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  01/09/2014: LIVE: Transfer Deadline Day
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23:10 CET: Gonzalez and Cavanda remain, according to reports. Why? We will find out in due course, but that is it for another year. Thank you to everyone who read this and once again, I can only apologise for being the bearer of bad news, or no news as it was this year. Not my fault though. Forza Lazio!

23:04 CET: Juventus have confirmed that Lazio did not put in a bid for Giovinco. Of course we didn't.

23:00 CET: The transfer window is now closed, and we are none the wiser.

22:55 CET: Ceccarelli has been sold to L'Aquila. Five minutes to go, and we wait on Gonzalez and Cavanda.

22:30 CET: Gonzalez to Parma and Cavanda on loan to Verona not yet done with 30 minutes to go. Both on the cards though. Tick tock.

21:57 CET: Reports now that Ceccarelli is set to sign for L'Aquila while Gianmarco Falasca is set to rescind his contract to join amateur club Viterbese.

21:50 CET: Interesting development on Ceccarelli's future. Lazio are willing to sell him to L'Aquila, the club have offered a two-year deal and Ceccarelli is apparently unconvinced. Not long ago, it was rumoured that Ceccarelli could not wait to leave, and that Lazio did not want to sell.

21:43 CET: Elez and Berardi's loan deals to Grosseto have been confirmed by the club on the official website.

21:11 CET: Apparently Juventus turned down Lazio's bid for Giovinco. Like the bid we made in January only for Giovinco to say it never happened? Have my doubts about that one.

21:04 CET: There is a meeting taking place in a nearby hotel in Milan where personal terms will be discussed for Gonzalez. It is still on with two hours to go.

20:53 CET: This Giovinco to Lazio rumour continues to rumble along in the background. Surely not?

20:52 CET: Elez and Berardi have reportedly agreed to join Grosseto on loan.

20:35 CET: Lazio have deposited the contracts of Alessandro Bellistri and commentator's favourite, Ijiemuan Folorunsho. They arrive from ASD Savio on loan.

20:33 CET: Parma are having quite a day of it. One minute Zaccadro is theirs and Biabiany is being unveiled by Milan and the next, everything is off. That means the Gonzalez deal has been sidelined for the timebeing. But could it fall through?

20:27 CET: Ceccarelli close to L'Aquila now. If the club can conclude some of these potential deals, then they can start talking to Verona about Cavanda.

20:23 CET: Josip Elez looks set to join Grosseto. Despite all the early afternoon interest, they are the only club currently in the race and the clock is ticking.

20:18 CET: Franco Zavaglia is reportedly in Tare's box discussing something or other. Interesting, as he has been spotted conversing with Calveri throughout the day and he is an agent that is trusted by the club but lacks in quality clients. Is their something up the sleeve here, or are we just trying to smuggle a few talents in before the end of the window.

20:08 CET: According to Cittaceleste, Tommaso Ceccarelli is open to a move to anywhere, but Lazio are not as keen to facilitate a move. Only three hours to go.

19:39 CET: Lazio have deposited contracts with the league. The club have signed Mirko Silvestri and Corrado Natali from Aprilia and Montefiascone respectively. Silvestri's deal is permanent, Natali arrives on loan.

19:12 CET: The delay of the Gonzalez deal appears to be linked to the need for his agent to conclude other business. Gonzalez is set to become a Parma player any moment now, according to TMW.

19:07 CET: Four hours to go now, and we wait on news on Alvaro Gonzalez's departure to Parma. There is a chance Cavanda could go to Hellas Verona and Ciani could go to West Ham, but those are slim possibilities at the moment. Much can happen in four hours though.

18:51 CET: That awkward moment when a Lazio news source decides to use #LazioLand on Twitter to talk about swingers in Rome. If anyone wants to figure out that one for me while I focus on rumours, be my guest.

18:45 CET: have noted the presence of the D'Amico brothers at ATAHotel and are suggesting Sebastian Giovinco is on his way out, with Lazio as a possible destination. This is when you know boredom is kicking in.

18:36 CET: TMW claim that Luis Cavanda did not refuse Besiktas, rather Lotito refused Besiktas. Cavanda has a long-term deal and apparently the offer did not meet expectations.

18:32 CET: Gonzalez to Parma is almost final. Apparently it will be an initial loan deal with an obligation to sign the Uruguayan permanently. Rumours that the total sum will be around 4 million euro, but that is very speculative.

18:26 CET: Rumours that Aurimas Vilkaitis - Lazio's Lithuanian centre-back who has been capped for his country - could have his contract rescinded. 

18:23 CET: Sky claim that Ciani to West Ham is now 'unlikely'. Was waiting on that. Unlikely, as in, never in the pipeline?

18:18 CET: Ciani has been closing in on a move to West Ham for about seven hours now. Anyone else beginning to think it is only a matter of time before it is declared a media invention? Time is running out.

18:16 CET: Sampdoria now denying that they ever had any interest in signing Alvaro Gonzalez. 

18:05 CET: Santiago Carrera's agent, Viincenzo D'Ippolito has denied Lazio have any interest in his client. As I said earlier, there is a difference between monitoring someone and trying to sign them, a detail that is often overlooked on a day like today.

17:52 CET: Lazio appear to be doing a decent job today of offloading players, but as yet, no one has actually left the club. Come on guys, you know our history with the fax machine.

17:48 CET: claim Hellas Verona have asked about Luis Cavanda's availability. He's very available, but I am sure they know that.

17:42 CET: The transfer window in England is open an hour longer than in Italy so if West Ham's interest is true, Lazio can afford to work on domestic matters for the next few hours. Rumours now that Lazio are looking to offload Falasca to Viterbese for the season. They are in Serie D, so that is a complex one.

17:32 CET: Reports in England that Ciani will sign for West Ham on loan with a view to making the move permanent. Sources are not the most credible by any means, but with only 12 months to run on his deal, that may require a contract extension to go through in which case, not the easiest deal to negotiate.

17:30 CET: Alessandro Berardi's transfer to Grosseto is set to be finalised. The deal has been on all day, but there was talk that the player himself needed some time to think about the move. Seems he has made his choice.

17:26 CET: Good point raised on Twitter about Gonzalez's loan deal equating to little or no money coming in. It was reported that Lazio have spent 16 million in this window, but have another 16 million to pay off at a later date. Considering we sold Hernanes for 20 million, and the fact we're in the green, there is no need to sell anyone today to cover the costs, but surely that day will come sooner rather than later.

17:24 CET: Rumours circulate in Milan that Lazio are trying to steal Santiago Carrera from under Sampdoria's noses. Finding it difficult to believe. Nothing concrete on the Ciani to West Ham rumour, and Lazio hardly feel the need to have a sixth centre-back.

17:18 CET: Can't help but feel Parma have played us and played us good. They send us Marco Parolo for 5.5 million, and then they wait until the final day and snatch the perfect replacement from us for little or nothing. Not done yet, but hard to see this deal falling through. Thoughts? Keen to hear them, get them in on Twitter or Facebook using #LazioLand

17:14 CET: Alessandro Lucci has told the media that Gonzalez will not be joining Sampdoria, but is on the verge of joining Parma on loan with a buyout clause. Watch this space.

17:04 CET: Alessandro Lucci - Gonzalez's agent - is in conversation with Armando Calveri, the man Lazio pay to do up contracts. Is Gonzalez's departure imminent, and if so, where is he off to? Crucial minutes.

16:56 CET: The Doria saga could be put to bed this evening as there are reports that Marseille have offered 10 million for the Brazilian starlet. Lazio cannot compete with that, and would not even try.

16:55 CET: Sampdoria are reportedly much closer to Santiago Carrera than Lazio. Much closer.

16:31 CET: Tare has been at ATAHotel for almost three hours now, but no updates as he seems to be incredibly busy with negotiations, apparently to do with Gonzalez. At some point, he will come out and surely be asked a few questions, but until then, we wait.

16:24 CET: Tommaso Ceccarelli's agent has informed the media that L'Aquila, FeralpiSalo, Lecce and Foggia are all interested in his client, but Lazio are only prepared to send the player out on loan.

16:17 CET: Sampdoria reportedly set to hold talks with Lazio about Alvaro Gonzalez. 

16:12 CET: West Ham fans on Twitter seem incredibly optimistic about Mike Ciani's chances of joining the club, and they seem to think he would be a stellar signing. Fifth choice centre-back at Lazio, one year left to run on his deal - no-brainer for Lazio if there is an offer on the table. 

16:03 CET: To my knowledge, Carrera has an Italian passport so he won't take up the last remaining non-EU spot, should he arrive.

15:57 CET: Ciani's future is very much up in the air right now, with the West Ham speculation intensifying. Lazio are said to be looking to replace him with Carrera who I just mentioned, but I think that is a lazy guess from the media. Carrera has the same agent as Ledesma and a few days ago, that same agent said Lazio were interested in him. The agent did not say Lazio wanted to sign him. Significant difference.

15:55 CET: For those who are wondering, the transfer window closes at 11pm CET. Just over seven hours to go.

15:52 CET: On that subject, we know Lazio are monitoring the progress of 20 year-old Uruguayan centre-back Santiago Carrera, but I would be surprised if we try to sign him today.

15:50 CET: I've been asked on Twitter if Lazio may look to sign a player today to come in the winter. I think it is very likely that Lazio are weighing up options for January already, but there is no need to get that deal done today. There are other priorities and of course the deadline is only for transfers in the current window.

15:39 CET: As for Sculli, nothing on him today. Frostly relationship with the club to say the least, you would hope they will try to move him on today. Does anyone want him though? Calcioscommesse may have damaged his reputation, even if he was not charged.

15:38 CET: Few queries coming in on Twitter, appreciate those guys. Regarding Balanta, the latest was that River Plate wanted to keep him after all. I think the player himself would be keen on a move to the right club, but not convinced the right club came in for him.

15:14 CET: It has gone a bit quiet in Milan, but people need to eat, I guess. Berardi is close to Grosseto, but the deal is not yet done.

14:44 CET: Sunderland have announced that they have terminated Mobido Diakite's contract. Will he become a target for the clubs that were looking at paying a fee for Ciani? Very similar players.

14:40 CET: Any thoughts on events so far today? Any players you would like to see leave? Any players you would like to see come in? Get involved on Twitter or Facebook using #LazioLand and I will try to respond to some of your comments. Get them in early and I will definitely respond, unless I fall asleep, of course. That's very possible actually.

14:33 CET: LazioNews24 are suggesting Alvaro Gonzalez is on the verge of signing for Parma. All quiet elsewhere on that one, but Tare is surely at the ATAHotel for a reason.

14:30 CET: Candreva's other agent (seriously? the man needs two agents?) has confirmed that his client is off on international duty and that contract negotiations will take place in the near future. His other agent jokingly told reporters that Candreva had already been sold when he arrived at the ATAHotel so either his agents have a dark sense of humour, or Candreva is going nowhere today.

14:18 CET: believe Lazio are currently working on selling Alessandro Berardi to Grosseto. Berardi played second fiddle to another ex-Primavera goalkeeper Simone Iannarilli at Salernitana last year and regular football is exactly what he needs. It will be interesting to see if any potential deal involves a buyout clause, because he was quite a prospect a few years ago.

14:00 CET: RadioSei are claiming that Luis Cavanda has refused to move to Besiktas.

13:58 CET: A friend of mine - a West Ham fan - informs me that L'Equipe in France are reporting that big Mike Ciani is a target for big Sam Allardyce.

13:53 CET: Igli Tare has arrived at the ATAHotel. Something significant enough is going down. Cavanda? Gonzalez? Time will tell.

13:29 CET: Frosinone have now joined the race for Elez. Who would've thought one of the Primavera contingent would become the centre of attention at the ATAHotel? Early days though.

13:23 CET: Alessandro Lucci, agent of Alvaro Gonzalez, has arrived at the ATAHotel. Parma and Sampdoria are keen according to Sky Italia's Gianluca Di Marzio.

13:21 CET: Lazio have been close to Patric of Barcelona for quite a while now, but with four right-backs at the club already, this deal will not happen today according to the latest reports.

13:20 CET: Alessandro Di Mario - who has not been playing football in recent years - is in negotiations with Rieti. He has a difficult choice between picking up a salary and playing football. Today may be the day he chooses football.

13:18 CET: Josip Elez and Milos Antic are of interest to Modena, who are among the favourites for promotion to Serie A. It would be far from an ideal destination for either player, but Lazio are running out of options.

13:17 CET: FeralpiSalo are also in the race for Tommaso Ceccarelli. He spent last season on loan there and did quite well, but surely he was hoping for a move to a bigger club.

13:10 CET: Calveri is juggling a few balls at once now. He has just had a quick discussion with Grosseto, believed to be about Croatian defender Josip Elez. Cavanda, Elez and Ceccarelli all set to be sent away by the end of the day.

12:51 CET: Fiorentina are about to secure Micah Richards from Manchester City and that is leading people to believe a Konko move is out of the question. Montella is set to play a back four this season, but I wouldn't rule out a second right-back coming in as it very much depends on whether he sees Nenad Tomovic as a centre-back or a right-back. 

12:41 CET: Antonio Candreva's agent Andrea Moretti has arrived at the ATAHotel. He insists, however, that nothing will happen with Candreva until the window is slammed shut. Perhaps a late night meeting to discuss a Candreva renewal? If so, he's only 12 hours early. Punctual guy.

12:35 CET: Ulisse Savini - agent of Cavanda - is now in discussions with Armando Calveri. Calveri's job is to draft up contracts and finalise deals, so if he is going solo today, it is because deals are already lined up or in place. Both Lotito and Tare are in Milan though, so there is a possibility of bigger deals being done later, but at this early stage, Lazio are merely tying up some loose ends.

12:27 CET: There is a rumour that someone from Fiorentina called someone from Lazio to ask about Abdoulay Konko's availability. Interesting development, but the focus is most definitely on sending Cavanda away permanently. 

12:22 CET: That being said, Calveri is in discussion with Serie C side Foggia. Tommaso Ceccarelli was reportedly on their radar, so we can assume the negotiation is for him.

12:20 CET: General secretary Armando Calveri has said it will be a quiet day for Lazio and that Igli Tare may not even turn up, as there is no one at the hotel today. Oh. Well, this is going to be fun. Anyone got any good jokes?

12:14 CET: The club are not expected to bring any new players in today, but opportunities will arise at ATAHotel and as we know from the Yilmaz saga, Lazio will look to take them (but will probably fail). Alejandro Gomez has been mentioned as a possible option, but difficult to see where he would fit in at Lazio. Can't see it happening.

12:13 CET: As for Gianluca Pollace, he will not be going anywhere today unless something comes out of the blue. His agent has confirmed that Lazio see him as a great talent for the future and want him to continue his development in the Primavera.

12:10 CET: Gianmarco Falasca was tipped to join Tommaso Rocchi and Emilson Cribari at Hungarian side Haladas, but that deal appears to be off. Lazio will probably look to send him somewhere by the end of today.

11.45 CET: We're underway at the now infamous ATAHotel where the whole of Serie A and beyond convenes on the final day of the transfer window to do their business. Lazio could have a busy day with plenty of players on the fringe whose futures need to be sorted out. Top priority is surely relocating Luis Pedro Cavanda. The Belgian wing-back is on Fiorentina and Verona's radar as well as Southampton and Sunderland, but Besiktas are the frontrunners.
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