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  31/07/2014: Parolo: "I want to win trophies "
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“I thank the president for his words. I am glad to be here. Lazio was trailing me for a long time. I hope to repay the faith in me. I’ll give my best on the training ground and on the pitch. If we manage to make a strong group we can do good.”

What convinced you to come to Lazio?

“The project. The ambition to make a good season and grow as a club. I reached a place in Europe with Parma and I wish to do the same with Lazio. I want to win trophies and I’m glad that the ambitions of the club are the same. My goal is to play in Europe and win something. I’ll do my best.”

Parma managed to qualify in Europe…

“I will repeat myself.  I want to compete against other European teams. It won’t be easy because there are many good teams and we are one of them.”

Are you scared?

“No. If we play as a group and get good results people will be enthusiastic again and will return to the stadium. We have to fight for every ball and if we do that we can return to the battle for a place in Europe.

What’s missing to achieve that leap?

“I have just arrived. There are some new players. We need some time to know each other and then we can do our best and we can turn things around.”

Your first impression?

“The city is beautiful. The coach is full of enthusiasm, just like me.”

The Derby?

“It’s a game that will get your adrenaline pumping. It has always fascinated me. The game is already marked in the calendar.”

You made your debut against Roma at the Olimpico. Now it’s your stadium…

“I remember that day. Even the chance to play every week at the Olimpico has also helped me make my decision to join Lazio. It will be thrilling.”

You scored a goal against Lazio while you were at Cesena. In those years there were talks about Lazio wanting you.

“I was young. I needed confirmation. That was probably the beggining of the courtship and now I hope it will be a long lasting love. I hope you will forgive me about that goal. Maybe I will have a chance to score against Cesena.”

How many goals do you think you can score?

 “A player with my characteristics has to score about 5-6 goals to call it a good season. If I can take advantage of my skills I can help the team to score some goals.”

Are you worried about the competition in the squad?

“I’m not worried. I’ve faced many difficulties. Competition is good for the team and allows the coach to choose the best.”

Author: Martin Meranzov
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