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  23/07/2011: Lazio - Slavia Prag 3-3
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Pre-Game: Olimpia shows herself to the crowd in Auronzo di Cadore. President Lotito is also present for the game. Lazio playing in what is to become the home jersey of this season, Slavia in red-white tops. Ledesma is the skipper of today. A quite surprising starting formation for the light-blue.

First half: Lazio: Marchetti, Zauri, Biava, Dias, Garrido, Brocchi, Ledesma, Sculli, Hernanes, Cisse, Zarate.

Slavia Prag: Contofalsky, Hubacek, Trubila, Dostal, Kaufman, Petrak, Prosek, Jarolim, Kores, Milutinovic, Pospech.

1’ Kick-off Lazio.

3’ Corner for Lazio after a Cisse cross is headed away.

4’ Sculli gets a half hearted attempt against the Slavia goal after the corner. Saved easily.

8’ Dangerous shot by Cisse from inside the penalty box after a quick free-kick taken by Sculli. Saved by Contofalsky.

10’ Great low cross by Zauri is directly aimed at goal by Sculli, the goalie gets a hand on it and saves the ball.

17’ Cisse tries yet another time with a shot from distance, but misses the target with quite some margin.

17’ First corner for Slavia Prag after a deflected shot.

18’ Goal Slavia Prag. 0-1 is headed home by Kaufman after a corner by Jarolim. Lazio misses completely on the marking inside the penalty box.

20’ Zauri clears a dangerous cross out for a corner for Slavia Prag. The corner results in a dangerous shot that goes wide.

23’ Ledesma is brought down outside the Slavia penalty area. A chance for a cross on goal that results in offside on Sculli.

27’ After some temporary Lazio pressure, Hernanes goes for a shot from far away but misses the goal by miles.

29’ Goal Slavia Prag. Biava does a trademark mistake trying to stay cool on a stray ball but loses the control and Milutinovic can easily slot home 0-2.

44’ Cisse gets a good run towards the Slavia goal, but instead of getting a penalty for handball on the defender the referee gives a free-kick in the other direction.

45+1’ End of first half.

Round-up first half: Cisse is a constant threat with his speed, but today there was less energy present than during the last game. The one player impressing the most is Sculli, who is showing not only a great work rate, but also a great attitude and looks sharp in attack. Hernanes looks a lot quicker on the ball now, it is obvious some rest was needed for the Brazilian. Ledesma is a genius on the ball, and during long periods of this game the ball was being handled in the midfield and today’s skipper worked very well.  The attack created some chances but was obviously not synced with each other as it was the first time Cisse and Zarate featured together. The defence, on the other hand, displayed a very poor first half and once again Biava turned up as the largest failure. On the corner it was more of a collective meltdown, but the second goal was a mistake solely to be blamed on the insecure central defender. Worth noting is that Marchetti had very little else to do than to pick the ball out of his own net during the first half.

Second half: Lazio: Bizzarri, Cavanda, Stankevicius Diakite, Scaloni, Foggia, Cana, Matuzalem, Del Nero, Rocchi, Floccari

46’ Kick-off Slavia Prag.

47’ Corner for Lazio after a Del Nero cross.

51’ Dangerous chance for Rocchi after a great runb by first Floccari and then Del Nero.

52’ Floccari lobs the ball over the goalie, but also over the goal.

53’ Rocchi gets a brilliant chance one on one with the goalie, but the goalkeeper saves the shot by the skipper.

54’ Lazio is fired up. Floccari gets yet another chance, but is denied just before he is to put the ball behind the Slavia goalkeeper.

58’ Goal Lazio. Foggia delivers a perfect corner from right, and Floccari heads it home calmly. 1-2 finally arrived after a Lazio with plenty of chances in the start of the second half.

63’ Corner from Lazio, delivered by Del Nero.

64’ Penalty for Lazio after Del Nero is brought down inside the penalty area.

64’ Goal Lazio. Del Nero slots home the penalty easily for 2-2.

66’ Yellow card for Diakite after bringing down a Slavia player just outside the penalty area.

66’ Goal Slavia. 2-3 after the free-kick is deflected on and in to goal by Jarolim, leaving Bizzarri with little chance.

69’ Good pressing from Lazio, but the attacking line fails in bringing the ball to a good shooting opportunity.

70’ Goal Lazio. Great steal by Del Nero on the left, where Dostal is taken by surprise. The left midfielder very unselfishly passes the ball to Floccari who cannot miss the open goal. 3-3.

71’ Corner for Lazio. Wasted by Matuzalem.

73’ Shot by Jarolim, saved by Bizzarri.

74’ Another shot saved by Bizzarri.

76’ Cross from the right by Foggia, but Rocchi does not get the touch he needs to get the ball in.

76’ Substitution for Lazio: Stendardo in, Diakite out.

78’ Matuzalem hits the post with a good shot from just outside the penalty area.

80’ Lazio continuing the pressing on the Slavia defence and Foggia, Floccari and Del Nero all get chances to finish but fails to find room for a dangerous ending to the attacks.

81’ Substitutions Lazio: Kozak and Ceccarelli in, Floccari and Del Nero out.

85’ Corner for Lazio. Delivered low by Foggia from the right. Rocchi and Stendardo both go close but the ball is saved on the goal line.

90+4’ End of game. 

Round-up second half: Lazio came out with a new team, and as a new team.  A completely different attitude in this second team as Lazio completely took over the scene with better passing, pressing and speed. Most impressive in the second half was Simone Del Nero, who got to play as left midfielder and delivered many great passes, including the assist to the third goal. Also, the so often injured player slotted home a penalty and showed dangerous on a few more occasions. Matuzalem had a much better game today than against Lucern FC, but unfortunately his inner midfield colleague Cana is struggling to find his form and place in the team. So far, the Albanian has been very disappointing both off and on the ball. Worth mentioning is also Floccari’s two goals; the first a clinical header and the second an easy finish to make it 3-3. The attacker, expected to leave in the near future, over-shone all other attackers of the day and if any scouts were present they should have been impressed.

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