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  05/03/2014: Perea: "Fans? They are right to be angry but we need them"
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You are proving to have great rhythm and movement
"When I cannot score I try to be helpful to the team by applying pressure to the opponents."

You have been receiving good ratings, did you expect to?
"I do not get the opportunity to play often because of Klose, but when I do I try my best."

Do you ask Klose for tips?
"He and I speak often and he has taught me many things. When we both play, I play a little further behind."

Can you play out wide in a trident?
"I can but it's not a position I prefer. I always like being in the centre. I'm not great out wide but if I'm asked to I'll play anywhere."

Do you prefer to score or to assist?
"There are many times I scored less because I gave an assist. I do like to put a friend in the position to score, but I still prefer scoring goals."

What is your relationship with the fans?
"I'm young and arrived from Colombia, but through social media they welcomed me. This made me feel good. From the first day I arrived they made me feel good. When I go onto the field I have to give everything for them, and also for my teammates."

How do you feel in the group?
"The group is great. I have talked so much with experienced players. Gonzalez, Klose, Radu, Konko, Cana, they have always been with me, talking to me. They have helped me so much. Then with the younger guys, Anderson and Keita, we always joke. Keita like a little brother? Yes but he looks older than me (laughs), we are always talking and joking. We are always happy together."

How important was the win in Florence?
"With the victory we know that we can go further in the league. It's a shame about the defeat in Bulgaria because we gave everything. If we are out it's our fault, we were in the lead but gave everything. Football is like that."

You scored your first goal against Atalanta. Thinking of an encore?
"I always think about scoring. It doesn't matter who it is against. It is more important to play a good match and take the three points."

What has Reja brought?
"He has brought confidence. I saw that the other teammates loved him. He always likes to engage you and make things right. I liked it. If you do things right he always gives you support."

What are the difficulties of Italian football?
"It is more difficult here for the centre forward, you have to be more careful. Defences are tighter and it is difficult for a striker to score 3 or 4 goals. But when you get a chance you have to take it because it's hard to get another."

Want to send a message to the fans?
"I say their help is important. Like when you go into the stadium and it is filled with people supporting you. This is very important to the player. We know they are angry and with good reason. But we would like them in numbers for the season finale."

We hope to see you celebrate more with the fans
"When you score and you feel that cheer from the support, you go to them. It does not matter if you get a yellow card. That's the beauty of football, you rejoice with them when they rejoice. That's the important thing."

Author: Giannino Capaldi
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