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  05/09/2014: Keita: "I try to give my best for the team and honour the shirt"
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Lazio’s young starlet Keita Balde gave an interview after the loss against Milan at the start of the season.

What can you say about the first game of the season?

It was a tough game. We played well but their counter-attacks were deadly.

What difficulties did you encounter in attack?

When we received the ball up front in wasn’t easy to turn around and aim at goal. We were well marked. We tried to play but there was something missing in our game.

How were your first two performances?

We are still at the beginning. Now we have to think about our next game against Cesena. We have to win.

Has your morale dropped after the defeat at San Siro?

We are strong. The morale in the team is high and I think only about winning. Our thoughts are towards our next opponent and we expect only a win.

What is your goal for the season?

I want to take part in as much games as possible and score more goals. I try to give my best for the team and honour the shirt. We work hard every day.

What is Lazio’s objective for the season?

The sky is our limit. We have a great team and we bought some good players. We train and we aim high.

What have you brought from Barcelona?

Barcelona has one of the best youth academies in the world. There are so many things I learned there. Technically I have improved a lot since then. My possession of the ball is also better.

Do you feel comfortable in the 4-3-3 tactics?

For my style it’s the best. I’ve played a lot with this tactic as a youth player. We can play a high pressure game. You can’t learn things like this in two days. You need more time and the coach gives his advice all the time.

What about Pioli?

He is a coach who likes to get the ball, pass it and attack and defend as a team. Everything has to be done that way.

Klose said that he wants to be a coach when he ends his career. Can you see him in that role?

I have already joked with him that I can see him as a coach. He has the ability to be a good coach. He is a great player and will surely be a great coach.

How important are the fans for you?

Having the fans close to us on the stands means a lot. They give us a great boost.

You won’t be playing in Europe this season. Is this an advantage for you?

Our aim is to qualify for Europe. We always think about our next game and train as hard as we can.

What’s the team’s physical level?

We are feeling well, both physically and tactically.

What is your best weapon?

Everyone say that I’m really good at dribbling but I work hard and try to improve my game on a daily basis.

What do you want to say to the Lazio fans?

I hope that they will be with us for the game against Cesena so that they can see me scoring a goal. 

Author: Martin Meranzov
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