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  06/06/2013: Brocchi: "Return to Lazio as manager"
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Brocchi spoke to lalaziosiamonoi  and reflected on his 5 years at Lazio and revealed his plans for the future.

Here in Rome, you have always been loved by the Lazio fans. Did you ever imagine that you would forge such an intense relationship with the fans?

"It was more than I could have hoped for. I knew I was no longer young but I was convinced that I still felt good and could give a lot. I always try to live up to my expectations and am happy to have gained so many important results here."


128 appearances, 3 goals, 5 years with Lazio. There are many things to remember, let's start at the end, how did you enjoy the Derby?

"I would have suffered before the game. I could not imagine such tension for a player. During the match I actually felt the opposite, I was calm because I knew Lazio could win it! I had alot of faith in the boys and they deserved it. At the final whistle I had an undescribable  joy as we realised what we had done. This victory will be a point from which to build on".


Lazio in the second half of the season lost many points which cost them the Champions League. What do you think happened?

"We know that some mistakes were made. We must try to learn form our mistakes in order to improve, since we are a large group. Unfortunately we suffered some unpredictable factors such as injuries. When you lose 2 or 3 major players in the most delicate part of the season then it is natural that you will suffer the consequences. We were also penalised as some players were not in the best shape. Despite everything we won the cup, which is so important to us, and shows that this team is strong!"


What were the best and worst moments of your career?

"Perhaps the moment of my injury. That day I realised I wouldn't play again despite trying to recover. Sportingly speaking though, the defeat against Napoli is the game which hurts the most. They took what we deserved! The best? This Coppa is likened to a Champions League because emotionally speaking it was something unimaginable!"


It is said this Lazio lacks a leader, do you think that is so?

"I think the word leader has always been used too literally. It only counts how we can convey the team in the decisive moments. Everyone can be a leader if he can give the team his full ability."


You want to pursue a career as a coach? Is there anyone you that you carry around as a reference figure?

"I must say, I've had many great coaches in my career. Overall Prandelli who from Serie C taught me so much on a tactical level and self-sacrafice. He believed in me during the most difficult time in my career when I was at Milan not playing much. He had faith in me and took me to Florence and I will always be grateful for that."


What will you do? Will you return to Milan?

"I will be working with the boys to gain experience. Ofcourse one day I would like to coach in Serie A and maybe return to Lazio as coach. Now I want to enjoy my children."


Author: Giannino Capaldi
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