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  05/04/2011: Lazio: The biggest victim of referees
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Lazio has so far played 31 games, in 12 of those games, Lazio has had incidents with referees.

We will list below the 17 mistakes that occured:

1. Samprodria-Lazio, the referee is Romeo. In the first half at0-0 Lucchini fouls on Zarate in the area. No Penalty was given.

2. Lazio-Fiorentina, the referee is Damato, a non existent penalty is given against Lazio.

3. Lazio-Roma, the referee being Morganti. There are two correct penalties that have not been awarded to Lazio, the first one when Simplicio blocks the ball with his hand and prevented Foggia's cross and the foul of Riise on Mauri. In the Second penalty for Roma, Baptista fouls Stendardo before entering the penalty area.

4. Lazio-Napoli, the referee Bergonzi. Lazio were denied two penalties. In the first half Floccari was fouled by Grava, and in the second half the same Grava fouls Bresciano.

5. Lazio-Catania, the referee being Gava. All the wasted time by Catania which was allowed by poor refereeing resulted in only three minutes of stoppage time. In the second half Alvarez fouls Floccari in the area.

6. Genoa-Lazio, the referee being Romeo. Rafinha touches the ball with his hand inside the area after a cross from Hernanes, the referee rules it outside.

7. Milan-Lazio, the Referee being Damato. In the second half, Sculli was stopped in a one on one situation despite the fact that there was no offise.

8. Lazio-Chievo, the referee being Baracani. Cesar`s goal that made it 1-1 is not regular, because he pushed Diad from behind

9. Cagliari-Lazio - the referee being Russo.Acquafresca from offside position enters the box and provoces Dias to score an own goal.

10. Lazio-Palermo, the referee being Gava. Penalty not given to Lazio after a foul by Munoz on Floccari.

11. Lazio-Cesena, the referee being Giannoccaro. Penalty not awarded to Lazio after Von Bergen fouls Gonzalez.

12. Napoli-Lazio, the referee being Banti. A disallowed goal by Brocchi, a penalty awarded after a dive by Cavani and a very absurd red card for Biava. And even Napoli's second goal came when Cavani moved from an offside position.

The 3 mistakes given in favor of Lazio:

1. Lazio-Lecce, the referee being Pierpaoli. Mauri's goal was offside.

2. Lazio-Palermo, the referee being Gava. Sculli scored the second goal from an offside position.

3. Lazio-Cesena, the referee being Giannoccaro. Penalty not awarded to Cesena after Garrido fouls Lauro.

We at LazioLand are not using the above to attack, but all we ask is that justice must be served in football. The fans, the clubs, and the whole sport is being a victim of mistakes. We wish that something can be done.

(Mahyar Yahfoufi & Amir)
Felix Wijaya 4/6/2011 9:16:32 AM
Couldn't Agree More.....
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