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  26/02/2015: Bianchedi: "Santiago never missed a day of therapy"
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Santiago Gentiletti is on his last phase of recovery and can soon start training with his team mates. The Argentine defender spent the last part of his recovery in one of FIFA’s medical centres, Isokinetic clinic where Radiosei managed to speak with the director of that clinic Diana Bianchedi about Gentiletti:

“Santiago is a very serious person. Usually we deal with athletes that are a bit more distracted and sometimes forget to come for their physiotherapy. He was really precise and never missed a day of therapy. Also Lazio’s staff was also quite often there with him. Dr. Lovati and Dr. Salvatori helped him a lot to go through that stage. He was really unlucky to get injured at the start of his new career as a Lazio player”.

How long does it take for a player with a similar injury to recover?

“Usually between 4 and 6 months but it really depends on several factors. During the Christmas holidays he was in Argentina and we had to follow his recovery there. He never stopped working and was very determined. Of course it will take more time to get back into a form where he can start playing regularly”.

What is the biggest challenge in a rehabilitation phase?

“As in all cases in which an athlete is forced to stay put for a long time the motivation is the biggest challenge. He had to do two sessions per day and every one of it was two hours long. The whole rehabilitation process is quite long. He never gave up, he left his kids at school in the morning and came to work with us. He immediately started working in the pool”.

How is his Italian?

“Good but when he wants (laughs). He is committed and trying his best. He knows his place. Usually after such a trauma an athlete wants to get back as soon as possible to what he is used to do. The trick is to always give there people an objective - small goals to achieve”.

How is Santiago doing now?

“He is recovering pretty well. He has some specific things to do after the physiotherapy has ended. He already had a few training sessions at Formello but like I said his training is more specific now. We wanted to bring him back to the training ground with his team mates as soon as possible because that will help him get back to the climate of the team”.

Now that he is back at Formello what are the biggest fears?

“Surely it’s the fear of beginning. We have to keep on working with him so that he can be fully ready to get back to the game and be able to withstand the intensity of a match. He surely isn’t afraid. He is clinically cured but that doesn’t mean anything at this stage. We still have a lot to work on so that he can be fully ready to start in a 90 minute game”.

What about the other injured players?

“Tomorrow I will see Ciani. We will have to make some tests to evaluate his current situation. After that I will give the information to Lazio’s medical staff and they will make their own assessments”. 

Author: Martin Meranzov
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