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  18/05/2011: Oddo: "If I play against Udinese, I will give my all to help Lazio !"
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Former Lazio Captain and current Milan player, Massimo Oddo, spoke to Radio Six about his feelings for Lazio, and the deciding game in the last round.

Oddo was interviewed on Radio Six, and when asked how does he think of Lazio's season, the former biancoceleste said:

"I think Lazio had an excellent season. There are four teams that did better than expected, and these are Napoli, Lazio, Palermo, and Udinese, but besides Napoli, Lazio did the best amongst those. Now of course having been high in the standings all season, laziali might feel bitter if they do not get the 4th place, but nothing is decided yet."

Then Oddo was questioned about Milan's commitment, as the fate of the biancoceleste depends on Milan winning in Udine.
"We want to do well in Udine, and I know our game will be followed closely as it decides who will get the 4th place, but Milan will give their best, we have shown this in the game against Cagliari."

Then Oddo showed his feelings of love for Lazio as he was asked whether he played this last game, if he would be thinking about Lazio.

"If I played this last game, yes I would be thinking about Lazio. I am a laziale, I love the colors, the fans, and I still have a good relationship with many of those at Formello. I have not discussed this with Nesta, but I think he will be thinking the same. Milan will take the game seriously. We know that all eyes will be on us."

Asked about whom he still remembers at Lazio, Oddo mainly named Manzini:

"I still have a feeling for Manzini, the team manager, in addition to the players. In Rome, there are many people who work and give their all for Lazio. I was the captain there, so I have a special relationship with the staff."

Asked about his opinion about Lazio's needed reinforcement and his opinion about Reja, Oddo said:

"Lazio have nearly a complete squad. Now for European games, they would need some experienced players. For a team to do good in Europe, you must have two ready squads, or you end up suffering in one of the competitions. As for Reja, he did a great job, the results speak for themselves."

Then Oddo was asked about Zarate and Hernanes and said:

"Zarate is worth being patient with him, Lazio has invested a lot in him. Talented players usually do well in the first year, but then you need to make a huge effort. To be a champion, one must use his head, and have the support of the club, coach, and colleagues who will help him to grow. As for Hernanes, I think he has great quality, he scored many goals for Lazio and I think he repaid the investment Lazio put in him."

But then Oddo admits that Lazio miss a striker:

"A good attacker would make a huge difference. Lazio need someone who can score 15 to 20 goals a season, for instance Chievo owe a lot to Pellissier. Now Flocarri is good, but he is not a bomber. Lazio have Rocchi, who has always been a great goal scorer, but this season he has unlucky. I hope he reaches his 100th goal soon. He is a reference for the other players, and his experience will be useful in Europe."

Finally, Oddo was questioned about his future:

"I am fine at Milan, I won a lot with them. From a physical point of view, I know I can still give a lot. I still have one year on my contract with Milan, and while I would like to stay there, I would like to play more. If in the future, a club offered me this chance and they were ready to believe in me, I will consider it."

(Mahyar Yahfoufi)

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