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  30/01/2014: LIVE: Transfer Deadline Day
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00:00 CET: And as the clock strikes midnight in Rome, my day (from hell?) is complete. Not much to get excited about and it will be very interesting to see here we go from here. Goodnight, and Forza Lazio!

23:58 CET:
Lega Calcio have updated their list of transfers and it is revealed that Lazio have bought back Emmanuel Sani from Swiss side Biel-Bienne. The Nigerian - a close friend of Ogenyi Onazi's and probably the subject of Onazi's 'good news' - has been scoring freely in Switzerland. He was offloaded by the club to free up a non-EU spot but his form has enticed the club to bring him back. Another 'signing' is the permanent transfer of Slovenian youth player Mika Mario Rokavec.

23:38 CET:
Sculli's move to Genoa is a loan deal, according to Gazzetta dello Sport. As yet, nobody has been brave enough to put some figures to the Hernanes deal.

23:18 CET:
And at the very death, Sculli joined Genoa. So deadline day went as follows; Hernanes - Inter, Sculli - Genoa, Gaël Kakuta - Lazio.

23:10 CET:
Hernanes' agent Joseph Lee informs the media that Hernanes went home to Rome following his medical today, which perhaps explains Inter's low-key stance on the transfer.

23:05 CET:
According to Sky Italia, Kakuta chose Lazio over Villarreal (feels special to have been chosen over anyone at this stage, never mind Villarreal) and the loan comes with a buyout clause of 3.5 million euro.

23:03 CET:

23:00 CET:
In all the madness, I skipped an hour somewhere along the line but sadly, I couldn't actually fast-forward time today. The transfer window is now closed, but sadly, that is not the end...

22:53 CET:
A four-and-a-half year deal for Hernanes, as Inter Milan welcome him now on the official website. The last remaining piece of business is surely Sculli to Genoa, but I'm more interested in seeing a breakdown of Hernanes' deal. 

22:46 CET:
Inter Milan confirm the purchase of Hernanes. A photo on their Facebook page shows the Brazilian signing his deal.

22:44 CET:
An hour ago, Parma had accepted an offer for Jonathan Biabiany, intent on selling him. Fast forward one hour, and their club president is talking about giving him a contract extension. That is the madness of the deadline day in a nutshell and we can take solace in the fact that we are not the only ones who go through the motions.

22:40 CET:
Hernanes is official, but neither Lazio or Inter Milan have announced the deal, which is leading to speculation that there is a part-exchange involved. That might also explain the delays throughout the day, but I wouldn't be getting my hopes up. The guy operating the Inter website has been as slow as a snail with news today and who wants to update the Lazio website with news right now? Not me.

22:37 CET:
Chelsea announce via Twitter that they've sent Gaël Kakuta our way for the rest of the season. Old news by now, but they were pretty eager to make that point.

22:36 CET:
Complications, they say and complications have plagued Beppe Sculli for quite some time. There is a genuine fear that this will not get done but according to Sky Italia, it's not getting done because there's no agreement.

22:33 CET:
Eye-witness reports claim Genoa President Enrico Presiozi cuts a lonely figure in the halls of the ATAHotel. Time is running out to offload Sculli to Genoa.

22:24 CET:
In fact, I'm wrong below. Because as Hernanes became an Inter Milan player, S.S. Lazio announced the signing of Gaël Kakuta from Chelsea. And the Italian media were correct on this one - loan deal.

22:23 CET:
Hernanes' contract has been deposited. Providing the fax machine works (and it's got a history for being temperamental) Hernanes is officially an Inter player now. We wait for the announcement, either from Lazio or Inter Milan. At some point, S.S. Lazio will release a 'comunicato' and start updating the deals. Simply bizarre that there isn't one already 35 minutes from the close of the transfer window.

22:00 CET:
One hour to go! Lazio have yet to deposit Hernanes' contract and therefore the deal is not done, but Hernanes' agent Joseph Lee has told reporters that his client and he are very happy and expect no issues. I'd imagine Joseph Lee is very happy if reports that he stands to earn a 10% cut of the eventual transfer fee is true - he will be a millionaire in the morning.

21:50 CET:
As I understand it, the Biabiany deal is definitely off. There appears to be no chance of changing the Frenchman's mind, although it has yet to be explained why he declined our offer. Perhaps we need to see our offer?Presumably, Tare now heads back to the ATAHotel and asks Armando Calveri to deposit some contracts.

21:41 CET:
This is going to sound all too familiar - according to Gianluca Di Marzio, Biabiany declined Lazio's offer.

21:27 CET:
Negotiations between Tare and the agent of Jonathan Biabiany continue at the AC Milano Hotel. With an hour-and-a-half to go until the close of the transfer window, they will have to be brief.

21:15 CET:
Michael Ciani takes to Twitter to wish 'his brother' Hernanes the best of luck in Milan. Been looking for that dude all day and it seems he's been in the Twittersphere the whole time.

21:04 CET:
4.5 million euro for 50% of Biabiany is the agreed fee, according to It will be interesting to see if this news spreads, but they claim Tare is now off to discuss wage demands. Lotito's favourite part of negotiations.

20:59 CET:
Mario Giunta of Sky Italia is snap happy at the moment as he captures Igli Tare in tense looking discussions with Pietro Leonardi.

20:53 CET:
According to Lalaziosiamonoi, Ibrahima Mbaye was pulled from the Hernanes deal due to 'outrageous' wage demands. His agent Beppe Accardi demanded an initial wage of 800,000 euro which would rise to 1.5 million euro by the end of Mbaye's five-year deal. Lotito was reportedly furious and decided to cut Mbaye out of the deal. A case of 'goodbye!' rather than 'good, buy!'

20:48 CET:
Worth reminding ourselves that at this moment in time, there have been no deadline day deals. Gaël Kakuta has not signed for us, Sculli has not signed for Genoa and most importantly, Hernanes has yet to sign for Inter Milan.

20:46 CET:
In the last few hours, Cardiff City have been doing everything in their power to sneak in Filip Djordjevic. The player's agent Zoran Krneta confirms negotiations and although time is running out, Djordjevic is nearing a move to the Premier League. 

20:39 CET:
A meeting between Igli Tare, Jonathan Biabiany and Parma Director of Sport Pietro Leonardi is expected to take place soon.

20:23 CET:
Lazio are said to have upped their offer of 3 million euro for Biabiany to 5 million euro. The price is beginning to seem a little steep, but this deal could well be done soon. Sky Italia claim that the agent is present and there's speculation that Jonathan Biabiany may be nearby. He has been called up by Donadoni for Parma's game against Roma, but it's more likely he's in Milan to be auctioned off.

20:00 CET:
Three hours to go and this Biabiany deal might not be as complicated as it appears. According to Sky Italia, Sampdoria have no issues with Parma selling their 50%. All that Igli Tare needs to do is make an offer that Parma are willing to accept. Easier said than done, but they're talking. That's a good sign, right?

19:54 CET:
For the more sceptical among you, no, Lazio do appear to be in for Biabiany - those fortunate enough to be present at the ATAHotel have caught the negotiations on camera.

19:52 CET:
According to Sky Italia, Lazio offered 3 million euro for 50% of Biabiany and promised Parma they would buy another player in the summer. A strange offer, and one Parma quickly refused.

19:39 CET:
Any deal for Biabiany will prove to be complex as he is co-owned between Sampdoria and Parma. AC Milan and Guangzhou Evergrande - two teams with more financial clout than Lazio - have not been able to get it over the line. With less than four hours to go, I don't fancy our chances.

19:27 CET:
The Hernanes contract has not been deposited. Calveri returns to base. Obviously something in Lazio's end of the bargain that Hernanes did not like.

19:21 CET:
Hernanes deal not yet done. General secretary Armando Calveri is running the contract by Hernanes. A formality you would think, but not yet done.

19:10 CET:
A final twist? Jonathan Biabiany's proposed transfer to Milan is off as is his proposed move to Gunagzhou Evergrande. Enter the Tare - according to Gianluca Di Marzio, Lazio are set to make a last gasp bid.

19:00 CET:
4 hours to go and it is already fizzling out. Sculli to Genoa said to be closer than before but not quite there. No updates on Kakuta or Hernanes.

18:14 CET:
Everything is quiet as we wait on Kakuta to sign for Lazio and Hernanes to be present by Inter. Underwhelming to say the least. Meanwhile business continues at the ATAHotel with Kone's agent telling us what we already know - his client stays put.

17:48 CET:
Igli Tare believes Lazio's mercato is over once the club sign Chelsea's Kakuta: "Is the market over for us? Yes, I think so. We are currently defining the operation for Kakuta. I see him as a strong guy."

17:37 CET:
Ciani hasn't turned up anywhere yet. Swansea City - who were linked with him this morning - admit they are looking for a centre-back to replace Neil Taylor, who is set to move to West Ham should they find a replacement. Cardiff City remain the frontrunners though, while Edy Reja's favoured option, Paolo Cannavaro is minutes away from signing for Sassuolo it seems.

17:26 CET:
Tare is now at the ATAHotel and have managed to grab him long enough to ask if Lazio are interested in goalkeeper Luca Castellazzi. "No" is the answer and the third goalkeeper search continues. My tip of the day? Do not be surprised if Albano Bizzarri makes a return...

17:23 CET:
There was some speculation this morning that Mauro Icardi may be involved in the deal for Hernanes. have tracked that one to discover we have absolutely no interest in the Inter forward.

17:15 CET:
Armando Calveri arrives at ATAHotel. If you have followed our deadline day updates in the past, you will know that he is action man. He drafts up the contracts, which means something's going down. Sculli to Genoa? Kakuta to Lazio? Seems likely.

17:12 CET:
Gazzetta claim that Hernanes signed his Inter deal before 15:00 CET, nipped off for a spot of lunch and is now back to complete his medical. Earlier in the day, there was talk of an official announcement around 18:30 CET and that seems pretty likely now.

17:07 CET:
According to the UK press, Kakuta will come on a permanent three-year deal and it will be a nominal fee. Reminiscent of the Pereirinha deal.

16:44 CET:
Well, that escalated quickly. Gianluca Di Marzio claims the Kakuta deal is virtually done - loan with right of redemption.

16:40 CET:
Kakuta's recall to Chelsea was a bit of a mystery and the scout that discovered him, Guy Hilion, told Sky Sports that he did not understand the decision to bring him back. Hilion believes Kakuta needs to ask himself why he has failed at every club he has been sent to as he believes the Frenchman is 'the most talented player of his generation'.

16:34 CET:
La Repubblica believe Hernanes' replacement will be former Chelsea player, Gael Kakuta. Big things were expected of the 22 year-old Frenchman but in the last four years, he has had disappointing loan spell after disappointing loan spell and Chelsea made the decision a few weeks ago to end his two-year loan spell. Lazio may be prepared to give him a second chance. 

16:30 CET:
Stefan Radu's agent Victor Becali puts the Napoli speculation to bed as he answers a phonecall from Lalaziosiamonoi: "About Radu, I have not received any interest from Napoli or any other clubs. There is no doubt he remains at Lazio in this window."

16:21 CET:
The Radu-Napoli rumour is intensifying. A strange one, supposedly motivated by Napoli's stuggle to land Etienne Capoue. Should they fail to sign the Tottenham player, they may make a last gasp 8 million euro bid for Radu. Lotito's answer would almost certainly be no.

16:09 CET:
Leg room on Ryanair flights, eh? Meanwhile Gianluca Di Marzio alleges that Inter and Lazio are in the process of finalising the Hernanes deal once and for all.

16:00 CET:
It gets worse. Lazio's club doctor has ruled new signing Helder Postiga out of Sunday's game with Chievo with a calf injury. He could be out for longer - it will need to be assessed. Ironic, as Postiga played in 37 of Real Zaragoza's 38 league games last season.

15:53 CET:
It's all gone quiet at the moment. The media believe Hernanes is undergoing a medical, while Lazio have absolutely no clear targets. What we do know is that Tare is in a hotel in Milan with agents Alessandro Moggi and Marco Sommella, both of whom Lazio have a decent relationship with. Moggi is the agent of Giuseppe Sculli, who is rumoured to be heading back to Genoa today. Sommella is the agent of Zaccardo and Nocerino, as well as Empoli's foward Francesco Tavano and perhaps most interestingly, Torino's prolific striker, Ciro Immobile. The media have no idea what Tare is doing at the moment, but if he is negotiating, those are the names we've got to go on. 

15:40 CET:
If Ciani was ever on a plane to the UK, you would be expecting him to emerge somewhere right about now. Unless he suddenly appears later in the day with dreads and doobies [see 13:25], I would think his sale is unlikely.

15:26 CET:
Reportedly at the Westin Palace with Igli Tare is Alessandro Moggi, agent of Giuseppe Sculli, but another agent known to be present at the hotel is Marco Sommella, who is the agent of Antonio Nocerino and Cristian Zaccardo.

15:17 CET:
Ederson's agent Antonio Caliendo reports that his client is keen to stay at Lazio and repay the faith shown in him. The midfielder is reportedly out for the rest of the season and Caliendo told Lalaziosiamonoi that he hopes Ederson follows Carlo Ancelotti by going to have a successful career despite badly injuring both knees.

15:14 CET:
Hernanes arrives in Milan for his medical, and gives photographers the thumbs up as he passes by in his car.

15:12 CET:
Bologna's Director of Sport, Roberto Zanzi has rubbished claims that Lazio are interested in Panagiotis Kone - 'media invention', he says. 

15:10 CET:
Sky Italia believe Hernanes has indeed landed in Milan for his medical. Rumours in Turin that Fabio Quagliarella has left training early... and that he's going to Inter as well.

15:07 CET:
Aston Villa enter the race for Fabio Quagliarella. Slightly surprised we have not thrown our name into that particular hat.

15:05 CET:
Erick Thohir has also been located at Inter Milan's training complex at Appiano Gentile. Evidently in no rush to do business. Perhaps there to welcome Hernanes to the club?

15:00 CET:
8 hours to go and finally someone has located Igli Tare, but not at the ATAHotel - he is at the five-star Westin Palace Hotel in Milan. 

14:52 CET: (I've no idea either) claim that Napoli will launch a late bid for Stefan Radu. This one should probably pick up an award for least credible rumour, but it seems to be generating a bit of a buzz on Napoli fansites.

14:42 CET:
Beginning to think Igli Tare operates the Inter Milan website. No sign of any news there today either, no sign of a Hernanes medical, nothing.

14:38 CET:
Ogenyi Onazi is currently tweeting promising 'good news'. His good news yesterday was that Hernanes was set to remain at Lazio and that came mere hours before Hernanes said goodbye. Hopefully this time he has got something to cheer us up, because it's a long day, and it doesn't look promising at all.

14:21 CET:
Genovese newspaper Secolo XIX believe Giuseppe Sculli will sign for Genoa by the end of the day. I'm sceptical as that deal was supposed to have been done in December, but let's see.

14:17 CET:
Luca Crecco's agent Michelangelo Minieri has told reporters that Crecco will not be sold or sent out on loan. Lalaziosiamonoi believe there is interest from Serie B to take the midfielder on loan, but that Lazio will reject it as they have faith in his ability and made the choice to offload Vinicius instead. In my opinion, the club's hands are tied as they will need to register him for Europa League to make the homegrown quota.

14:09 CET:
We're approaching mid-afternoon and there's no sign of Igli Tare at the ATAHotel. At this rate, I'm half expecting some journalist to come forward claiming they saw him in a corner wearing a striped red and white hat and jumper combo. This is not a game, mate, get your backside in there.

14:05 CET:
There were reports late last night that Arsenal were eyeing up Miroslav Klose. These rumours seem to be continuing in the UK but the Italian media are turning a blind eye. Arsenal tend to do business late, but Arsene Wenger did not sound too optimistic on signing anyone in an interview published on the club's website.

13:59 CET:
The media believe Hernanes arrived in Milan late last night in complete secrecy. Still some doubt on the amount of the transfer fee but it appears to be around the 20 million mark.

13:48 CET:
With all the Hernanes fuss, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's press conference slipped under the radar. Asked about Ciani, he said the club have a massive list of targets and that he could not confirm Ciani's arrival 'out of respect for the player and the club'. Not exactly denying it though, is he?

13:40 CET:
Giacomo Bonaventura's agent has made it clear, not for the first time, that his client is staying in Bergamo. The agent in question is at the ATAHotel though, and I seriously doubt it's for a weekend vacation.

13:35 CET: 
My gut instinct is that the Hernanes deal has been done for over 24 hours now. Despitethe plethora od reports, nobody has actually located Lotito or Thohir, even Tare is AWOL and the eye-witness reports of Hernanes being on a 20:20 train to Milan last night appear to have been completely wide of the mark. I would imagine everything has been signed up and the transfer will be completed subject to a medical. Hernanes should be on his way to Milan and everything should be done and dusted in the evening.

13:25 CET: Roughly three hours ago, there were reports that Michael Ciani was already miles high in the sky en route to England to sign for either Norwich City or Cardiff City. A quick Google search informs me that flights from Rome to Norwich and Cardiff can take between 4-6 hours as there is a stopover in Amsterdam. If he is indeed heading to England, let's hope Big Mike decided not to sample the local culture.

13:02 CET:
And as Hernanes confirms he is leaving on LazioStyle Radio, Gianluca Di Marzio reports the transfer fee to be higher than anticipated - 20 million plus bonuses.

13:00 CET:
Hernanes on LazioStyle Radio: "When I came here, my goal was to give everything for this team."

"I have made my choice. I would like to thank the President, the coach, my teammates and everyone who works at Lazio."

"On Wednesday night, the fans got a hold of my number and I received 2000 texts."

"Erika, my wife, knows I have a desire to do better, to achieve great things."

"The fans have loved me beyond belief. It was a hard day, I could not sleep."

"Those words on Facebook are the truth."

"Thanks to the fans, I will carry them always in my heart. I knew that I wanted to well, but did not think this far ahead."

12:49 CET:
Hernanes is now speaking live on LazioStyle Radio. A translation of his interview will follow.

12:40 CET:
No more on Hernanes and no sign of Tare at the ATAHotel. Meanwhile, Monaco are reportedly keeping tabs on Fabio Quagliarella while Paolo Cannavaro continues discussions with Sassuolo. He has Besiktas as a fall back should he fail to secure a move away today, as the Turkish transfer window is open until Monday. What does it take to get Tare out of bed on a Friday?

12:21 CET:
As reported yesterday, Giacomo Bonaventura is a potential replacement for Hernanes and Sportmediaset are convinced Lazio are lining him up. They also believe the Atalanta midfielder - who can play as a trequartista or a left winger - has requested to leave.

12:15 CET:
Fredy Guarin has produced his own statement now saying that he was put on the market by Inter and that he wants clarification on his future. Journalists have been poking fun at Lotito's inability to do transfer deals, but it sounds like Erick Thohir has a right mess on his plate. There is no going back for Lazio at this stage, but I wouldn't be so sure about Inter...

12:05 CET:
S.S. Lazio have published Hernanes' statement [see 10:00] on the club's official Facebook account. If the Hernanes deal falls through now, both Hernanes and the club will look foolish. The deal is surely done.

11:55 CET:
Cristiano Giaretta, the Director of Sport at Udinese insists to LLSN that there will be no conversations between Lazio and Udinese today for Antonio Candreva. Bad timing, but Giaretta believes a deal on Udinese's 50% can be reached in the next few months without too many problems.

11:35 CET:
There are reports that Lazio and Inter have agreed a fee of 18 million euro plus bonuses for Hernanes and that the deal will be official in the early evening. If this is indeed true, expect Hernanes to undergo a medical in Milan in the next few hours.

11:23 CET:
Igli Tare has said there is a 0% chance of signing Fabio Quagliarella while Quags has said that he has zero interest in joining Lazio. I wonder if either will change their mind now that Lazio look set to make 15+ million and Juventus look set to relegate Quagliarella to fifth choice striker? The media are keeping an eye out.

11:20 CET:
Swansea City are said to have entered the race for Ciani. As I said earlier, the entire Premier League need a defender today and they like them big in England.

11:10 CET:
Nothing to report from ATAHotel at least not as far as Lazio are concerned. Unlike the summer, today's deadline is 11pm CET so no need to rush or anything. While we spend our morning hitting F5 on our keyboards, Igli Tare spends his morning hitting snooze on his phone.

10:40 CET:
Virtually every mid-table to bottom club in the Premier League requires a centre-back and Michael Ciani fits the bill. The UK press have linked Ciani to Norwich and Cardiff City, although Norwich signed Joseph Yobo yesterday and I've heard Cardiff have more interest in Davide Astori.

10:25 CET:
The three goalkeepers that are said to be on our list are Mariano Andujar, Gabriel and Luca Castellazzi. I've also heard Marco Amelia, the Milan goalkeeper who spent 10 years growing up in the youth ranks at Roma mentioned, but we'll ignore that one for now. 

10:10 CET:
It was reported late last night that Lotito and Thohir had dinner in Tivoli and their whereabouts have been unclear ever since. The fact Igli Tare is in Milan, however, suggests there's more business to be done and the fact he arrived last night rather than five minutes past the deadline perhaps suggests there's a lot to do. I expect him to be running around the ATAHotel looking for someone to lend us a third goalkeeper, but there are several reports about a new striker being on the agenda.

10:02 CET:
I admire Hernanes' honesty and can only thank him for the memories he has given us, and there have been plenty. However, with no agreement yet reached with Inter, this is incredibly unprofessional and it comes after his tears undoubtedly knocked millions off his asking price yesterday. If I were Erick Thohir, I would be reducing my offer - the club know they have him now. Difficult for Lotito to play hardball, so there may yet be twists.

10:00 CET:
"I did not cry because Tare and the president asked me to leave. It is I who asked to leave."

"Lotito tried to convince me to stay with excellent economic offers, particularly after the Napoli match. But I want to leave for professional reasons."

"Lotito tried until the end. I want to publicly thank him as he was very fair to me. This is my choice."

"I wanted to clarify this in light of yesterday's events."

"Ragazzi, thank you for the love you have given me from the first day. I will never forget you. Even though you may hate me for these words."


09:53 CET:
Hernanes also reveals in that statement that he was offered a new deal by President Lotito and he praised the fairness of the president.

09:50 CET:
Via his official Facebook account, Hernanes has informed fans that his tears at training have been misinterpreted and it is his decision to leave Lazio and that the fans should not hold Claudio Lotito and Igli Tare responsible for the transfer. He went on to thank the fans their support and explained that he made the decision to further himself in the game.

09:40 CET:
Collectively, the newspapers believe the eventual transfer fee will be a minimum of 15 million (when bonuses are included) and a maximum of 20 million (when bonuses are included). Worryingly, La Repubblica believe Hernanes is going off on loan, with a buyout clause of 15 million that Inter simply must pay in a single installment before July.

09:35 CET:
The figures of Hernanes' contract with Inter has caused an even greater divide. Sky Italia go with 2.9 million per season, Gazzetta dello Sport plump for 2.8 million plus bonuses which will rise to 3.4 million in his four seasons with the club, Il Tempo and La Stampa opt for 3.2 million rising to 3.7 million, Il Messaggero and La Repubblica suggest 3.3 million per annum and Corriere dello Sport call it at 3.5 million plus bonuses. The numbers are different, but the conclusion is the same - he will earn more at Inter than he ever would here.

09:30 CET:
No significant updates on Hernanes overnight, but plenty in the morning newspapers. Following Igli Tare's admission late last night that the club offered Hernanes a new deal, there is a bit of disagreement on the salary that was offered. Sky Italia and Corriere dello Sport put the figure at 2.5 million while La Repubblica believe that Claudio Lotito was prepared to raise the salary cap to 2.7 million euro per year.

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