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  10/08/2015: Supecoppa Italiana in China: Danilo Cataldi's Birthday Party
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Aug 6th 2015 was the 21st birthday of la Lazio’s to-be-captain, Danilo Cataldi. GrandeLazio had planned for a long time to give him a surprise, a well-prepared birthday party held by Laziali from many cities in China, on that day when he is fortunately in Shanghai, China. The club readily consented when we talked about the party, and gave us a very positive response.

The number of Laziali to join the party is finally determined to be 11. We invited fans from different cities among China and left only two for GrandeLazio ourselves, one of which was Jieyi who had been in charge of the communication with the club, and I got the other luckily by drawing lots between Grandelazio members.

At 13:00 Aug 6th, we gathered at the gate of Langham Hotel, carrying presents with our respective regards. Danilo had been waiting for us in the party room, with a pleasant smile which can reflect his surprise and happiness for the unexpected birthday party. He put and lit 21 candles with us on the cake we prepared for him with our blessing, “Happy birthday, Danilo Cataldi”, and then blew them out in our singing of birthday songs in Italian we had learned earlier. The official photographer from la Lazio shot and recorded the memorable moment for us, and this photo was posted up to la Lazio’s official website soon after.

After the cake were special presents for Danilo from Laziali throughout China. Zhang Ke, a Laziale from Hunan, brought a paper-cut artwork depicting the moment Danilo wore la Lazio skipper’s armband for the first time in the game against Fiorentina. Danilo held and looked carefully at the artwork, and Zhang explained its meaning to him. GrandeLazio handed another impressive gift to Danilo, a piece of Lantian Jade from Zheng Mingzhe, a Laziali from Xi’an, which got his gasp in admiration. Then Danilo took photos with everyone with presents and signed for us all. When I held my jersey up, he wrote a long sentence on it, “Grazie per questa bella festa. Shanghai, 6/8/2015.” That was a great surprise for me, and I felt the gratitude and affection from the prince of la Lazio towards the birthday party, which meant that our efforts were not in vain.

During the party, Jieyi, GrandeLazio's marketing chief, taught Danilo to pronounce the name of our organization in Chinese. Smiling at the camera, Danilo imitated the pronunciation of the words "La Qi Ao Quan Zi Xun" (literally meaning GrandeLazio), and every one present was pleasantly surprised at how accurately he had said the words.

After the photograph and signing section, Danilo thanked us again, put our presents away carefully and waved farewell to us. The birthday party came to a pleasant close.

by Jiang Xize
Author: GrandeLazio
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