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  31/07/2011: Friendly: Lazio - Reggina 2-1
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Lazio: Bizzarri, Zauri, Diakitè, Stendardo, Garrido, Foggia ( 46’ Adeleke), Brocchi, Sculli (64’ Ceccarelli), Rocchi (74’ Kozak), Zarate. (Scarfagna, Stankevicius, Adeleke, Kozak, Ceccarelli, Capua, Rozzi.)

Reggina: Puggioni, Adejo, Rizzato, Viola N., Giosa, Cosenza, Viola A., Colombo, Campagnacci, Castiglia, Bonazzoli. (Kovacsik, Ruggeri, De Rose, Barilla, Bombagli, Carroccio, Khoris, Tedesco, Rizzo, Marino.)

With head coach Reja in Spain to manage the once having travelled there, Lopez acted was in charge from the bench today. The starting eleven included both players that will be able to find a regular spot in the team the coming season, but also some of the players who are expected to leave, or at least play a minor role the coming season. To complete the squad, a few primavera players were added, giving them some useful experience as well as getting a chance to come closer to their “senior squad” idols.

According to reports, Lazio were the better team in the first, as well as second, half in this game. Saying that, the team failed to live up to the expectations of the crowd following the game, and the narrow win witnessed this Lazio side would struggle against most opponents in Serie A. Without Ledesma and/or Matuzalem very little creativity was found in the central parts of the park, and the defence turned up shaky once again. The pairing of Brocchi and Cana failed to support in attack, and also to find their positions in their own half of the pitch. The latter repeated the weak displays shown in earlier games, media reporting he was by far the worse player on the field today, and many are questioning the pricey acquisition of the Albanian international. Another player that seems to be having problems getting in shape and in form is Pasquale Foggia, who only got one half today and turned out more or less invisible.

In attack Lazio looked better though. Sculli, Zarate and Rocchi linked up on a few occasions and the positive of the game must have been the quality of Tomasso Rocchi’s display. After 28 minutes the lethal striker met a brilliant cross sent by Sculli, and slotted home Lazio’s second goal of the evening. This was the only goal the skipper got today, despite creating a few more quality chances for himself. Added to that, Zarate seemed to be in a great mood with plenty of successful dribbling attempts and other encouraging movements throughout the game, but neither of the chances were converted into goal.

Lazio had gone 1-0 up after a corner was converted into goal by Diakitè after 17 minutes, on what was Lazio’s first proper attack on the Reggina goal. The visitors created a handful of good chances during the course of the game, but only managed to get one goal this evening. This happened when Campagnacci beat Bizzarri after 34’ and closed the gap to the Lazio lead to 2-1, eventually the end result of the game.

Overall it must be stated that Lazio were mediocre at best today; hopefully the rest of the squad will be able to stand up against Villarreal tonight and send signals to the players left in Fiuggi that more will be required if any of them are to get a shot at a starting place once the official games of the season come approaching.


(Khashayar Kashefi)

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