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  02/09/2013: LIVE: Transfer Deadline Day
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23:55 CET - The window has been closed for 55 minutes now and there is no point kidding ourselves that something unexpected might happen. If Lazio want or need a striker, they will have to browse the free agent list. There is no other option. Once again, deadline day ends in disappointment for Laziali, but I hope you all found our updates useful. Until next time... Forza Lazio!

23:37 CET -
In truth, there were no real surprises today. Kozak to Aston Villa was nailed on this morning and Rozzi to Real and Berisha to Lazio were virtually complete. Bizzarri to Genoa was always in the pipeline no matter how much Genoa tried to deny it and Yilmaz to Lazio was always precarious. However, there was genuine enthusiasm among journalists that Galatasaray, Lazio and Yilmaz wanted this deal and somehow, once again, it came to nothing. Explanations are required.

23:30 CET - S.S. Lazio have confirmed the following sales/loans; Perpetuini (Salernitana), Vilkaitis (Nocerina), Adeleke (Biel), Rozzi (Real Madrid), Ceccarelli (Feralpi Salò) and Bizzarri (Genoa).

23:20 CET -
Still no confirmation on Bizzarri, but no reason to not expect it to go through.

23:00 CET -
The transfer window is now closed. We now wait to hear if Bizzarri does indeed leave for Genoa. To recap today's events, Kozak has moved to Aston Villa while Etrit Berisha and Brayan Perea have joined our ranks. Rozzi to Real Madrid Castilla is anticipated but has yet to be confirmed.

22:57 CET -
Bizzarri will sign for Genoa. Contracts are being deposited with minutes to go.

22:55 CET -
Well, this is a surprise. Sculli is set to be reinstated after Igli Tare spent the final few minutes of the transfer window clearing the air with his agent, Alessandro Moggi.

22:50 CET -
10 minutes to go and the close of the transfer window surely cannot come quick enough.

22:43 CET -
Chievo have confirmed that they will continue to dispute Etrit Berisha's transfer to Lazio and will ask the league and/or FIFA to cancel the Lazio deal. That will make Lazio think twice about letting Bizzarri go to Genoa.

22:41 CET -
Armando Calveri admits that Bizzarri's move to Genoa is not done with 20 minutes left to go. No developments on Gilardino. Probably not in the pipeline.

22:37 CET -
Today's drama reads a lot like an Adam Sandler movie script; predictable, chaotic, ultimately not worth your time but you cannot help but laugh at the stupidity of it all nevertheless.

22:28 CET -
Keep it quiet, but, with Conte halting the Gilardino-Borriello-Quagliarella deal, is there a slim chance that Gilardino might yet end up at Lazio?

22:27 CET -
Bizzarri to Genoa is on. With just over 30 minutes to go, both Lazio and Genoa are trying to push the deal through. I've always thought this deal would be on the cards today but surprised at how it has come about. Nothing is ever predictable where Lotito and Preziosi are concerned.

22:25 CET -
Lorenzo Vassalli, another kid from Siena, is close to joining Lazio.

22:10 CET -
Not a transfer rumour anymore, but it is believed that Genoa made a last ditch attempt to snatch Sergio Floccari today only to be promptly told where to go.

22:08 CET -
Less than an hour to go and Lazio are still trying to send Aurimas Vilkaitis off on loan which is turning out to be the highlight of the day (sadly). Nocerina are now the frontrunners and that deal looks set to go through.

21:55 CET -
Not exactly news this, but apparently it is - Antonio Conte does not want Quagliarella to go. I was under the impression Conte wanted nobody to go and I don't understand how Roma's deal for Quagliarella can be blocked with only an hour to go. Bizarre. Did Conte just teleport into the middle of negotiations wearing a big ass cape? Don't get it.

21:52 CET -
Many thanks to Markus for his list of free agents. If Santa Cruz hadn't been snapped up by Malaga, I would say he'd be the first guy Lotito would call. From those that are still free agents, nobody really stands out. Purely speculative stuff at this point though.

21:45 CET -
Roberto Galeazzi arrives from Polisportiva to sign for Lazio Primavera. If only we put this much work into the first team, this news would seem like a welcome bonus but at the moment, it adds insult to injury.

21:43 CET -
Beppe Bozzo has told the media at the ATAHotel that he will remain at the hotel for another 45 minutes to try and push through Quagliarella's transfer to Roma, but he admits it is complicated. With no Tare in sight, however, I am 99% sure we cannot secure Quagliarella and I've been that certain all day really.

21:34 CET -
Anyone got a comprehensive list of free agents? Remember, we signed Louis Saha in February having let go of Tommaso Rocchi at the end of the window. Presuming we cannot coerce Saha out of retirement, and presuming that we don't particularly want to, who is available?

21:22 CET -
Knock, knock. Who's there? Nobody. There's nothing to report, probably because nothing is happening and it might be time to face up to the facts. Makes you wonder whether Lotito's 'Monday signing' was intended to be Berisha or Perea. Or did he surpass his own expectations in landing both? 

21:09 CET -
A little more on the Kozak situation. In February, Lotito turned down a 6 million euro bid from Dinamo Moscow and the logic was that it would leave Lazio short of options at the time. Kozak did not understand the decision and expressed his surprise. What's different this time around for Lotito? Kozak has left, Perea arrives, Rozzi almost certainly going out on loan. Numerically, the same as what we would have had at our disposal had we sold Kozak in February. In terms of class though, yes Tare rates Perea highly, but it's Rozzi who is going to Real Madrid. 

21:00 CET -
Two hours to go and Lazio have pretty much run out of time and options. Quagliarella looks set to join Rome for 5 million euro. Under normal circumstances, you would say Lazio could bid 6 million and hijack the deal, but it's a complex agreement between Juventus, Genoa and Roma which will take an incredible offer to break up.

20:56 CET -
Libor Kozak tells the media that what was most important to him was the fact that Lambert wanted him at the club and had no qualms about having a player with his characteristics. Reading between the lines, Kozak has left because of Petkovic. 

20:51 CET -
Salernitana confirm the capture of Riccardo Perpetuini on loan. Perpetuini had hoped to secure a move to Serie B this season but it was not to be.

20:45 CET -
It looks like Genoa still want Borriello after signing Stoian and Calaio already today. A bit bizarre, but that should see Gilardino move to Juventus and Quagliarella to Roma leaving Lazio with no remaining options unless Tare has a rabbit and a hat hidden somewhere.

20:35 CET -
I am very divided on Quagliarella. On one hand, he has so much talent that he could very easily improve as he gets older with some regular playing time. On the other hand, with Hernanes, Candreva and Quagliarella vying for shooting supremacy, Lotito may want to ask Lega Calcio if he can relocate the goals into Curva Nord and Curva Sud.

20:33 CET -
Finally S.S. Lazio announce the sale of Libor Kozak and the acquisitions of Etrit Berisha and Brayan Perea. Curiously, no confirmation of Rozzi's move to Real Madrid B. Considering the timing, the statement doesn't inspire confidence in further market activity.

20:24 CET -
In all the madness, Gonzalo Bergessio's name was sweeped under the carpet. Not anymore, as Catania insist that he's going nowhere.

20:22 CET -
Calaio has joined Genoa. Improves our chances with Quagliarella as Roma are stuck with Borriello, but it's now Quagliarella or nobody. Very, very worrying. 

20:16 CET -
Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert has revealed that they were chasing Libor Kozak all summer. Lazio have had three months to bring in a replacement and they have left themselves with 3 hours to get a deal done. Not good enough.

20:09 CET -
Tare's verdict on Matavz? 'No chance'. Awesome...

20:08 CET -
Quagliarella wants Roma, however, Genoa now want Stoian rather than Borriello which casts a large shadow over the Quagliarella-Roma transfer. 

20:05 CET -
Kozak's transfer fee? Much less than what was speculated. Less than 6 million euro.

20:01 CET -
3 hours to go. Matavz looking very much like the plan B. Quagliarella move just looks baffling now and Calaio just looks desperate. Are any of these guys an upgrade on Kozak though?

19:55 CET -
Tommaso Ceccarelli goes to FeralpiSalò in Serie C on loan while Riccardo Perpetuini looks set to re-join Salerno.

19:46 CET - And while all that is apparently going on, Aston Villa have confirmed the signing of Libor Kozak.

19:44 CET -
Difficult to keep track of things now. Lazio have reportedly submitted a bid for Quagliarella and are keeping abreast of Calaio's situation but more interestingly, Tare is reported to be in a hotel in Milan (not the ATAHotel) talking to Federico Pastorello - the agent of Tim Matavz. Watch this space.

19:16 CET -
At this rate, Lazio will have little option but to register Igli Tare as Libor Kozak's replacement. According to the British press, Kozak has been talking to Aston Villa all day long. My guess is that the deal is on hold and we all know why.

19:14 CET -
Gilardino closes in on a move to Juventus, which has enabled Roma to talk to Quagliarella. I cannot see any way of muscling in on this deal.

19:03 CET -
I wouldn't get my hopes up though as Turkish media claim that Yilmaz simply has no interest in going to Lazio. Now they tell us. 

18:59 CET -
The Quagliarella rumour continues to do the rounds at the ATAHotel, but unless Igli Tare suddenly wades into the building with several bags of gold coins, it will be a tough transfer to execute. There is, however, a potential twist - rumours of Perea going on loan in Portugal which would allow Yilmaz to sign for Lazio. This is where we need the rule book.

18:54 CET -
Both Lazio and Galatasaray made it clear - there was never an agreement. With Libor Kozak supposedly waiting in Birmingham to sign for Aston Villa, Lazio are surely not done. We have very little time to draft in a forward, but the club cannot leave Petkovic with only two serious options in attack in Miroslav Klose and Sergio Flcocari. At the very least, Lazio need to be seen making an effort to address the issue.

18:52 CET -  
The Italian media claim that the deal for Yilmaz was scuppered because of Burak Yilmaz's agent's demands. Although the request for a 2 million euro pay off is ludicrous if true, it's difficult to believe that after days of negotiating and with a deal worth 15-20 million on the table, Lazio would suddenly throw in the towel in a fit of rage. 

18:44 CET -
Everything is up in the air now but it seems clear that Lazio have only sent Calveri to ATAHotel today because they were not intending to negotiate heavily with fellow Serie A clubs. Despite what the media says, that surely rules out a deal for Quagliarella at this very late stage. If it's true that Lazio are present in Istanbul, then a late bid for Moussa Sow may be Lotito's only shot at redemption.

18:32 CET -
The other day, Petkovic told Eurosport in Turkey that Yilmaz is numero uno, but he also likes Moussa Sow. It is now reported in Turkey that the club Stankevicius is close to signing for is Fenerbahce and he's got  8 million euro at the ready to secure the Senegalese forward who rather handily has a French passport.

18:28 CET -
TMW speculate that Lazio will now look to sign Fabio Quagliarella having missed out on Yilmaz. A very obvious rumour at this stage of the game, but surely we have to replace Libor Kozak with someone who can fill his boots immediately. The jury is out on the Czech forward, but 22 goals in 79 games, many of which were substitute appearances, says something about him and Lotito may need to open the Czech book if he wants to fight on all fronts this season.

18:25 CET -
We've had our fair share of disappointments in the past, but there can be nothing as anticlimactic as signing a player you thought you signed seven months ago, except now, he is a fatter specimen. Perea has had no pre-season and will need several weeks to get into the desired shape.

18:23 CET -
The rumours in Serie A are quickly fizzing out. The biggest move of the day may well involve Quagliarella, but to Roma rather than Lazio. That's the one to keep an eye on. It also remains to be seen if Kozak actually transfers to Aston Villa now that Yilmaz will not be moving to Rome.  

18:19 CET -
Moving swiftly on. Quagliarella, anyone?

18:15 CET -
The Lega Calcio website also shows that Lazio have signed a young player for the Primavera, Daniele Antonacci. The player arrives from Ostia on loan.

18:12 CET - BREAKING NEWS: Yilmaz's deal is off. Brayan Perea's contract has been deposited with Lega Calcio. He will take the final non-EU spot and all that remains is for Lazio to announce the signing.

18:08 CET -
A strong rumour is circulating that Brayan Perea's Lazio contract is being deposited which would bring the whole Burak Yilmaz saga to an abrupt end.

18:00 CET -
5 hours to go. No physical signs of a breakthrough for Yilmaz but it sounds as though Libor Kozak is about to leave the building for somewhere in the region of 6.5-9 million euro. It would be a fair price. Does that signal the arrival of a new striker? I think it does, but that could very easily be Brayan Perea.

17:50 CET -
As for Libor Kozak, he is reportedly at Aston Villa's training ground waiting to sign for the club.

17:48 CET -
Gianluca Di Marzio appears to be covering his tracks now. Lazio have an agreement with Yilmaz, but just in case he's wrong, they are keeping an eye on Quagliarella's situation. 

17:39 CET -
Europsort in Turkey just contacted Sukru Ergun, a director at Galatasaray and they were promptly told that there is no agreement between the clubs until Lazio cough up 18 million euro. 

17:32 CET -
Igli Tare is keeping an unusually low profile today. I wonder did he catch his flight this morning? Joking aside, it's clear Lazio's priorities do not lie in Milan.

17:25 CET -
It is also reported that Lotito is 'on the rampage' after Egesel's requests. They really do make it sound very dramatic. It sounds as though there's some WWE-style theatrics going on with Lotito running around wielding a steel chair, taking aim at Egesel's face when they are most likely just sitting down and carrying on with the conversation.

17:23 CET -
According to Lotito, there is no deal with Galatasaray. It wouldn't be the first time that the gun has been jumped. Ali Egesel, Yilmaz's agent, wants a 2 million euro fee to complete the transfer. They say agents are ruining the game - Egesel may just ruin our day. 

17:19 CET -
If there is any truth to the Yilmaz agreement at all, then 'contract guy' Armando Calveri should really piss off home for the day. You've been sent to the ATAHotel in Milan to send Aurimas Vilkaitis to Sorrento while everyone else spends the day sampling Turkish cuisine while twisting some Galatasaray arms. Don't stand for it, Armando!

17:16 CET - Correction (see 17:11 CET) 
If 2.9 million euro a year sounded a bit steep to you, well, perhaps it is. Lazio's salary cap currently stands at 2.2 million euro per annum and some sources are suggesting that is all Yilmaz will earn. Minor details that could make a big difference when Stankevicius [edit] knocks on Claudio's door and asks for parity. 

17:15 CET -
I chose Hernanes for my example there as he is arguably our most valuable player and is expected to negotiate a new contract providing he lasts another 6 hours in Rome. I could have plucked any name out of thin air for that example. What's that you say? I should have used Stankevicius?

17:11 CET -
If 2.9 million euro a year sounded a bit steep to you, well, perhaps it is. Lazio's salary cap currently stands at 2.2 million euro per annum and some sources are suggesting that is all Yilmaz will earn. Minor details that could make a big difference when Hernanes knocks on Claudio's door and asks for parity. 

17:00 CET -
There is one obstacle - Lazio have yet to agree a fee with Yilmaz's agent and we all know how much Lotito likes agents. Hopefully the news is true and hopefully after agreeing to splash 15+ million euro, Lotito doesn't get too crafty with Burak's agent.

16:58 CET - BREAKING NEWS: According to transfer guru Gianluca Di Marzio, an agreement for Yilmaz has been found. 15 million euro + bonuses and a 5-year deal woth 2.9 million euro per season.

16:54 CET -
If things don't start moving soon, things ain't going to move. Simple as that. It is a very quiet day at the ATAHotel for Lazio, either because we are negotiating with foreign clubs or because we don't intend on carrying out many negotiations. No updates on Vilkaitis' situation and with all due respect to the kid, I'm sure that's not high up on your priority of updates.

16:44 CET -  
More whispers from ATAHotel - Mairus Stankevicius is in advanced talks with a Turkish club, but it's not Galatasaray. 

16:39 CET -
One can only be buoyed by the opinions that experts of the game hold on Yilmaz and his potential signing is much more than a simple footballing decision. The amount of money involved would send a message out that, despite raking in less of the TV rights money than Juventus, Inter, AC, Napoli and Roma, Lazio are still able to compete with the best of them. There is no doubt that Yilmaz to Lazio would be the signing of the day should it go through and it will be noticed not just in Italy, but across Europe.

16:26 CET -
FIFA agent Claudio Anellucci believes Lazio will sign Yilmaz before the close of the window, believing that Galatasaray's decision to send a delegate to Rome was a sign that they want to close out a deal. When asked about Gilardino or Quagliarella being viable alternatives to the Turkish intenrational, Annellucci scoffed at the suggestion, saying that it was a joke to compare either player to Yilmaz in terms of ability. Interesting.

16:20 CET -
The Yilmaz saga is a high stakes game of chicken as it stands. Lazio are not budging and Galatasaray see no reason to give in to Lazio's offer with six-and-a-half hours to go. Quagliarella looks closer to Roma than anywhere else at the moment as their Director of Sport, Walter Sabatini was spotted in conversation with Genoa's president, Enrico Prezioisi. The idea being to offload Borriello and then take Quagliarella on board.

16:10 CET -
Negotiations for the sale of Vilkaitis continue at the ATAHotel. No real progress with the deal as time ticks by.

16:06 CET -
Having signed Joshua Guilavogui this morning, Atletico Madrid's interest in Burak Yilmaz surely waned but how quickly things change in football. Monaco have made a massive offer for Adrian Lopez - an offer Atletico are willing to accept should they find a suitable replacement in a matter of hours. Could they re-enter the race for Yilmaz? Can we even call it a race anymore?

16:00 CET -
7 hours remaining and not much has changed since ATAHotel opened for business. On Quagliarella and Bergessio, I am not convinced either player will leave their respective clubs. Yes, Juventus want to sell Quagliarella but for the right price. They are not absolutely loaded on attacking options and there should be no immediate rush to sell someone as technically-gifted as Quagliarella. Meanwhile Catania have had a terrible start to the season and will be semi-concerned about being dragged into a relegation battle. Can't see them letting Bergessio go at such short notice.

15:52 CET -
Chievo are close to securing the signing of Emmanuele Calaio and I'm breathing a massive sigh of relief - great player in Serie B, below average in Serie A. 

15:45 CET -
Lazio are finally negotiating at the ATAHotel and about time. General secretary or 'contract guy' as he is now known to me has left our negotiating room and the signs are that Vilkaitis will join Sorrento. Hopefully that is not the only action Calveri will be involved in today. The lack of negotiations at the ATAHotel and the apparent absence of Tare suggests that we are still negotiating for Yilmaz or to get rid of Kozak.

15:34 CET -
I might have jinxed matters there. I said it was hotting up, but it's all gone a bit calm again. We are all used to the disappointment but Lotito, Tare, Petkovic and the gang are giving us very little to get excited about. Calaio? Bergessio? Come on boys, give us something worth talking about. A 5 million euro bid for Messi's left arm? 2 million for CR7's big toe? Come on!

15:24 CET -
Regarding Bergessio, Roma are also said to be keen if rumours within the ATAHotel are to be believed. It's hotting up.

15:22 CET
- Regarding Quagliarella, if Lotito wants to do business then Juventus' terms should be no obstacle but Fabio's demands may be a stumbling block - it is believed Lazio would offer a 5-year deal and 1.5 million euro a year which may not tick all his boxes. 

15:16 CET -
Lastest from Galatasaray is that they are not going to sign Bruma from Sporting Lisbon after he failed a medical and despite showing an interest in recent days, Alvaro Pereira doesn't excite them anymore either. As the hours go by, Yilmaz looks further and further away as Galatasaray have less and less reasons to cash in.

15:07 CET -
According to whispers within the ATAHotel, Lazio's back-up plan for Yilmaz is neither Quagliarella or Calaio but Catania's Gonzalo Bergessio. Linked with the club a few weeks ago, the Argentine is an intriguing option. By intriuging, I mean that he's ok, but he hardly inspires enthusiasm.

15:00 CET
- 8 hours to go. The clock is properly ticking now and as time goes by, you have to think that this rather underwhelming deadline day has to come to life. It just has to. As Lazio look set to let Kozak and Rozzi depart, the club surely must bring in a striker with only Klose, Floccari and maybe Perea on board.

14:48 CET -
So to recap, Libor Kozak is expected to depart Lazio for Aston Villa while Rozzi looks like he has just joined Real Madrid, albeit their reserve side, on loan. Meanwhile, Lazio's pursuit of Burak Yilmaz has stalled with Fabio Quagliarella and Emmanuele Calaio as possible alternatives.

14:42 CET -
Anyone got any good jokes, or is our mercato the best one going?

14:38 CET
- In the next few hours, Quagliarella will feel a lot like an antique vase. It's going to be an auction but the question on our lips is whether we choose to be a part of it or not? According to The Guardian newspaper, West Ham are showing their hand offering 300,000 euro for a one-year loan. Lotito might fancy his chances here.

14:32 CET -
A month ago, it was reported that Mika-Mario Rokavec would join up with Lazio Primavera but as yet, it is not entirely official. That is expected to change today, paving the way for Vilkaitis to move to Sorrento or elsewhere.

14:28 CET -
Yilmaz, once branded a 'mercenary' by Lazio, is due a cut of any offer Galatasaray accept for him and according to Lig TV, Trabsonzpor are entitled to receive 33% of the profit on any sale. If the offer is insufficient as the Turkish media claims, then you can understand why Galatasaray's president intimated that it will take more than a million or two to unlock the deal.

14:23 CET -
It's all gone very quiet on Yilmaz with some reports in Turkey suggesting that the deal is a no go. Lazio's latest offer is reported to be between 13 and 15 million euro but as Igli Tare stated earlier, there's no movement.

14:18 CET -
Genoa's DS has revealed that Gilardino is very unlikely to end up at Lazio, but he refused to comment on the likelihood of the striker joining Juventus. Cross Gilardino off your list. Ain't happening.

14:07 CET
- The latest rumours suggest Kozak's transfer to Aston Villa will be worth 6.5 million and not a penny more. No bonuses.  

14:03 CET -
A day for the forgotten men to grab some of the spotlight. Alessandro Di Mario, the once fairly prolific Lazio Primavera forward is on his way out of the club at the age of 22 as he seeks to embark on an amateur career in Serie D. How ironic on the day when Rozzi is set to join arguably Europe's biggest club.

13:58 CET -
Lazio are disseminating Antonio Rozzi's goodbye message, although according to the player himself, it is more 'goodbye for now' than goodbye. That would suggest that Rozzi is indeed a Real Madrid Castilla player but we still await the official confirmation. 

13:53 CET -
Libor Kozak's proposed transfer to Aston Villa is now making the news in the UK. Transfer fee is around the 8 million euro mark. It just needs the green light.

13:46 CET -
Is 9 hours enough for us to raise 1 million euro? Happy to fork out every last penny I have for Yilmaz to avoid the indignity of signing Calaio.

13:40 CET -
A new name for the forward line, and you might want to look away now because it's not pretty. Seriously, look away. No? Emmanuele Calaio. I'm going to try and pretend that I didn't just type that but Emmanuele's brother Umberto is hinting that his sibling is the Yilmaz fallback. 

13:38 CET 
- Player agent Vincenzo Morabito has thrown a panther amonst the pigeons by declaring that the money from Kozak's sale will be pumped directly into the transfer of Fabio Quagliarella.

13:31 CET -
Aurimas Vilkaitis has been offered to Sorrento. 

13:29 CET -
And despite TMW suggesting that Genoa were about to do a u-turn on Bizzarri, the goalkeeper's agent Matteo Materazzi has once again said that Bizzarri is simply not going to be a part of any negotiations today.

13:28 CET -
FIFA agent Federico Spada has said that Brayan Perea is training in Colombia and will remain with Deportivo Cali for one more season if Yilmaz joins Lazio.

13:19 CET
- Alfaro's agent is now discussing business with Reggina. This is the first concrete Lazio-related item to emerge from the ATAHotel and could it be any more underwhelming? 

13:12 CET -
Emiliano Alfaro. Remember him? The Uruguayan forward is linked with Reggina and his agent is hoping to sit down with Lazio this afternoon and see where his client's future lies. Anywhere but Lazio is probably the answer to that question.

13:10 CET -
Schalke have placed Ciprian Marica on their transfer list. He looks set to move to another Bundesliga side in the next few hours. Lazio's striker options are dwindling and with no further developments on Libor Kozak's future, it seems likely that Kozak's future depends on the Yilmaz deal.

13:05 CET -
Nearing lunch time and you have to wonder how many people are going to take a working lunch at the ATAHotel, given that nobody seems to have done anything all morning. It's still all systems go for Yilmaz with 10 hours until the window slams shut.

13:01 CET -
Sampdoria have denied any interest in Bizzarri.

12:58 CET -
According to TMW, and contrary to what was reported about 15 minutes ago, Genoa are now keen on Bizzarri again. I cannot help but think Bizzarri goes to Genoa if Berisha signs for Lazio. Why would we bring in the Albanian stopper if we are not intent on relocating the Argentine? Something has got to give.

12:54 CET -  
Documents are being prepared for Brayan Perea, according to Sky Sports. Lazio have no intention of signing him today, but they are preparing for the possibility of the Yilmaz deal falling through.

12:48 CET -
Lazio have a room booked on the first floor at the ATAHotel. Presumably, the room is booked to do some business and hopefully that business will get underway in the next hour or so. Franco Zavaglia - perhaps Claudio Lotito's favourite player agent - has said that he is unaware of Lazio's plans for the day. You and me both, mate.

12:47 CET -
The Spanish press reckon that Galatasaray have no other option but to sell Yilmaz to Lazio, given the player's desire to move to a top European league.

12:45 CET -
Gilardino to Juventus looks more and more likely by the second, which begs the question - where is Quagliarella going?

12:41 CET
- Bizzarri to Genoa will not be happening according to their Director of Sport, Daniele Delli Carri.

12:34 CET -
Joshua Guilavogui has signed for Atletico Madrid. Unlikely that they will now continue their pursuit of Burak Yilmaz. Tare's locked doors may well be opening.

12:32 CET -
Galatasaray have announced on their official website that they have begun negotiations with Sporting Lisbon for their 18 year-old wonderkid winger, Bruma. In other words, Galatasaray are signing Bruma. I wonder where the money will come from...

12:28 CET -
Ulisses Savini, the agent of Luis Pedro Cavanda and ex-Lazio defender Mobido Diakite' is filling the silence at the ATAHotel by suggesting Konko will have to win his place back from Cavanda when fit. Really? Really?? Now seems like a good time to note Lazio's desperation to offload Bruno Pereirinha now that Cavanda has signed a new deal. Pereirinha is being offered to every president and owner with a pulse. 

12:20 CET -
In Germany, teams must submit a list of players they intend on negotiating for by noon. Those lists would have been submitted 20 minutes ago and a full list is currently being compiled. If any of our players are to move to the Bundesliga, they must be on that list and the deal must be concluded by 6pm CET.

12:09 CET -
To clear up some confusion I might have caused earlier. The window closes at 11pm CET in Italy, but at 12am CET in England and Spain. Therefore we have 11 hours to bring players to Lazio but an extra hour to send Kozak to Aston Villa and/or Rozzi to Real. We will have time to wait until the dying seconds on Yilmaz before making a call on whether to give the green light to Kozak and Rozzi's moves.

12:00 CET
- Only 11 hours to go and as yet, nothing official has taken place. Rozzi to Real Madrid Castilla on loan looks done and dusted but it has not been announced and Etrit Berisha belongs to somebody, we're just not sure who yet. Not very encouraging but it is like that for fans of all Serie A clubs, unless of course you are an AC Milan fan who has re-emerged back on earth after a five-year absence and missed Kaka turn into a piss poor player.

11:54 CET -
Armando Calveri arrives at the ATAHotel. His official title is 'general secretary' but to you and me, he is that guy that does all the contract stuff.

11:50 CET -
Igli Tare has said that the Yilmaz deal is at a standstill while Galatasaray's president has said that 1-2 million more will not be the difference in reaching an agreement or not - the offer is not good enough and anyway, it's not about the offer as Galatasaray must act in the best interests of Burak. If Unal Aysal is not playing games, then he is surely schizophrenic.

11:40 CET -
Ciani and Ederson's agent Antonio Caliendo has revealed that Brazilian clubs asked about Ederson's availability, but the player is not for sale. Caliendo did admit, however, that if Ederson cannot break the team now after another thrashing by Juventus, then it is an unacceptable situation which must be addressed. Seems clear that Ederson stays for now, but January could be interesting. As for Ciani, Caliendo has said that the only person who knows about his future is Igli Tare. There is definitely some tension there.

11:33 CET -
According to Sky Sports, 1 million euro is the difference between Yilmaz joning Lazio and remaining at Galatasaray.

11:30 CET
- Cagliari are making a last ditch attempt to sign Marco Capuano from Pescara as they look to move Astori on. It seems clear that Lazio will not invest in the defence now that Ciani seems set to stay.

11:27 CET
- Pescara President, Daniele Sebastiani has revealed that Pescara were interested in signing Giuseppe Sculli but could not take him to the club as Lazio and Sculli are embroiled in a pay dispute. Sebastiani admits that he would still be keen to take Sculli to Serie B if the situation changes.

11:21 CET -
Speaking of Bizzarri, his agent Matteo Materazzi is present at the ATAHotel and has said that he expects Bizzarri to remain at Lazio as there is little interest among Serie A clubs for him. Given Berisha's contractual dispute, that might not be a bad thing.

11:18 CET -
There are two items that are surely on the agenda for the ATAHotel today. I would be surprised if Lazio do not at least attempt to sign Antonio Candreva outright today and if Etrit Berisha is set to join us, then surely that means Albano Bizzarri is a goner. Chievo, Udinese and Genoa are possible destinations, if only for diplomatic reasons.

11:14 CET -
Of course, if Yilmaz does not arrive, there is a free non-EU spot to register Brayan Perea so Lotito's promise that Lazio will sign a new player today is bound to come true. 

11:06 CET -
The delay on Yilmaz may have something to do with Atletico Madrid's reported bid of 18 million euro. As I hinted in an article which I posted on this morning, Galatasaray appear to be stalling the deal and I suspect Lazio may indeed have a genuine competitor in Diego Simeone's Atletico Madrid. If so, Yilmaz should be the priority for Tare and co. this morning/afternoon.

11:00 CET -
No real updates on Yilmaz. The two clubs reportedly negotiating late into the early hours of the morning and the Galatasaray president is quoted as saying that an agreement has not been found. That contradicts earlier statements and you have to wonder why this deal is not moving forward. 

10:50 CET
- Nothing to report from the ATAHotel as yet. As the window closes at midnight this year rather than in the evening as we were previously accustomed to, it seems all the sporting directors are taking their time making it to the ATAHotel. In case you were wondering, the deadline is extended this year due to the fact that the 31st August fell on a non-business day and not because that Igli requested the extra time so he could reach the ATAHotel before the deadline, as unconfirmed and generally non-existent reports would have you believe.

10:45 CET -
TMW claim that Libor Kozak will join Aston Villa for 7.5 million euro + 1.5 million in bonuses. At present, little to nothing in the British press about this deal. TMW also reveal that Lazio have offered Stankevicius and Pereirinha to the English club. What TMW fail to reveal is in what capacity.

10:41 CET -
Etrit Berisha's agent has claimed that his client is happy with the agreement with Lazio. Unfortunately for us, Berisha also appears to be happy with the agreement he has with Chievo Verona. You have to feel sorry for the kid - his Swedish passport just arrives in the post and he has no clue what Italian city he is flying into yet, or when.

10:39 CET -
In today's edition of Corriere dello Sport, Fabio Quagliarella has been linked with an 8 million euro move to either Lazio or Roma. In the UK, Quagliarella is expected to sign for West Brom, West Ham and Norwich. Technically impossible, which is why Beppe Marotta is on standby at the ATAHotel with a massive hat filled with crumpled papers (not literally, it's going to be a long day so prepare for some low-quality humour).

10:36 CET -
In addition to Burak Yilmaz and Etrit Berisha's proposed transfers to Lazio, it is now speculated that Libor Kozak is set to join Aston Villa while Antonio Rozzi is set to go on loan to Real Madrid B. Rozzi's deal looks like it is virtually complete but as yet, it is not official and it is not entirely clear how much the buyout clause is in the contract. 

10:30 CET
- Welcome to's live coverage of Transfer Deadline Day where I will take you through the latest gossip and hopefully, the latest transfers as they are completed during the day. This time out, we want you to get very involved in the carnage. On Facebook and Twitter, you can use #LazioLand to generate some discussion and if you are logged into either medium, you can post directly at the bottom of the article. 

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