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  06/05/2011: Giannichedda: "Lazio deserves the 4th spot"
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Former Lazio and Udinese midfielder Giuliano Giannichedda spoke to ilTempo about the mouthwatering clash of the weekend between his former two teams. Giannichedda who recently acquired a diploma that allows him to work as a sporting director thought Lazio have the upper hand.

Asked about Lazio's surprise this season and whether there is a single player behind it, Guiliano said:
"There is growing confidence at Lazio, and this is not attributed to a single player. This is something being built over the years. Don't forget that Lazio has passed through a very difficult economical situation, and they are just emerging again now. The future is definitely bright. The team has made a huge step forward this year, but they still need to improve."

Asked to elaborate on the improvement part, Guiliano continued: "Lazio have nearly failed in all the big tests this year, they need more maturity and confidence."

The game against Udinese is the last chance for both teams to fight off an AS Roma who seems to be the favorite to make it.
"Many things will be decided this weekend. In the past weeks, the favorites were changing every round, but this week will show a lot. There are now three teams fighting for the fourth place, and if Roma beat Milan this weekend, they will be heavy favorites. But the game in Udine is definitely the most important."

Asked to predict a winner, Guiliano was evasive: "Lazio are physically better, but Udinese have the home advantage. Both teams are under pressure, for Udinese it is the will to go to the champions league, for Lazio it is the fear of disappointment. Besides it will be difficult, Reja has to play without Mauri and Ledesma, while Udinese have Sanchez and Di Natalie in doubt."

Guliano was then asked on his opinion on the key player at Lazio and his choice was for Maurito: "Zarate is a key player, I watched the game against Juve, and he plays very well. His only negative point is that he does not pass the ball as much as needed."

Finally Guiliano answered the question on who is the most deserving team for the 4th position, and his answer was:

"Lazio definitely, and not just because they occupy the spot now. Lazio have been at the top in the standings all season long. For them getting the 4th spot would award a very good season. I repeat, I believe the team will have a good future, they have a good backbone, and Reja has done very well."

Mahyar Yahfoufi
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