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  25/10/2013: Q&A With '10,000km For You' Author Nigel Gan
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Q. Your book recalls your own personal experience of the 'Derby della Capitale’. Can you give a brief synopsis of what people can expect from your book and why everyone should go out and buy it?

A. "This is the first book about S.S Lazio, and the history of the Rome derby written entirely in English. It tells you about my experiences in Rome, and the friends I made along the way and the Lazio monuments I have been to, including meeting the legendary Paolo Di Canio and receiving the incredible ovation by La Curva Nord. ’10,000 KM FOR YOU’ is not meant solely for Lazio fans but anyone who inspires to make that journey for his/her team, or are keen to learn the history of the Rome derby and a bit about Italian football in general." 

Q. Being a Laziale, the derby is obviously very special to you. What motivated you to attend the derby and why have you decided to write about your experiences?

A. "Indeed the derby is the most important match of the season; I would say it is more important than a Champions League Final for me. It has always been my dream to catch the derby in the Curva; to be there physically and to lend my support to the team. I had enough of watching it on television as I strongly believe that a supporter should be at the stadium. I always have the habit of documenting my travel experiences, and sharing them on Then one day, after a couple of beer, the idea came about and I started compiling them altogether. I was also inspired by the book ‘A season with Verona’ by Tim Parks."

Q. The title of your book is ‘10,000km For You’. I expect you’ve had to sacrifice a lot to make the trip, but how difficult or strenuous a task was it to get to Rome?

A. "Firstly, as you may know, the cost of living in Singapore is ranked amongst the highest in the World. Most people here don’t retire early; they work till they are 70-75 years old. And with all the taxes and mortgages loans pinning you down, it is generally quite difficult to set aside some extra cash. For me, I have to save up a year of my money, and cut down on hell lot of social activities to make the trip to Rome. Not forgetting I have to leave behind my family, work and risking my own health."

Q. Writing is often a painstaking process. Was it enjoyable writing on something you are so passionate about or did you find it to be an endeavour at times? Did it take you longer to write the book than you expected?

A. "Yes there were at times challenging but I enjoyed every single minute of it. I hate writing but I love writing about Lazio. It took me a year to finish the book and compile everything together." 

Q. 10,000km For You’ has been available to download as an e-book via Amazon for quite a while. Are you surprised by the reaction to it?

A. "Yes, I was surprised by the fairly good response from the UK and US market. But perhaps due to the restrictions by Amazon which do not allow sales in the Asia & Pacific region, many readers especially the Lazio fans living in the Asian Continent couldn’t actually buy it."

Q. Now that your book is in circulation, do you have any further plans?

A. "The plan is to publish the book into the Italian, Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese language. I'm also thinking of writing a second book if given the opportunity." 

Q. Having travelled such a long way to witness the ‘Derby della Capitale’ in person, is there any advice you would give to someone who has yet to make the trip?

A. "There are many great Laziali who have been to more derbies than I did, and who could probably give better advices than me; veterans like Bart, Sascha, the Sneaths, William, Susanne and Kris from the Lazio Land group just to mention a few. However, my two cents worth of my advice is that if this is your first ever derby, join up with the Lazio Land group and move around together. The derby is not ‘for fun’; it can be very dangerous because the opposition fans are known to have attacked even family with kids." 

Q. You must have watched an incredible number of Rome derbies at home in front of the television. Do you have a personal favourite or a moment that sticks out in your mind?

A. "2 derbies popped out in my mind instantly. The derby of 1994 which we won 1-0 with Signori scoring, and Marchegiani saving a penalty, and just 2 seasons ago, Miro Klose’s penultimate 93rd minute winner. I watched that recent game in Jakarta with the Indonesian Ultras, and if you are keen to know more about them and our reactions after the goal, do grab a copy of my book." would like to thank Nigel Gan for taking the time to talk to us about his book. If you are interested in buying '10,000km For You', you can do so from
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