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  01/06/2014: An interview with Lucas Biglia’s agent
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After his first season in Italy which had many ups and downs, the former Anderlecht play maker Lucas Biglia will be ready to shine his light in Serie A in 2014/15, believes his agent Enzo Montepaone.

Speaking to Radiosei, Montepaone spoke about his client and his thoughts on the upcoming World Cup and next season;

How is Lucas at the moment?

"At this moment he is training well with his national team, all his efforts are focused on the World Cup in Brazil. The work he did with Lazio this past season has been good, he has matured since arriving from Belgium. He really thanks and appreciates the Italian way of football".

What difficulties did he find in the first few months in Italy?

"When you come to a league as important as Serie A you are stuck because you have played in a different way for so long. He came to Rome as a central midfielder, as he has played in the past. He is someone who always wants to do well and can adapt to various solutions even if it takes some time. He can play as a classic midfielder, but also as an attacking midfielder. This is where he is strongest I believe".

Can Lucas do better than he showed this past season?

"This past season he only showed maybe 60-70% of his capabilities. He has much more to give Lazio. He is an elite international player for a top national side, it is not easy to get into and retain your position in a group of 23 very string Argentinian players. They are some of strongest in the world".

Has Lucas been disappointed by Lazio this season, in terms of where the club finished?

"No, absolutely not. Anyone who knows football knows that sometimes it takes time for groups to build and develop. Also some situations do not depend on just the players. Lazio is a great club. I think that both the club and the player have worked well for each other, although some things did not go as we had all hoped before the season began".

What is Lucas’ relationship with Edy Reja like?

"He has a good relationship with Reja. Reja helped Lucas a lot to understand the mechanisms and dynamics of Italian football. He has so much experience and Lucas has understood and appreciated the work the coach has done with him".

During the
past season there were some market rumors that Lucas may be leaving the club after just one season. Is there any truth to these rumours?

"There will always be rumours in football. He is feeling great at Lazio and in Rome. Right now his mind is on the World Cup. When he finishes his international duty he will return to Lazio more motivated than ever, I know. His first season of experience in Italy will serve him well for the upcoming season".


Author: Boris Pechev
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