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  29/10/2013: Lotito discusses Lazio on RAI
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President Claudio Lotito appeared on last night's edition of 'Il Processo del Lunedi' on RAI and much of the show revolved around Lazio and Roma as ex-Lazio Director of Sport and current Roma Director of Sport, Walter Sabatini also appeared on the show and surprisingly praised Lotito, calling him one of calcio's great presidents.

Lotito took advantage of the opportunity to outline his stance on a number of issues:

"I neither agree with Blatter or Platini. For 10 years, I have fought against racism and I do not want to pay for the sins of a minority. The Curva Nord are 10,000 in number, and you cannot pay for the sins of 100 pseudo-fans. Last season they closed the entire stadium, while I proposed that they close only the offending section. We must continue to close the sectors - this is the only solution."

"You cannot persecute the society when the problem is social. There used to be school and families to educate young people. Now there is nothing."

Lotito elaborated on the Yilmaz debacle:

"In the last 15 years, agents have become entrepreneurs, so much so that in South America, you have funds that violate human rights. Too often, the players respect their agent more than their club as they see the agent has given them the opportunity to be a player. You have some agents who comply with the player, and some who only want economic profit."

At the end of the show, Lotito was asked to give honest answers to a series of questions.

Q. Are Lazio dependent on Klose?

A. "No"

Q. Will Petkovic coach Lazio next season?

A. "It's not me who is questioning that..."

Q. What was Marchetti's discussion with the Curva Nord yesterday about?

A. "In times of trouble, it is good that we share a common goal. The fans are the 12th man on the field."

Q. Will you buy in January?

A. "I will do all I can to strengthen the team."

Q. Did you pressure Petkovic into playing the youth?

A. "There's no pressure. I am happy with the new arrivals and they play because they deserve to."

Q. What is the goal for this season?

A. "I am not a magician. I do not want to make any predictions. It's up to the gods that be."

Q. Any sponsor for the shirts?

A. "We received no offers that were satisfactory. I prefer to use the shirt for charitable and social purposes, such as 'No Racism'."

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