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  30/06/2011: Cassani comments on Lazio, Konko deal back on track
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Both Lazio and Palermo presidents have confirmed a deal for Mattia Cassani is discussed between the two clubs. In a meeting yesterday in Milan, including Claudio Lotito and Maurizio Zamparini, the right back, targeted as departing Stephan Lichtsteiner’s replacement, was in focus but so far the player himself had remained silent on a potential move to the capital side.

In a short interview with Radio Mana Mana today though, the 27-year old broke the silence and confirmed the interest in moving to Lazio after having represented the Sicilians since 2006, and the player seemed confident in a move: “My representatives are in daily contact with Claudio Lotito. All we can do is wait and see how things unfold as a deal could be concluded any day.” Cassani said, and continued by stating he would be ready to settle his personal contract with the Rome based club as soon as the two clubs had reached an agreement. Cassani is by many seen as the best option to be added to Edy Reja’s side which lost Lichtsteiner to Juventus, and despite negotiations being at an early stage all parties involved seem positive that a deal could happen in the coming weeks.

Before the above mentioned Cassani was linked to Lazio, another player was debated in as a potential replacement of the departing Swiss. Genoa player Abdoulay Konko had according to earlier reports been in pole position for a move to Lazio, but the negotiations for the player’s personal terms had broken down despite Lazio and Genoa being ready to shake hands.

Yesterday Lotito and the player’s agent Daniele Conte met again, and as it seems the agent left the meeting in high spirit. Speaking to Radio Mana Mana Conte said “We are happy with the new situation as yesterday Lazio showed they were more open than earlier. This time the discussions went deeper than before and right now we all feel everyone involved is looking to reach an agreement.”. If Claudio Lotito and Daniele Conte agree on the outcome of yesterday’s meeting remains to be seen as the Lazio president has not commented on the occasion, but if Konko is still an option for Lazio the player apparently has taken one step closer to moving to the capital side.

It remains to be seen how the capital outfit will argue and act now that both options look on the outcome of the negotiations positively. If Konko and Cassani both are seen as replacements for the same player, and therefore also would be fighting over the same spot in the team, or if Konko is more targeted as a midfielder while Cassani is preferred primarily as a defender.

(Khashayar Kashefi)

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