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  13/04/2011: Reja: "Lazio must fight to keep the fourth position"
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"We now have won the 4th place, but the challenge is now to keep it." said Reja.

Asked about his jibe against Roma calling them lucky, Reja diplomatically answered:

"I will not be drawn into controversies. I simply said they were lucky. It was luck that they won over Udinese."

Then asked to respond to Paolo Liguori who labelled Reja on his show as in need of mental help.

"Paolo Liguori ? He is a fan of AS Roma, and thus he is not worth an answer from me. Everyone is free to their opinion, but some do not keep the boundaries of respect." said Reja.

Moving further to discuss tactics and his assessment of the game against Parma:

"I satisfied with the win against Parma. We achieved the 3 points and what is what mattered. We now look ahead at a very tough schedule as we play Catania and Inter before playing Juventus. What matters is that we are fourth now, and that we must believe in ourselves and keep on fighting to keep this position". elaborated Reja.

But not all analysis of the Parma game was positive in Reja's eyes. "I did not like the attitude of my team in the last 20 minutes of the first half. But with Gonzales going in the second half, we were better even though Bresciano did very well, but we had to change the formation from 4-3-1-2 to 4-3-2-1, and the team settled and was more confident, especially on the sides."

Conceding four goals at Napoli was not easy for Muslera, but Edy Reja complimented the keeper for his performance against Parma: "He was not tested much, but he was ready when he was called to action. He made some very decisive saves."

Then Reja went on to speak about Hernanes:

"He was going through a very difficult period earlier, but against Parma, he found himself. Let us hope he can continue like this till the end of the season, he is very important to us. It is true he faded sometime in the game, but let us not forget that he played 70 games last year, and that is not easy. What matters now is that he is back in form."

Finally a thought for the Catania game: "Now all the games are important, but we must take each game at a time. The Massimino will be a difficult visit and we have to go there with the right attitude to get the best result. I hope we play like we did against Napoli while avoiding the defensive mistakes." concluded Reja

Mahyar Yahfoufi
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