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  13/06/2013: Kozak: "I would prefer a smaller team"
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Libor Kozak spoke to about his season. The Czech was somewhat of an enigma this year, finding it difficult in Serie A but finishing the season as top scorer in the Europa League.

How do you judge your season?
"It's complicated to explain. In Serie A I played less than I expected but I missed alot of easy chances. I don't know what the problem was, maybe it was mental. I was really sad at one point in the season, I kept thinking that I could not score. I'm sorry I didn't do well in the league."

In Europe however, you managed to do well
"The level is higher in Italy, there is much more competition. Could I have scored more goals? Honestly I would have traded some for Serie A goals."

So you would have given up your title of Europe's top scorer for some goals in the league?
"Without a doubt being top scorer was a great achievement. I am very pleased, espescially for my self asteem. Though I would like to establish myself in Serie A. I would be happy to trade half the European goals for Serie A goals."

You came 7th in the league, behind Roma, but took revenge in the Coppa. Do you think it was a disappointing season?
" Surely in the league we expected to do more. But the victory in the final was fantastic and has changed the outlook on the season."

What was it like to live in Rome during this?
"The city began to feel it a month and a half before the game. The Giallorossi players have cried while we have enjoyed it so much."

Are you disappointed you didn't play?
"No, I was happy for the win. One day I hope to live a similar moment on the field rather than the bench but I am happy for the victory. We toured the city on a bus surrounded by fans, it was something unique."

The Derby was your last game for Lazio?
"I'm on vacation now but I always keep my phone on because I want to know what awaits me in the future. Certainly there are developments but I want to play with continuity, I think I would benefit from it."

Do you think it will be complicated for you to find space in this team?
"I have a contract for two more years, I want to play more often to become an important part of the team. I want to take to the field again, I only started 5 times this year."

Would you rather go to a smaller club?
"Sometimes I felt important but not often. I would prefer to go to a small team so I could show more of myself."

How is the relationship and situation with Petkovic?
"He talks alot to us. Nobody is happy to go on the bench but I told him I would if he needed me to."

When will start preparing for the next season?
"Everything will resume immediately. We will all meet in mid-July while we wait for the Italian Supercup. Let's see if I'm on the field."
Author: Giannino Capaldi
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