Pescara negotiations?

12:29 CET:
In room 143 of the ATAHotel, which is assigned to Lazio is the agent of Pasquale Foggia who is trying to find a solution for his client. Once that meeting concludes, expect Pescara to discuss Giuseppe Sculli and possibly Luciano Zauri with Lazio.

12:14 CET:
Don't expect the Zarate deal to be completed quickly - the Ukrainian transfer window is open for another 29 days.

12:10 CET:
Luis Ruzzi has denied reports that he has asked for a 5 million buyout clause to be inserted into Zarate's Dynamo Kiev deal: "Of course there will be a clause but it will not be less than what Dynamo pay and we are willing for the clause to come into effect in a year-and-a-half's time. We have done everything to make this happen, the ball is in Lazio's court."

12:07 CET:
While Tare claims Lazio can rescue the deal for Laxalt, the player's agent is telling everybody else that he has signed for Inter and will move in the summer. Who wants to tell Tare?

12:04 CET:
So Felipe Anderson is out of Lazio's hands, but the deal is on, as is the deal for Diego Laxalt, although Tare is suggesting that somehow the deal between Lazio, Defensor Sporting and Laxalt himself has been hijacked.

12:02 CET:
Igli Tare reveals more on Lazio's transfer targets: "On Felipe Anderson, the situation is pretty clear, we are waiting on an update from Brazil and it has yet to come. As time goes by, it becomes more difficult, but we are confident." On Laxalt: "We are not convinced he is signing for Inter, some people are trying to disrupt this deal."

11:58 CET:
My gut feeling on Zarate is that Lazio are waiting to see if any other offers come to pass. Strong rumour in the UK media all week about Liverpool making a bid - seems strange after signing Coutinho and Sturridge, but Zarate is a different type of player who could play alongside or replace Luis Suarez, who may well end up at Bayern Munich when Pep takes charge.

11:51 CET:
Luis Ruzzi, the now infamous agent of Mauro Zarate is said to be talking to Lazio about getting this deal done. If you believe the press, this deal could have been concluded 10 days ago so why are Lazio playing a long game? Much to debate and speculate.

11:44 CET:
Just over seven hours to go before the mercato closes in Italy and we are left waiting on news. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Please do let me know your thoughts on today's events as they unfold, just in case I run out of rumours to talk about.

11:34 CET:
Previously a hot prospect for the Primavera, Lazio's 20 year-old centre-back Luca Crescenzi has just swapped Nocerina for Viareggio. The defender was get little game time recently at Nocerina and is hoping for more action at lowly Viareggio. Tommaso Ceccarelli may leave Lanciano for the same reason.

11:33 CET:
Pescara are contemplating a late swoop for Luciano Zauri. Zauri's move to Spezia collapsed yesterday and Lotito has offered him around Italy this winter.

11:29 CET:
Laxalt has signed for Inter, according to his agent. Lazio offered 200,000 euro more than Inter for the Uruguayan midfielder but it turned into agent warfare, and Lazio have lost out. Unlikely that Lazio will opt for someone else now that the deal has apparently fallen through - there was speculation that Lazio would have let the player remain in Uruguay until July.

11:24 CET:
More on Sculli. Pescara President Daniele Sebastiani has admitted that talks took place with Lazio yesterday and both clubs will reconvene these talks later today. He has also revealed that Giuseppe Sculli's salary is a problem in the negotiations. Perhaps Lazio will have to make a contribution to get him out the door.

11:19 CET:
It has been confirmed that Lazio have indeed submitted a 7 million euro bid for Felipe Anderson. Unconfirmed is Giuseppe Sculli's deal to Pescara - no agreement acording to SkySports.

11:17 CET:
All has gone quiet on the Granit Xhaka fund. The 12 million asking price might have something to do with that.

11:05 CET:
Another deal that is nearing completion is Giuseppe Sculli's proposed switch to Pescara. Their Director of Sport Daniele Delli Carri was keeping tight-lipped about the deal yesterday and who can blame him.

10:58 CET:
The first piece of business was concluded yesterday evening. Pereirinha signed from Sporting Lisbon on a free transfer. What do you think of that signing? You can let me know your thoughts or ask me questions by commenting on the bottom of this article if you are signed into Facebook or via the LazioLand Facebook page or the LazioFever Forum.

10:56 CET:
As for Diego Laxalt, Uruguayan media claim he is virtually an Inter player. Lazio claim they can get the deal done.

10:53 CET:
Dinamo Moskva have offered 6 million for Libor Kozak and 2.5 million for Marius Stankevicius. Lotito's response? No deal on Kozak, where do I sign on Stankevicius. Unfortunately, Stankevicius is not willing to pick up the pen and sign on the dotted line. Expect Lotito, Tare, Petkovic and everyone else in Formello to try and force his hand.

10:51 CET:
The latest on Felipe Anderson - he played for Santos yesteday evening, which is not the best of signs but if you are to believe the reports, Lazio have agreed to pay 5.5 million for 70% of his rights. Lazio need 100% of his rights to complete the deal. 30% is owned by a private equity firm.

10:48 CET:
According to Mauro Zarate's agent Luis Ruzzi, the player has agreed terms with Dynamo Kiev and Claudio Lotito has assured them that he has also agreed a deal with the Ukrainian club. So what's the problem then? 

10:45 CET:
In true Igli Tare fashion, I am late on the scene on transfer deadline day. Unlike Tare, I would like to apologise and get right down to business.
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