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  04/04/2011: The battle for fourth spot
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Fourth place is everything in Serie A (at least until next season when Germany probably nick it off us).

After a poor weekend of results for those in the hunt, Juventus have narrowed the gap significantly and Napoli have gone off with eyes set firmly on the Scudetto.

Therefore, here at, we are taking a quick glance at the remaining rounds for Juventus, Udinese, Roma and of course, Lazio.

Week 32:

Juventus - Genoa
Lazio - Parma
Udinese - Roma

Week 32 is a great opportunity for Lazio to take a step closer to the Champions League place as Udinese and Roma will have to battle for their share of the spoils. Juventus also have what looks like a nice tie on paper as the welcome Davide Ballardini's Genoa. A win in Turin would certainly get them back in the race.

Week 33:

Catania - Lazio
Fiorentina - Juventus
Napoli - Udinese
Roma - Palermo

Tricky for Lazio, Diego Simeone has Catania playing at a ridiculously high level right now and this will be their next home game following that astonishing 4-0 derby win over rivals, Palermo. As a result, Serse Cosmi got the boot and Delio Rossi is back. We will be hoping he rediscovers the laziale within when he comes back to the Olimpico to hopefully destroy Roma. Suffice to say, Udinese have another horrible round.

Week 34:

Inter - Lazio
Juventus - Catania
Roma - Chievo
Udinese - Parma

An away tie to last season's all conquering Inter will not be relished, despite our comfortable 3-1 win earlier in the season. Juventus have Catania, who are a different proposition away from home and they will feel good about securing three points. Roma and Udinese will be thinking along similar lines. This is a week where we could easily lose considerable ground.

Week 35:

Bari - Roma
Fiorentina - Udinese
Lazio - Juventus

The first real crunch tie for the biancocelesti and one I would define as a European six-pointer. Roma will be hoping to overcome Bari who are currently fighting for their Serie A lives whilst Udinese will look to prevail in a game which could be troublesome. The emphasis, however, is undoubtedly on us.

Week 36:

Juventus - Chievo
Roma - Milan
Udinese - Lazio

This may well prove to be the deciding week. Juventus have it easier than the others as they take on Chievo at home. Roma have the though task of dispatching the title elect in Milan. Meanwhile, Lazio must go to Udine in another European six-pointer for the biancocelesti.

Week 37:

Catania - Roma
Chievo - Udinese
Lazio - Genoa
Parma - Juventus

We welcome (not sure welcome is the right word here, what about tolerate?) Ballardini back in Rome and hopefully we give him the best of send offs in the form of zero points. Roma, Udinese and Juventus all have away ties which are winnable, but rather difficult nonetheless.

Week 38:

Juventus - Napoli
Lecce - Lazio
Roma - Sampdoria
Udinese - Milan

At this stage of the season, you really want to take on a side with nothing to fight for. Hence, we can only hope Lecce are sitting pretty in mid-table whilst Sampdoria are embroiled in the toughest of relegation battles. We could also do with the Scudetto race being open and with Milan and Napoli as contenders. Wishful thinking aside, it is a particularly nice round for Roma and we will certainly have sights set on three points too.

Who would you make favourites?

(Cathal Mullan)

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