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  13/04/2011: Ledesma: "Our fans know that no one likes us"
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"Our fans know that we are disliked by alot of people" said Ledesma to Lazio Style Radio.

While the team prepares to face Catania, the battle for the 4th position is at its heights thanks to the decisions of Banti. Had Lazio won the game at Napoli, they would be sitting comfortably in 4th, with 4 points away from Udinese. 

The atmosphere is tough. With Reja leading the attack and Lotito exchanging declarations with the head of the referee association, the head of CONI, in addition to media outlets, the players also have not hidden their discontent from the situation.

"The situation is difficult, but if we unite together we can do it." said Ledesma while speaking on Lazio Style Radio. 

"The supporters have given us a lot in the game against Parma, and despite what seemed on paper to be an easy match, it was far from being so. Part of the reason we won the game was thanks to our fans, and we must stay united together like this to move on forward." said Ledesma.

A final thought goes to the race for the 4th position: 

"We must think only of ourselves, if we win, then nothing else matters. We must continue with concentration and hard work" concluded Ledesma.

Mahyar Yahfoufi
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