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  29/03/2013: On This Day: 29 March
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Sunday, 29 March 1925, Lazio won over Pro Roma with the convincing result 3-0 on Campionato della Lega Sud 1924/25 (Southern League Championship 1924/25). This was the time when Pasquale Fornara born. Pasquale Fornara is a professional Italian bicycle racer who became famous by winning the Tour de Suisse stage race four times, a record that still stands until now.

A mid-week game on Thursday, Triestina sink Lazio 4-2 on Serie A week 31 in 1934. No wonder, as Lazio finished this season in 10th place, out of 18 teams involved in this competition. Currently, Triestina plays in Lega Pro Prima Divisione, or Serie C1 (the terms use until 2008).

This was the day in 1936, when German people voted overwhelmingly in favor of reoccupying demilitarized Rhineland area and ignore the clauses of the Versailles treaty, 99% of their votes supporting Hitler. Nothing to do with Hitler, Lazio held by Torino 1-1 on Serie A week 25, at Stadio del PNF, Rome. Olimpico does not exist yet.

Lazio pummeled by Modena with a single goal on this day in 1942, the same day when British cruiser Trinidad created its “own goal” in the Barents Sea. It was not a round ball, but their own torpedo! This happened when Trinidad launched a torpedo attack to German destroyers’ convoy. One of their torpedoes had a faulty gyro mechanism possibly affected by the icy waters. The path of the torpedo formed a circular arc, striking the Trinidad itself and killing 32 men. Indeed, football is more fun compare to fighting.

This was the time when Renzo Garlaschelli born to a cruel world in 1950. He was playing for 10 years as Lazio striker (1972-1982), created 51 goals from his 228 appearances.

Torino collected an important victory over Lazio on Serie A week 25 in 1959. A single goal created by Torino in 24 minute of the game in front of their 16,000 spectators. Marilyn Monroe "Some Like it Hot" premieres on this same day. The movie's line "Well, nobody's perfect" voted as the best 48 movie quote by the American Film Institute (out of 100), and selected as the best comedy movie of all time in 2000.

Back to Lazio, on sunny Sunday of this date in 1964 Lazio won against Bari in Serie A week 27 at Olimpico stadium. If you are trying to learn Italian, then you might be interested in knowing that this day of the week in Italian is Domenica.

Stalemate at San Paolo. Napoli and Lazio labored to 1-1 draw on their Serie A clash in 1970. Giorgio Chinaglia (pictured) scored a single goal for Lazio. This was Easter Sunday in 1970. Easter Sunday next fall on this date will be in 2043.

This was the day when Sebastiano Siviglia, Lazio defender born in 1973, and if his nails never been cut, they would be 1.447 m today. For sure, it will increase his chances for getting handballs.

Saturday, 29 March 1986, the day when Beatle records officially go on sale in Russia, Lazio won against Catania 1-0. Do not be surprised as this is not a Serie A game; instead it was week 28 of Serie B match. Lazio only managed to stay in 11th place on the table this season and will continue their journey in Serie B for the next two seasons. It would be extremely difficult to follow Lazio games during these years, especially for laziali living outside Italy. Internet video streaming, and Youtube highlights are not available during that time. Lazio and Catania will face each other again tomorrow in Serie A week 30 this season.

Juventus hold on for point by Lazio with 1-1 score at Delle Alpi Stadium on this day in 1992. Karl Heinz Riedle scored for Lazio on 87 minute of the game. Riedl is a German striker who spent 3 seasons with Lazio and scored 30 goals in his 84 appearances.

Another draw against a tough opponent happened on this day in 2008. Lazio held by Inter 1-1 on Serie A week 31 at Stadio Olimpico. Tommaso Rocchi equalizer earned Lazio a crucial point against Inter Milan. Lazio achieved 12th finish this season. On this Saturday, for the first time Thirty-five countries and over 370 cities join Earth Hour.

Author: Ali Alkatiri
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