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  13/12/2013: "I'm Changing My Outlook"
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After Juventus's recent repeat shameful exit from the Champion's League, yes after only one win, three draws and two losses not even progressing past the group stage, one can only wonder is this the kind of stuff that fuels the outside world's view of Italy being full of corrupt officials and mobsters. I mean the so called 'champions of Italy' even have a an old black and white striped, 1920s styled prison uniform for their kit to compliment this theory, which does not really help in their continual quest to claim they are not part of some corrupt Calciopoli scandal yet again.

They have been dubbed 'Italy's most successful club of the 20th century' but really when you delve into the details, it is mostly from winning the league in Italy under more than dubious circumstances, success in europe has been limited to only a couple of times way back in the 1980s and 1990s, otherwise mostly to the less prestigious UEFA Cup.

How can the best of Italy be such a failure on the European stage, yet year after year win the Serie A? It is not a new question and is one that is often raised when they bomb out of Europe. 'We still have the Scudetto to look forward too' we can hear Juve fans the world over respond. Well all I can say is JUVENTUS you have shamed Italians everywhere yet again by adding fuel to the fire, given precedence to the English, Germans, Spaniards and whoever else the world favours over us.

Is this a perpetuating cycle of doom? What disasters await the Italian teams in the Champions League this time next season with a possible Juventus, Napoli and god forbid Roma representing - another 7-1 thrashing? How Italian football fans the world over can ever look the English in the eye after that one is beyond me.

OK so where am I going with this, where is the positive light? We Laziali should take a moment to ponder and reap some benefit here. We can also view the Serie A this season in such a light. The Serie A, the world regards it as a joke, we should also. After such a calamitous start to the season, this could really work in our favour.

We all know by now, we do not have a squad large enough, or with enough quality to compete in three competitions at once. Doing well in the Europa league has led us to disastrous consequences elsewhere in the Serie A. So lets just concentrate on the only competition left with integrity in Italy, The Coppa, which is still ours by the way and ours to defend, and of course the Europa which we have been successful with thus far this season.

From the get-go this season we clearly never had a squad able to compete on three fronts, due to many reasons but mostly a botched transfer campaign. So as long as we avoid relegation, let's focus on the more illustrious competitions in the world's view.

So Laziali, do not get too upset about a forseeable midtablesque season and really get behind our team in the other two competitions. Our perception of a poor season can really be altered and turned around if we just concentrate and focus our energies in this way I believe and more success could very well follow.

I'm changing my outlook and I urge you to do the same.
Author: Michael D Bailey
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