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  21/10/2014: Perea: "I want to score enough to help Perugia return to Serie A"
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Brayan Perea has spoken about his present and his future in an interview with

After returning to training, the first goal has come. What does it mean to you?

"I am delighted. When you suffer an injury such as mine, it is bad, but with this goal, I am smiling again."

You've set a target of goals?

"No, I have not set a target, I want to score enough to help Perugia return to Serie A."

You wanted to stop the ball with your heel?

"Yes, because I did not want to kick with my left foot. Before the ball arrived to me, I had thought about how to take it on my right."

How hard was the rehabilitation?

"During recovery, many things are expected but the important thing is not to give up. I always thought to keep going, and I chose to stay quiet and this helped me a lot. I want to get back into shape and have a good season."

The injury was an accidental clash with Thomas Strakosha?

"Friendship is found in such cases. He came to visit me at my home, which was very important."

In the summer, you went home to Colombia. Was that to help you return as quickly as possible?

"Yes, I got to stay close to my family who helped me through this difficult time."

Do you think without this injury, things would be different?

"Yes, without this injury I would have stayed at Lazio but football is like that. Now I am with Perugia and I am happy. I must this opportunity to get better."

Why did you choose Perugia?

"I wanted to play, and then, Perugia is a Serie A club, although a long time ago. It is an important team. I had other offers, but I immediately wanted Perugia. Life is good and the city is quiet. Of course, Rome is different..."

You are sharing this experience with another Lazio player, Vinicius?

"Yes, when I accepted this move, he did not know where he was going. I am glad he's here."

You have a special friendship with Felipe Anderson, you are friend for life. Why do you think he is not succeeding?

"What Felipe Anderson has is not a mental block or problem. If you want a player to go to the top, you have to continue playing him because you grow only by playing. It is difficult to establish yourself when you play, and then maybe go five games without playing. Serie A waits for no one, but he has no problem; if he plays, he'll show his talent."

And Keita is not having a good time?

"Keita is not new, if you've seen him play you'll notice his quality. I, Felipe and Keita are young and realise that we must wait for our moment. Serie A is where they play big players with experience."

In a few years, Lazio will have a Keita, Perea, Felipe Anderson trident?

"In football, you never know. We hope that things go well for the three of us."

Have you ever spoken to Pioli?

"We have only spoken once, it is not enough to know a person. We spoke about my injury, I have not seen him since."

Igli Tare in particular has never hid his appreciation for you?

"I know he cares about me and wants me to become a strong player, and this is a big responsibility for me. Now I have to think about playing well and then coming back."

Do you want to make a promise to the fans of Lazio?

"I really do not like making promises or talk. Many people talk, I prefer facts. I think to do things right, I prove everything on the field, that is best."
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