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  04/04/2011: President Lotito told referees can make mistakes
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As Lazio fans moan and groan and continue to debate Sunday's refereeing debacle, the discussion between the various parties has intensified.

Marcello Nicchi, president of the Italian Referees has hit out at Lotito:

"I will not enter into discussion over details. Nothing was decided. Taking this matter to the courts requires bravery. If, as I believe, that there is no problem, we must let this go."

"Football is a business and there are public companies I know but this is not the referee's problem. We must be clear and tell the people in football that no results are certainties and mistakes from players and referees can happen."

"Fate played its part yesterday. In Naples, we all saw that the ball crossed the line (referring to Brocchi's spectacular effort that would have made it 3-2 to Lazio) but only after seeing a replay on TV."

Speak for yourself Marcello, but you might want to visit the opticians.

Meanwhile, President Lotito is denying he ever said the season should end and the final table calculated. That's not to say he is taking it all back:

"Calcio was once romantic but with the financial fair play rules to come into force, the 25 million euro of the Champions League is huge for us, a company. We want consistent decison-making."

"Calcio has changed and we must change the rules accordingly. They say these things even out over the course of a season but if you watch Lazio games, you don't see these things even out for us."

"I support the use of technology but there is no need for it on that goal (the Brocchi shot) as it was a metre behind the line."

Declining to speak specifically about the penalty, Lotito did say the following:

"Biava's red added insult to injury. We have received two penalties when others have received 13 or 14."

Napoli president, Aurelio De Laurentiis has taken an understandably diplomatic stance:

"I believe we obtained the result sportingly and not in suspicious circumstances. Maybe some mistakes favoured some more than others but unless we change the rules, this will always be the case."

"Lotito has branded Cavani a diver. There is always a bit of theatre in calcio. Lotito thinks Cavani did wrong but I know Cavani's moral integrity and he has no desire to cheat or mock the opponent."

"Lotito's annoyance is understandable but not regarding Cavani. He has spoken out of place."

(Cathal Mullan)

That's the best anwesr of all time! JMHO 4/28/2011 7:34:34 PM
That's the best anwesr of all time! JMHO
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