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  06/11/2014: Djordjevic: "My dream is to score in the Derby"
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It took you very little time to settle in Serie A
"Everything is easier if you play with great players. The whole team helps me, this is very important to me."

Lazio is third, can you stay there?
"We have a team with a lot of quality, we all want to stay in third place. We will do everything to succeed."

How is your relationship with Klose?
"I like to play with a player as important as him. He is a great striker, one of the best in the world at the moment. There is no jealousy between us as we play the same role. Miro is helping me so much."

What is different with respect to the French league?
"There are many differences. We work a lot on tactics here and on set pieces. This is much more important than it is in France where they work more on the physical side. I love playing here."

What has impressed you most about Rome?
"The fans are already talking about the Derby even though it is three months away. I like everything about Rome, the city is beautiful, everyone is nice to me. I'm very happy.

How many goals can you score this season?
"It's too early to say, we have to remain in third place, this is more important than the invidual results. I want to help the team do well."

Can you play with Klose?
"It is the coach who decides if he plays with one striker or two. We are here to do well and score as many goals as possible. I like to play with him, it's easy to play alongside a player as important as him."

What is the secret to this team?
"We work really hard, every day of the week. There is one goal, we all work together for the same thing: to remain in thrid."

What do you think of Pioli?
"He is a coach who is doing very well at Lazio, he is working very hard with the team."

What is your dream?
"Scoring in the Derby. It's the most important thing for all Laziali."

Some have compared you to Chinaglia and Vieri
"It's nice to be compared to great players."

Do you remember anything about Mihajlovic and Stankovic at Lazio? Do you hope to get to that level yourself?
"I know that Lazio won with them. At that moment Lazio were the greatest team in Europe, they made the Champions League for many years. Now the situation has changed a bit. I hope we can return to those levels."

Which of your five goals do you prefer so far?
"I prefer the first I scored in Serie A. After that everything was easier."

What secret would you steal form Klose?
"He is one who works very hard for the team, he helps a lot. In this area he is very strong. I hope one day to be able to do it as he does."
Author: Giannino Capaldi
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