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  03/02/2014: Hernanes comes clean
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The sale of Hernanes to Inter on Friday sparked a furore in Rome as angry fans took to the streets venting frustration at a major player being sold. However since, Hernanes has admitted he was not forced out the club, infact he asked to leave. In an interview with Lazialia', Hernanes tells all:

Do you want to thank the fans?

"Yes, I want to thank them all. Like I wrote on Facebook and said on the radio, Lazio has been a great pleasure. I received love and affection from the Lazio fans who left me very impressed. The company always treated me with dignity and never did anything wrong to me. I lived there for 3 and a half great years."

What was your best moment there? The Cup?

"The Derby was definitely the best as we made history winning that final. I always say that you can win a Derby and you take home the memories, but I also have a medal for that one."

When did you start thinking of leaving Lazio?

"I always said I was fine, because it was true. I wanted to grow up however, do something important in football. There were always rumours but nothing concrete, no certain offers. As soon as this offer came I took it. I thought about it but when Inter came looking for me I made my decision."

Your relationship with Reja and Petkovic?

"When Reja started we did well but I could not understand how it went after that. Nothing special, disappointing for a player. Petkovic went down the same path, started well and finished poorly. When things didn't go well, I ended up on the bench sometimes, I had some bad moments."

What do you think was lacking at Lazio?

"I thought when I arrived at Lazio I would achieve something important, which I already said and I will repeat, I wanted to win the Scudetto. Also to play in the Champions League, I had those dreams but they never came true. I think if we failed to win the Scudetto we should really have fought for the Champions League. Did I speak to Lotito? People always think I was obliged to speak to him, to request new signings. No, he has always been fair to me. He has his strategies. I did talk to him but I just say this: He has always been fair to me. With his capacity he his doing his utmost to take Lazio as high as possible."

So you left Lazio for Inter with promises for the future concerning results?

"I tried in every way to win something important with Lazio. We couldn't. After 3 and a half years I realised I would not be able to. Thus Inter made me an offer, they have a higher perspective that will maybe help me to achieve my goals. It is not a question of money."

Lotito offered you a 5 year contract worth 2.5 million?

"Yes, he made some great economical offers, he tried to keep me there. I've already explained, I've said the reasons why I left."

What do you think of Reja's comments on the market that many players don't want to come to Lazio?

"I don't know, I don't want to comment."
Author: Giannino Capaldi
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