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  24/10/2014: Onazi: I'll score on Sunday if Antonio passes the ball!
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Ogenyi Onazi, now beginning to find his feet again having suffered an injury at the World Cup, is set to start against Torino on Sunday. He visited the LazioStyle Radio studio for a brief interview, which began with a question about the strict diet Lazio players are being asked to adhere to:

"Yes, we are now on a diet. We cannot eat what we want. Watermelon is good for us, even though fruit are full of sugar."

"We're fine now, we are training with the right rhythm. We must always be focused, knowing that a win will help achieve our goal of the Champions League."

"On Sunday we have to win by force. We are in good shape, we run a lot and help each other. We go into the field only to win."

"In Palermo, we spoke among ourselves and said we need to put a run of wins in a row to score points and so it was. Did we win because I played? No, it was thanks to the whole group."

"For me, there have been little changes. I am a midfielder and I need to be able to play on the left and the right. At home, from the TV, you see 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 but when the game begins, everything changes. It depends on the game. If everyone runs, it benefits the whole team. You run and stick together."

Onazi recalled moments where he was influential in games and joked that Candreva was faster on the ball than off it, before discussing the World Cup.

"For a 22 year-old boy to play in the World Cup, it is not an everyday thing. A champion like George Weah never had the chance so I think god for this opportunity. It was a wonderful experience. We were happy, we sang, and were thankful for the opportunity. The whole world is watching that game and you want to give your best because you're an idol."

"I've grown a lot since the African Cup of Nations. I grew every day, which enabled me to go to the World Cup."

"If we continue winning our games with malice, we will make Europe. We're lacking a bit of this, that is true, but we have to continue like this. It's nice to travel Europe with the team, beyond the field, getting to know countries having been victorious is nice. We want to go back to Europe."

Asked when he will score again, Onazi was optimistic:

"Sunday! If Antonio passes the ball! [Onazi laughs]. The goal at the San Siro? I never thought I could score that goal, but that's football. These goals are often unexpected. Between the one in Milan and the one in Stuttgart? I choose the one against Inter."

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