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  03/06/2011: Zarate staying, Berni waiting, Marchetti and Trezeguet possible...
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The game of musical chairs continues as Fonseca's recent declaration of Muslera leaving has rekindled the possibility of Berni staying, while Lazio look seriously at Marchetti. Meanwhile Zarate's agent confirmed that he sees his client staying next year at Lazio while Trezeguet's agent named Lazio as a possible destination.

Fonseca has laid the bomb yesterday, but it was something everyone was prepared for. The negotiations for the contract renewal between Lazio and the Uruguayan have gone long enough, and everyone smelled fish recently. Fonseca's excellent relationship with Lotito seemed to have become something of the past, and one can only wonder whether the Pinto deal was the straw breaking the camel's back.

But with Muslera leaving next year, Lazio need a goal keeper for the long term, while they prepare the sale of Muslera which is bound to happen this summer, as the keeper could walk out for free next year. Lazio have been linked with Marchetti for a long time now, and his agent Bozzo, who is also Zarate's agent, while speaking to Radio Mana Mana confirmed that Lazio are one of the teams seeking his client.

"Marchetti to Lazio is possible. The player has a buyout clause so if he reaches an agreement with another team, he is free to leave. We are taking our time and discussing the transfer with two or three teams, and one of them is Lazio. Lotito has shown interest, but we will have a second meeting to see whether this interest could turn to something concrete. The player likes Lazio, however he will not go unless he has a guaranteed starting place as Marchetti is aiming at launching his career and be the number one keeper for the Azzuri."

Bozzo also spoke about Zarate's future with Lazio and has soothed the worries of Laziali of seeing their faded prodigy going away. Zarate has been inconsistent last season, showing glimpses of brilliance at times and running like a headless chicken bumping into defenders at other times. But no one can deny the talent Mauro has, and all laziali are looking forward to having Mauro of 2008 return. 

Bozzo assured the laziali through the microphones of Radio Mana Mana, that the Argentinean will be at Lazio next year, but insisted on the next year phrase, thus no promises of eternal loyalty are given, something laziali expect from their players.

"Zarate is staying at Lazio for now, there is always an interest from other teams who would like to have Zarate in their ranks, but he has not given me any signs of wanting to leave. We will see in the future, but if Zarate ever wants to leave, it will be to a much bigger team, and to earn that chance, Zarate must show again the form that gave him his reputation. The lad has great qualities that can impress any coach."

It is worth noting that Lazio's relationship with Zarate has improved a lot since the appointment of Bozzo as his agent. As the biancoceleste club were always annoyed at the challenging remarks of his previous agent and brother, Sergio Zarate.

With Zarate established, Lazio keep on looking for reinforcements in attack. With the rumors surrounding Kolse intensifying, Trezeguet's agent, Antonio Caliendo, came online and spoke also to Radio Mana Mana and declared that Lazio are interested in his client.

"Yes Lazio are interested. I spoke with Lotito and he asked for information and let me know that he is interested. But for now it’s only this, we have not discussed more serious issues like economic terms or other aspects. There are many teams interested in David, not only Lazio and Napoli. For now I am waiting for another contact from Lotito, we shall wait for a week then see where to go." said Caliendo.

Finally, it seems that Tomasso Berni has not settled his future yet. Reports in the late stages of the season were all indicating a move to Napoli, but it appears now that it has fallen apart, and with Muslera leaving Lazio, Berni's agent Davide Lippi has spoken to and hinted at Berni's willingness to stay at Lazio. 

"Now it is a difficult period as Tomasso is trying to decide his future. Contrary to what many think, the player does not want to leave Rome. Berni is happy here and loves the city, but we are still waiting for Tare and Lotito to make a move. As for Napoli, we are not thinking about them now, after the Muslera incident, we think Berni is the right man for the job. Berni has always been available when the team needed him, and regardless if the coach thinks Berni is worthy of only the second keeper position, we are willing to stay if a suitable offer from Lazio came." concluded Lippi.

(Mahyar Yahfoufi)

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