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  22/01/2015: Lotito: "We are completing our puzzle piece by piece"
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Claudio Lotito was also present at the press conference of the new Brazilian signing Mauricio and answered some questions:

The new jersey is selling like hotcakes…

“We expected that to happen. We fought a lot so that this can happen. We found serious partners that helped us re-launch the brand. We have already prepared a further request for this historical shirt. I hope that the fans will identify these values”.

Are there any chances of Hoedt arriving in January?

“We were correct with AZ Alkmaar the whole time. Until the last moment we wanted to take him now but a deal couldn’t be struck because of their conditions. We are focusing a lot on young players. Our youth Academy will also be essential for our future”.

What about the Balotelli rumours?

“Who wants to join Lazio must meet our standards. When I arrived at the club a lot of players wanted out of here and now there are so many rumours of players who want to join Lazio”.

Would you like to comment on the refereeing this season?

“It’s not my job to comment what they are doing. I have always tried to defend them. With Tavecchion in charge I tried to push for the goal line technology and we will have it next season. We just don’t want conspiracy”.

What do you think of Lazio’s chances to finish in the top 3?

“It depends on many things. In the last games we managed to take what we deserved. Lazio is a team that can compete on par with everyone. The fans are supporting the team which they did not do last season. The club is trying to grow in every possible way. We want to attract more and more big players and we are trying to cover up the budget difference with the other teams. We spend between 90 and 100 million per year while the other teams spend 300 million”.

What do you think of the clashes outside the stadium and the closing of different parts of the stands?

“After Lazio – Tottenham we were accused of something that I heard only from some inspectors. I talked with UEFA about that and showed that only 28 out of 45 thousand people were shouting racist chants. And you close a stadium because of a few individuals? Why was only Lazio punished last year? We can’t be responsible for every single person that comes out and say that they are Lazio fans. We can’t control these people out of the stadium. Such measures are an economic disaster. Rules should be followed, people have to be punished but only those who commit crimes and not those who have done nothing”.

Do you fear from your next opponent (Milan) even though they have problems?

“Our game with Napoli was played in one part of the field but we lost. We have to go out with our minds set that if the players don’t give 100% on the pitch they won’t win the game no matter of Milan’s current form”.

Can we expect more signings before the end of the transfer period?

“We have a complete team. I can even say that our squad is extra-large. We are growing step by step and are trying to climb the mountain as high as we can. We are completing our puzzle piece by piece”. 

Author: Martin Meranzov
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