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  03/05/2011: The Aftermath of Lotito's accusations
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Lotito's words yesterday caused a chaos on the scene, and they have had many reprecussions.

A Lazio shareholder filed a law suit to investigate in incidents of refereeing that are harming Lazio and Claudio Lotito was called by the federal prosecutors to testify and record a statement on what he said to Sky yesterday. On the other hand FIGC president Abete responded to Lotito's statement.

Starting with the law suit, Professor Severino Antinori, a share holder of S.S. Lazio has begun legal procedings following the latest incidents concerning the capital club. The suit was described as "Legal action aimed at verifying the commision of the crime of sporting fraud to the detriment of Societa Sportiva Lazio".

In a statement issued by the law firm handling the suit the following was mentioned:
"The refereeing mistakes occurring against Lazio are affecting the outcome of the 2010-2011 season and thus causing economical damage to the shareholders of the club."

After the statements of Lotito yesterday, the Federal Prosecutor, Stefano Palazzi summoned Lotito to clarify his statements and submit them in writing.

The words of Lotito which put the whole system of sports in question at Italy required a response from FIGC. A statement by Giancarlo Abete said:
"Lotito is the president of a club that falls under the laws of the sports system. He has the right to object in favor of his club, but there are etiquettes for such objections. The press is not the correct place to voice your objections, if concerns are found, Lotito is welcome to come discuss them with us."

Abete continued: "Lotito must not arouse the culture of suspicion against the institutions, this is why we asked the federal prosecutor Palazzi to call Lotito for a meeting to present the facts at his disposal. We all admit that there are mistakes, we are aware of them, but to show that they are intended against one team over the other is not accurate. We understand that the declarations of Lotito came after suffering the loss of important points that could affect the standings, and he is not alone. Many club presidents complain at the end of the season."

It is no secret that Lazio players, staff and Lotito feel the club are being victimised after the latest referee blunders cost Lazio again against Juventus last night and the professor has decided to commence legal procedings against the actions that are affecting Lazio as a "sacraficial victim".

(Giannino Capaldi and Mahyar Yahfoufi)
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