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  10/10/2014: Signori: "I lived Lazio"
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Giuseppe Signori will forever be remembered by Lazio fans for his passion, his drive but most of all his left foot. The striker from Alzano Lombardo is Lazio's second all time top scorer behind Silvio Piola and won the Capocannonieri title 3 times while in Rome. In an interview with ElleRadio, Signori remembers his time at Lazio:

"My first day at Lazio was very traumatic. I missed the meeting. At that time there was no navigation and I got lost with my father on the streets of Rome. Eventually we called a taxi. I arrived at Lazio to replace an idol, Ruben Sosa. There was curiosity but also skepticism. I had a strong start and this definitely helped me as well as the team to achieve important results. We got back into Europe after so many years out. A new Lazio was being born, with the addition of new champions but especially the new president."

It was Sergio Cragnotti who brought Signori to Rome, a man who Beppegol still sees regularly:

"I saw him last Thursday. He was here in Bologna and I have his wine in my restaurant, so we met. We've always had a father-son relationship. Regardless of the Parma transfer situation, ours has always been a relationship of great respect. When you win the Capocannonieri title two years in a row you might expect an adjustment on your contract, he was the only president that if you asked him for one Euro, he'd give you two".

Signori spent five years at Lazio and played with and against many great players during what many consider Serie A's golden period. Signori commented on some of these:

"I have a lasting memory of Paul Gascoigne, a great person but with a character outside the field, too fragile. It is obvious that alcoholism is a complicated battle, the last time I saw him was in 1994, he seemed quite well and I thought he had passed his troubles. Unfortunately today I read that he continues to fall into the same problems. Who was the strongest player? This might seem like a paradox, but for me, the most technically gifted was Giovanni Stroppa. He did not get the career he deserved probably because, although he had an extra ordinary technique, mentally he couldn't make the leap. Then I have never seen anyone jump like Riedle. Even though he was tall, he could stay in the air that second more than the defender that allowed him to score his goals."

"Then there was Boksic. I believe Alen to be one of the strongest talents ever. He had a explosive force associated with a technique which made him devastating. He only lacked to be a little more cynical in front of goal. Opponents? It is not to belittle those who play today, but then there were genuine defenders: Baresi, Maldini, Costacurta, Galli and Tassotti, and that was just Milan. There was one player who made me suffer a lot, I'm talking about Aldair."

Signori was asked whether he had any regrets while at Lazio:

"One big regret was the relationship I had with Eriksson. It was what made me make an important decision in my career, one I never wanted to make. I would have stayed at Lazio for life. The problem was not whether I played or not, it was a human issue. Being treated like a 'Primavera' after what I had done seemed excessive. Each coach has his own ideas and is paid to make choices but they should not be done without respect for the other person."

Signori scored 127 goals for Lazio and one goal in particular has stayed in the memory:

"The Lazio-Inter 3-1 of 1992. It was the classic goal that everyone dreams about. Being able to dribble past everyone and then to score, it is the most beautiful goal because of everything it had. There was strength, belief, was complete."
Author: Giannino Capaldi
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