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  03/01/2014: Yet No Switch For Petkovic
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It Seems there is a ‘Great Standoff’ happening in the Lazio camp with the coaching saga being dragged out over the Christmas, New Year period.

Former coach Vladimir Petkovic was all but out the door, with many places announcing the signing of new skipper Edy Reja just before the New Year on December 30.

But the actual official announcement from the club never came, although there is reports and now official photos being divulged as of early this morning certifying that yes Reja is here and has even held the training session yesterday.

He looks the part and seems to be giving the much needed guidance, encouragement and of course instruction that the players have so sorely needed this season, with a “we must understand we are a strong team who deserves a better position on the table” pat on the back, according to La Repubblica.

It appears president Claudio Lotito and the club’s lawyer were hoping to fire Petkovic on a ‘breach of contract’ claiming deception as he reportedly ‘lied about signing with the Swiss FA’ and this way they can fire him without paying the rumoured € 600 thousand compensation they would owe him for the remaining term of his contract.

With Petkovic refusing to resign, claiming that it all has been some kind of understanding, he is wanting to remain sole coach and serve out his term. He released a statement on the first day of the year affirming that he is “proudly still the Lazio coach” and his lawyer Paco D’Onofrio also stating “Petkovic took the news of legal action with suprise and disappointment” as he feels this Lazio project is still his.

The absolute latest developments from Formello, the headquarters in Rome, see D’ Onofrio claim that Vladimir is yet to receive payment for services from last month, claiming a ‘loss of image’ and that ‘dismissal for cause would be illegitimate’ according to indicating they are determined to see Petkovic be reinstated and a decision must be made by Monday.

This situation must be the first in football, to have two coaches at the same time on the pay roll and with the team under instruction from both it is not exactly clear how the outcome will be. But with Lazio’s first big game of the year coming up on January 6 against Inter Milan one can’t help but picture the situation unresolved with the two coaches on the bench under some sort of WWE Wrestling duo arrangement, with one taking the first half then tagging the other for the second.

Some good news for the team however is that defender and vice captain Stefan Radu will almost certainly play against Inter, he missed training yesterday due to a muscle strain, but team medics are confident it is nothing too serious and he should be taking to the field.
Author: Michael D Bailey
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