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  16/04/2011: Reja prematch Conference: "We face the remaining games with a winning mentality"
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Edy Reja is no longer dreaming, the qualification to the Champions League is now close to a reality. Uncle Edy seems focused, and does not bother with discussions about renewing his contract: "The negotiations for renewal could be a tiring, they could go for months, for this reason I prefer to leave them till later." 

Lazio will be facing a tough challenge tomorrow, and they could do so without Mauro Zarate. The Argentine is not injured, nor his dismissal from the formation is due to tactical reasons, but rather disciplinary. Zarate has arrived one hour late to the game.

"I will asses the decision tomorrow. Today is early to make conclusions. Zarate arrived at 12 instead of 11. He did not know there was a training." Edy Reja said, and his last sentence suggests that he might forgive Maurito, something to be seen tomorrow.

Reja has a very difficult challenge tomorrow, Catania has bagged 31 points out of their 36 at their home turf. Reja knows this well:

"I hope that the team address the match with the right attitude. Catania will be motivated playing home infront of their fans, but we have the attitude of giving it our all." said Reja.

The coach added: "Simeone's team has good results at home, they have consistent players who play aggressive football and are ready physically. We must find our balance tomorrow and their players could create problems. Catania will be looking for the points to avoid relegation but I am hopeful we will exploit whatever chances we get." said Reja.

A humble approach to tomorrow's game, does not lessen the determination of Reja: "If we look at the remaining games, we have four away games which are difficult. Our approach will be to get the points from the wins. Most of it depends on us, but there are other factors that come from the opponents or game incidents."

Lazio have not scored a single away win since 13 February when the team won Brescia. Losing 4 games and drawing one against Milan. And now after two months, Reja is hoping for the full three points. After two months, Reja wants to return to hit all three points away from Rome, especially when the fate of the fourth positions depends on those away games. "We have had varying performances, sometimes we played without character. But sometimes even when we played well like against Roma, Napoli, and Cagliari we end up losing, but it is now useless to lament the past. We must look ahead towards the remaining six games, and give our best." said Reja.

Reja then turned to the controversies going on regarding the referee decisions. "It is up the club to decide to enter into those discussions. After the game on Sunday, I did not agitate the controversy, but I guess in football there are always those controversies. When it comes to me, I believe we should only look at the pitch, there are six games left, and concerning Lazio's opinion, it was reflected by the president." said Reja who referred to Lotito's suggestion of forming a committee to monitor the remaining games.

Finally Reja was asked about Roma's new owners and said :"Our team is competitive, we have grown a lot as is shown in the standings. Our president is always on the lookout for ways to improve the society."

Mahyar Yahfoufi
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