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  19/11/2014: Klose: "It’s always a pleasure for me to help my team mates"
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Lazio’s World champion Miroslav Klose found some time to speak to Lazio Style Radio. The winner of the Mondial in Brazil and top scorer of all time on the championships gave an interview about his club and national team:

How did the training go this week?

“We are training hard. We are waiting for some of the international players to return. Now I can relax and watch international football on TV. I enjoyed watching Germany against Spain last night, as well as Italy against Albania.”

What are your thoughts about Juventus?

“They are a great team and if we want to beat them we have to work hard. There is nothing to lose. We know that at home with our fans we can win the game. They charge us every time. The noise coming from the stands is phenomenal.”

What do you think about the fans?

“We need them. Last year we played in front of an empty stadium. We need our fans and their trust in us.”

How does it feel not to be playing in Europe this season?

“We can go back in Europe if we train well and give 100% every game. Everyone tries to help the others in the team. This is the Lazio I like seeing. We surely miss playing in Europe but this way we can give even more energy when we play once a week.”

How would you comment your goal against Torino?

“An attacker has to be aware all the time and expect anything at any time and be ready to react as quickly as possible. Candreva has a nice shot. It’s hard to keep it in your hands and that is why I stay close to the goalkeepers in such moments.”

What do you think of this Lazio?

“I’m quite happy with the group we have at the moment and Mr. Pioli is doing a great job. We have to make sacrifices in games like the one versus Juventus to win valuable points. Even if something goes wrong in training we like to talk it over. I always want to know and explain how I see things. It’s always a pleasure for me to help my team mates. I like talking not only to the youngsters, to every single team member. We are professionals and we don’t have to drink, we have to eat right and go to bed early. I have always felt well and look at me – I’m always ready for a sprint. Like I said I like talking to everyone – even to experienced people like Pioli, Ledesma and Mauri.”

Tell us about your first and last goals for Germany?

“My first international goal was against Albania. I came in as a substitute and scored for 2-1. My last goal against Brazil at the World Cup came after a lot of injuries that I’ve had in the past months and I managed to make my comeback to the national team. If you work hard and your friends and family believe in you and help you in the hard moments you will get what you deserve. Winning the World Cup is the best feeling I’ve experienced. The final wasn’t easy. “

What were you thinking in the day of the World Cup final?

“I thought that I had to win that cup and raise it to the sky. Before the game I was thinking that a world champion will come back to Lazio. I’m just sorry for Lucas.”

Who do you think should win the Golden Ball?

“I’d give it to Manuel Neuer. Of course that Messi and Ronaldo are the best players in the world. Manuel is phenomenal. He is one of the best professionals I know. I hope he wins the Golden Ball.”

Where do you think Lazio can finish this season?

“We will see. The team has what it takes to qualify for Europe. It won’t be easy but we will fight for our place.”

What would you say to the fans before the important game on Saturday?

“I can’t promise them that we will win. If the stands are full and we, the players, give everything we can we have a chance to beat Juventus.” 

Author: Martin Meranzov
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