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  12/07/2011: Cristian Ledesma: ”I am fine here and the future for me is in this shirt”
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The Argentina born midfielder, who today represents Italy in international tournaments, spoke to the press today. Cristian Ledesma started the interview by stating that Lazio will continue the journey towards becoming a team that has a place at the top of the table season after season. “With the latest additions to the team we look even stronger than last year, and the intention is that we advance from the fifth spot of last year. This will be hard to achieve as we had a great season, but I am confident we can develop with the new players and become even stronger in the future.” Having joined Lazio in 2006 from Lecce, the vice-captain continued: “Since I joined this club we have not seen a summer with so many quality players being added. The management has carried out a great job so far, and now it is up to us players to show our value on the pitch.”

On a personal level, Cristian stated that he feels things are different this summer compared to last year. During the 2010 camp in Auronzo, Ledesma was still involved in lengthy and complicated contract discussions with the club; something that he confesses had an impact on his private and professional life. “Last July,” he stated, “things were very tense and I did not really feel relaxed when in the training camp. This year however, I feel a lot more focused and tranquil and so far everything has been great this last week”. Asked if any offers have emerged from other teams, he replied “I am fine here and the future for me is in this shirt. I have made my decision for life, and nothing else matters”. Before moving on Ledesma concluded his private goals for this season: “I dream about being picked for the national team again. It was a great experience wearing the blue shirt, and I would like to do this again. In the end I know it can only happen if I deliver what is expected from me on the field, and I hope we will have a great season with Lazio.”

Last, but not least, Ledesma commented on the many derby losses in the last couple of years. “We have brought in world-class players this summer. Hopefully they can help us win the next derby as we have to come out on top this time. It hurts to lose the derby, and we would love to give the pleasure of winning the derby to our fans. We want to see the stadium packed with people supporting us this season, as the pleasure of playing before our home crowd is the best feeling there is.”

(Khashayar Kashefi)

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