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  04/10/2014: "It was a beautiful night": Tounkara
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Mamadou Tounkara recently took some time out to speak to Lazio Style Radio 89.3 following the Primavera sides' Italian Super Cup triumph over Chievo Verona;

How did the match go?

"There was great emotion before, during and after the match against Chievo. It was the only trophy we were missing from last year and so we had the chance to go for it and were victorious".

On the eve of the match there were high expectations placed on you. How did you live up to this?

"The goal was for the team to win, and nothing else. You know, a final is a game in itself. We are a focused team and we had the desire to do well, especially so the players who were here last season and wanted to redeem the disappointment suffered last year. We have shown that if we play as a group then we can bring home great results".

It was a painful game. Was it one you could have won earlier?

"We could have won more easily, I agree. During the first half we could have scored two or three goals but the most important thing is that we were able to bring home the victory".

How would you rate your performance?

"It was a group performance. Everyone works hard for each other and so I was fine, we are constantly growing as a team".

You brought with you some regret for the defeat against Juventus last year. Was it a boost for you?

"From the beginning we knew that we could not afford to make any mistakes like last years match. We made history against Chievo".

How did you celebrate?

"It was a beautiful night. Some players returned to the hotel straight away. I could not take it anymore, I also went back at the hotel and went to sleep. I gave everything on the pitch and needed rest".

Can this be an important victory also for the Italian championship?

"Yes, we can go far, we always have the same collective desire to win".

Who do you dedicate the victory in the Super Cup to?

"In the first place to ourselves for the disappointment of last year. Then to those around us and especially to the fans who always support us and give us a boost".

With the new players having joined this season, how much help are you giving them?

"They all have a great desire to win. The coach is great and all the players are on the same page. We are forming a very good group".

What are the differences between working in the Primavera group and in the first team at Lazio?

"The modes and style of play in the first team changes a lot. When you have the ball you have to stay awake and be much quicker with what you want to do and what you actually do. Overall the play is faster".

Simone Inzaghi has created a group that is already very strong, so what are its core characteristics?

"The coach for us is first a father, then a coach. This is a huge asset. But there are also moments of seriousness. Thanks to him we are adapting well and playing good football".

As Inzaghi was also a striker, does he give you specific advice as to what to do in certain situations?

"When I play from outside the box he especially gives me a lot of help and positive advice. He often helps me and I really value his advice".

You have a great bond with Balde Keita. How about your other teammates?

"In general I am close with everyone. Even though the Primavera group is a relatively new group we are all close. I am fine with everyone".

What is your messages to the fans of Lazio and your future here?

"The fans here are great. They give me the creeps! I have a great desire to show what I can do. I will arrive in the first team, slowly but with time I am coming and will give it my all".

Author: Boris Pechev
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